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Is there an app for Covid-19?
May 22 • 21 min
A quick catch-up on the state of play of apps round the world - though we end up mostly discussing India and the UK - and we celebrate a very special birthday. You can find a much deeper and more detailed look at the various questions and concerns around…
Covid-19 news
May 8 • 22 min
This week Gus chats with Edin, PI’s Advocacy Director, about the latest Covid-19 news and the trends we’re seeing around the world. Find out more about coronavirus apps around the world:…
Reproductive rights and privacy in India
May 4 • 42 min
PI’s Reproductive Rights and Privacy Project speaks with Tasneem Mewa and Ambika Tandon from the Center for Internet and Society about data exploitation in reproductive rights in India.
Announcement: New mini-series
Apr 27 • 1 min
We’re happy to announce, we’re launching a new mini-series! Every last monday of each month we’ll be releasing a new podcast - focusing on reproductive rights and privacy across the world, from Indonesia to Chile to Kenya and more.
Covid-19: the global response
Apr 24 • 45 min
Tech companies, governments, and international agencies have all announced measures to help contain the spread of the COVID-19, otherwise known as the Coronavirus. Unprecedented levels of surveillance, data exploitation, and misinformation are being…
Locked down
Apr 10 • 26 min
This week: it’s a weird one - rather than our normal look at technology, we’ve got recommendations for movies and games you might enjoy while you’re locked down. Music by Simon Mathewson, you can find more from him here:…
Marketing and Maternity
Mar 27 • 42 min
Recorded 12th March. We can’t believe we’re having to say this, but the hours after giving birth are private. If you’re a parent, you may have heard of Bounty, a sales and marketing company allowed access to hospital maternity wards and approach women who…
Phone Extraction
Mar 10 • 43 min
You’re a witness or a victim or a suspect of a crime; or even just travelling going on holiday. Officials demand your phone, then disappear with it. What happened to your phone? What happened to your data? What will happen to you? We all generate vast…
Low Cost Tech
Feb 10 • 12 min
Find out why 53 organisations from all over the world are telling Google it’s time they take action on pre-installed apps (bloatware). Sign the petition: Music by Glass Boy, find more of their work here:…