The Artword Podcast

The Artword Podcast
Dynamic interviews with artists, curators and inspiring people from all around the art world.
#8 - Chase Hall on The Mountain School of Arts
Oct 18 • 24 min
The Mountain School of Arts is run by artists in California. Chase Hall is a self-taught artist living in New York. We met the day before he started this intendant arts program in LA. Now, some six months later, we catch up. As it turns out, his…
#7 - Michael Shaw on Made in L.A.
Sep 18 • 29 min
Every other year, the Hammer museum organises a major survey of contemporary art from the greater LA area. Michael Shaw went back on multiple occasions. We talk about his experience of the show, and that he noticed an unusual high number of visitors.…
#6 - Lisa Wade on Collateral Events
Aug 23 • 27 min
The Collateral Events and the 5x5x5 program are parallel events to the art biennale Manifesta 12, in Palermo, until November 4, 2018. Curator Lisa Wade talks about these events, the vibrant and welcoming Sicilian art scene, and the basics for the many…
#5 - Mark Thomas Gibson on Disaster
Jul 5 • 21 min
Mark Thomas Gibson (b. 1980) is an American artist. The conversation revolves around disaster, including the moment that occurs after the rupture. A moment of clarity and forward motion, at the point where choices can be made on what to do next. About…
#4 - Emanuel Röhss on Architecture and Time
Jun 28 • 24 min
Artist Emanuel Röhss grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden. Today he lives in Los Angeles. We talk about the differences between the two cities, aspects of sculpture and architecture and his site-specific outdoor sculpture installation De-Ruining, on view at The…
#3 - Constance Tenvik on Narration
Jun 21 • 15 min
“Drawing is something I just do every day”, says multi-disciplinary Norwegian artist Constance Tenvik. Finding a mood and to pay attention to detail are vital components within her art practice. She talks about a trip to Scotland, to reenact a grand…
#2 - Kate Sutton on National Identity in a Global Art World
Jun 14 • 15 min
American writer and curator Kate Sutton has been regular contributor to for a decade. For a long period of time she lived in Moscow and today she is based in Zagreb. Consequently, she has written about many artists located outside of places…
#1 - Yves Scherer on Money
Jun 6 • 18 min
Yves Scherer is an artist living in New York. Speaking on his phone, driving and arriving at his studio, we talk about the necessity of money. Furthermore, how his car is an important asset, and the struggle of keeping thing together. Energy levels are…