Making it in Guelph

Making it in Guelph
Whether you were born and raised in Guelph, or moved here later in life, our city is vibrant and filled with incredible people. This podcast celebrates the stories in our royal city and those who live in it. We talk with people who have followed their …

Picturesque_Vic | Jan Douma
Jun 26 • 19 min
On this episode of the podcast we sat down with Jan Douma, the landscape photographer behind the Instagram account @picturesque_vic.
Foodies Anonymous Catering | Jordan Thompson & Tom Robinson
May 23 • 26 min
On this episode I had a blast chatting with head chefs Jordan Thompson & Tom Robinson of Foodies Anonymous Catering.
Nik Wever | Gain Music & DSTRCT
Apr 24 • 27 min
On this episode we sat down with Nik Wever. He’s the owner & operator of GAIN Music, co-owner of DSTRCT and a partner of Onyx Night Club.
Tomme Cheese Shop | Andrew & Kim Wheeler
Apr 12 • 35 min
On this episode I chat with Andrew & Kim Wheeler, the owners of Tomme Cheese Shop in Downtown Guelph.
Bliss Dough | Jess Hewitt
Apr 3 • 19 min
On this episode we talk with Jess Hewitt of Bliss Dough, Guelph’s edible cookie dough company.
The Breaking English | David Gupta & Julianna Cheung
Mar 19 • 27 min
In this episode we talk with David Gupta (Bass) & Julianna Cheung (Keys & Vocalist) of Guelph based Rock band “The Breaking English”.
Pressed For Time Paninis | Julie Van Bergen & Danielle Hernandez
Feb 18 • 22 min
In this episode we talk with Jules & Dee, the owners of the Pressed For Time Paninis located downtown Guelph.
Coldest Night Of The Year | Kimberly Lyons, Lakeside Hope House
Feb 2 • 30 min
In this special episode we talk with Kimberly Lyons the Communication and Events Lead at Lakeside Hope House about the upcoming Coldest Night Of The Year event.
DB Fitness | Dustin Campbell & Brittany Dalton
Jan 22 • 37 min
In this episode we talk with Dustin & Brittany, the owners of the DB Fitness Inc.
Sandra Stephenson | Gilded Cage Boutique
Dec 19, 2018 • 26 min
In this episode we talk with Sandra Stephenson, the owner of the Gilded Cage Boutique.
Cam Guthrie | Mayor of Guelph
Dec 10, 2018 • 31 min
In this episode we talk with our freshly elected Mayor Cam Guthrie about his path to the Mayor’s office and current thoughts on the city of Guelph.
Is Guelph ‘Dull Normal’? | Evan Ferrari-eMERGE Guelph
Oct 31, 2018 • 40 min
Evan Ferrari is the Executive Director of eMERGE Guelph, a not for profit organization with the mission of getting Guelph to 100% renewable energy by 2050.
Aggie Mlynarz | Mayoral Candidate
Oct 10, 2018 • 36 min
Aggie Mlynarz is a Mayoral candidate in the city of Guelph for the 2018 election.
Tim Campbell | Relation Media
Sep 26, 2018 • 26 min
Tim Campbell is the Owner and Chief Strategist of Relation Media, a digital marketing agency in downtown Guelph.