Your Universal Mind w/ Jay Ram

Your Universal Mind w/ Jay Ram
Hi, it’s Jay Ram. I believe that from the infinite possibilities we can choose to live our lives, we should make decisions that give us the most connection to others during our limited time here on Earth. Our perspective of life is a result of how we think, and our thoughts are as fleeting as daytime clouds. And that means we need to resist negative thoughts, rewire them into a different perspective and reboot the mind. Welcome to your universal mind: the transmitter to the universe.

Free up energy in your life to make changes.
Jul 15, 2018 • 6 min
The Tsunami is feared, but the small waves create the most damage over time. Special thanks to IG: leighewin for the analogy in the beginning.
Alleviating the anxiety of the future
Jul 13, 2018 • 6 min
Did you know that the brain can process pain in amputees with no limb as real as someone who has that limb? Similarly, we are able to process future anxieties in things that haven’t happened yet. Let’s explore.
Jiddu and Traffic Analogy
Jul 11, 2018 • 2 min
Another quick one, basically to overcome self constructed obstacles, shift your perspective or get it from someone else who has overcome it.
We are conscious plants.
Jul 9, 2018 • 6 min
A bit of an experimental podcast. I dive into a class I took in biology and make the connection to why quick expression is important. Skip to the last minute if you want the punchline!
Pointing out the obvious
Jul 9, 2018 • 3 min
Why do we point out the obvious? To connect with, and identify members of our tribe.
Manifest the depression into a creative effort
Jul 8, 2018 • 8 min
It’s so easy to express ourselves when we are happy, but today’s episode I try to express myself while actually upset. You’ll be able to experience how I lift myself up by just expressing myself, hopefully you can too!
Breaking patterns!
Jul 6, 2018 • 8 min
A little bit of analysis, how to be there for your friend, dodge projections like a Jedi and be like water to grow.
Raw. Unedited. No script or yelling. Speaking from the soul
Jul 4, 2018 • 12 min
No lessons, no quotes, just me speaking from the heart about how I want you to achieve greatness. Raw and unedited.
Follow your passion, and it will pay in more than just money.
Jul 3, 2018 • 7 min
Let’s get after it! Today’s episode I encourage you vigorously to self check yourself, build a community and kill it!
Demystifying meditation
Jul 2, 2018 • 7 min
Meditation, at it’s core, is mind over matter. Raise your self awareness gradually every day to achieve mastery over yourself.
The Scientific Method #IRL
Jul 2, 2018 • 5 min
Is the scientific method that foreign to us, or do we use it every day? The method was designed for people who knew that information was available at a much rapid rate than ever before, meaning that they will probably be wrong most of the time. This…
Reframing failure with ENERGY
Jul 1, 2018 • 9 min
Let’s get it! Motivation to push through failures. I bring the energy, you bring the willingness to do.
Diversity and Survival
Jul 1, 2018 • 5 min
People chose Hitler and Genghis Khan because it increased the likelihood of their survival. This is opposite to embracing other cultures and evolving the human race together.
Short, sweet and simple podcast - Double Down on your Goals this weekend.
Jun 29, 2018 • 3 min
Sacrifices are important for the long term goals. Here’s why I think you should reconsidered partying up this weekend if you aren’t happy with your life, or have goals you want to achieve.
How your body reacts to your thoughts.
Jun 28, 2018 • 8 min
Today’s episode is a live and fun one. I go deeper into how your thoughts make you feel things, and introduce you to one of my friends (IG: @leighewin) who works on helping others overcome these thoughts using nature!
Knowledge & Application
Jun 28, 2018 • 5 min
Who Moved My Cheese - Read Along
Jun 26, 2018 • 6 min
The Foreword. Sometimes I’ll share passages from books I enjoy in my life. Something to change it up.
Growth begins from within the shell- you are enough and so much more.
Jun 25, 2018 • 6 min
There’s nothing within a seed that guarantees that it will become a flower, but you should still flourish.
Express your truth through self-awareness.
Jun 24, 2018 • 9 min
The more you express yourself, the more you learn about the reality that you live in, and also how the world sees you. You use this information to adapt and gain self-awareness.
Failure is not apart from success, it is a part of it.
Jun 23, 2018 • 10 min
Short episode on how to reframe what you think of failure. If you’re failing, it’s simply a sign that you are plateauing and need a change in your strategy; don’t quit but keep the goal in mind.
It’s impossible to build a positive future from a negative now.
Jun 22, 2018 • 7 min
Small daily changes lead to the big change in the future. If you don’t have a positive outlook on life today, imagining a positive future is like expecting an apple tree to emerge from planting orange seeds.
Going with the flow is for dead things, so it’s not for you.
Jun 21, 2018 • 10 min
Dead fish go with the flow, and eventually become prey to scavengers. Why would you let other external factors determine how your life will turn out? Take back your own power and individuality, and create your own flow. Quotes from Rumi and Bruce Lee are…
Generosity and how it helps everyone.
Jun 20, 2018 • 9 min
Giving to others shouldn’t come with expectation, because in the process we are already getting something - the mindset of abundance.
The friendly universe is oxygen for your neo cortex.
Jun 19, 2018 • 9 min
Albert Einstein famously said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” I help you pick to live in the former.
You vs. MILLIONS of years of Evolution [Explicit]
Jun 18, 2018 • 9 min
The basal ganglia, or reptilian brain is one of the oldest, smallest and most powerful parts of our brain. I tell you how to take it on!
Good enough - are you?
Jun 17, 2018 • 9 min
I explore this age old question today, and try to convince you that you are enough!
Become a better and more expressive of yourself!
Jun 16, 2018 • 9 min
The resistance - not the Star Wars kind, but the Reptilian Brain in you that favors complacency over risk. Overcome and be amazing!
Meditation to overcome anxiety.
Jun 15, 2018 • 9 min
I won’t let anxiety be the reason that you’re not able to grow. I offer a solution, just hear me out!
Predictable Mental States
Jun 14, 2018 • 9 min
Mindfulness of your habits is the best way for you to break them.
What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
Jun 13, 2018 • 9 min
Fear is just an illusion. Well most of them anyway. In this episode, I talk to you about the difference between real fear and untrained, hardwired fear.
The future is (in the) unknown.
Jun 12, 2018 • 9 min
Create your future from the unknown by limiting your visit to the past.
The human brain is fascinating because it is still trying to understand itself.
Jun 11, 2018 • 9 min