Birmingham Podcast Festival

Birmingham Podcast Festival
Join Birmingham’s top podcasting talent for a weekend of comedy, culture, art and passion
Beware of the Leopard
Jul 8 • 50 min
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast, in which panelists Mark, Jon, Jon and Danny break open Douglas Adams’ sci-fi comedy universe and put it back together in alphabetical order. Recorded live in Birmingham on Sunday 8th July, as part of the…
The X-Cast
Jul 8 • 46 min
A podcast exploring The X Files, hosted by Tony Black and team. The truth is in here. Recorded live in Birmingham on Sunday 8th July, as part of the Birmingham Podcast Festival.
Sodajerker on Songwriting
Jul 8 • 45 min
Jon Hickman interviews Simon Barber and Brian O’Connor of the popular songwriting podcast *Sodajerker*.
Cat’s Cabinet of Curiosities
Jul 8 • 46 min
Conspiracy theories, cults, cryptozoology, crime and conundrums. A podcast hosted by Cat Turner and Tom Clabon.
Geeky Brummie
Jul 8 • 44 min
A mix of cult, comics, sci-fi, film and TV, anime and geeky pursuits.
Stories to Tell in the Middle of the Night
Jul 7 • 53 min
Stories about the night, written and performed by Francesca Millican-Slater. Francesca tells three stories, followed by an audience Q&A.
The Master Debaters
Jul 7 • 44 min
All aboard the podcast train, sit back and enjoy as we steer you right off the tracks of society and normality.
Swinging Through Spider-Man
Jul 7 • 38 min
Join James and Brad as they comb through the entire _Amazing Spider-Man_ saga one issue at a time, for the very first time!