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A podcast and blog discussing how to use Apple devices to get work done in your classroom.
Extra Credit Episode 1 - Apple’s Big September
Sep 30, 2018
In this bonus episode, Craig and Robby talk a bit (ok, a lot) about the products Apple is releasing in September, and then move on to their favorite features and apps of watchOS 5 and iOS 12. MacStories watchOS 5 Semester 1 Exit Ticket Apps Keep It Carrot…
Semester 1, Episode 10 - Student Data
Aug 21, 2018
STOP! Before you read on, please make sure to take our Semester 1 EXIT TICKET so that we can better improve our show for Semester 2. Show Notes: This week The Class Nerd talks about apps they use to gather, process, manage, and reflect on student data.…
Semester 1, Episode 9 - Making Stuff
Aug 14, 2018
Show Notes: This week The Class Nerd talks about the apps they use to make letters, posters, worksheets, documents, and other classroom related documents. Robby says the word “artifact” in this one. Pages Microsoft Word Keynote OmniGraffle Craig’s…
Semester 1, Episode 8: Going Paperless
Aug 8, 2018
This week, The Class Nerd breaks down their paperless process. In this one, we cover scanning apps, file organization, PDF annotation apps, and handwritten note apps. Show Notes: Scannable Scanner Pro Scanbot PDF Expert PDF Viewer Notability Goodnotes…
Semester 1, Episode 7 - Lesson Planning
Jul 31, 2018
The Class Nerd breaks down five of their favorite apps for lesson planning. OmniOutliner - Mac, iOS forScore Keynote - Mac - iOS Bear The Class Nerd Podcast Episode 3 - Note Taking Drafts Episode with Markdown Discussion Agenda - Mac, iOS MailTags…
Semester 1, Episode 6 - Mental and Physical Health
Jul 24, 2018
This week The Class Nerd takes a moment to reflect on the importance of maintaining good physical and mental health in the teaching profession. This episode isn’t as focused on productivity, but it is still 100 percent nerdy! Every app we discuss is…
Semester 1, Episode 5 - Team Collaboration and Communication
Jul 17, 2018
Though we spent the first two episodes of this semester discussing tools to manage email, there is a better way! In this week’s episode, Robby and Craig discuss tools that can take you beyond email to better collaborate and communicate with your teams at…
Semester 1, Episode 4 - Drafts
Jul 10, 2018
In our nerdiest episode yet, we do a deep dive into our most used iOS app, Drafts 5. We share how we use this app in the classroom, and how it can save you time and mental energy. Drafts 5 API Evernote X-callback-url OmniFocus Markdown David Sparks…
Semester 1, Episode 3 - Notes
Jul 3, 2018
In this week’s episode, Robby and Craig share (and debate) about their favorite note taking apps. Evernote - macOS, iOS API Drafts 5 OCR TaskClone Skitch Penultimate Scannable Bear - macOS, iOS Workflow Siri Shortcuts Scanbot GoodNotes Linea Sketch
Semester 1, Episode 2 - 3rd Party Email Apps
Jun 26, 2018
In this episode, Craig and Robby finish their discussion of email by sharing some 3rd Party apps you can use to help you manage your mail. Craig - Blog, Twitter Robby - Blog, Twitter Semester 1, Episode 1: Email with Apple Mail Airmail for iOS Airmail 3…
Semester 1, Episode 1 - Email With Apple Mail
Jun 19, 2018
In the first official episode of The Class Nerd Podcast, Craig and Robby discuss Apple’s default mail app on iOS and macOS, and how they use it to manage their email. Craig - Blog, Twitter Robby - Blog, Twitter The Class Nerd Returning to Apple Mail on…
Episode 0 - Tech Origin Stories
Jun 12, 2018
Craig - Blog, Twitter Robby - Blog, Twitter The Class Nerd Automation Episode of RB&F