Dog Knowledge: Dog Training Podcast

Dog Knowledge: Dog Training Podcast
The Podcast dedicated to dog behaviour, dog training and all things dog! Force-free focused and hosted by Renée Erdman, CTC, DipCBST, VSPDT, ACDBC of
Richard Courtney talks Adoption: Expectations & Advice
Oct 12 • 29 min
We talk with Richard Courtney, animal welfare crusader in AZ and discuss adoption. What to expect, tips and advice.
Sep 13 • 13 min
What is flooding? Is it ethical? What can we do for fearful dogs?
Aggression in Dogs: Michael Shikashio
Aug 29 • 40 min
Michael Shikashio specializes in aggression cases. We discuss his approach, the challenges and some helpful information to think about if your dog is facing behavior challenges.
Fast is not Effective
Aug 24 • 13 min
Lasting behaviour change in companion animals is not linear, nor os ot fast when executed correctly.
Corrections in Training
Aug 7 • 35 min
Erika Gonzalez at From Dusk Till Dog in Mantua, New Jersey joins us. Corrections in dog training. What are they and why should we avoid them? We also discuss labels and words commonly used when working with dogs that could be holding you back.
Puppy Development & Socialization
Jul 13 • 19 min
Raising puppies is an important job and one in which we have a lot of information about socialization.
Behavior Medications
Jun 30 • 58 min
Dr Claudia Richter discusses using medication for behavior challenges. Dr Richter is a veterinary behaviorist finishing her residency and currently practicing gives insight into how medication can help animals with behavioral challenges.…
What is Socialization?
Jun 29 • 8 min
What is socialization and can we socialize adult dogs?
David Shade: Military Methods Not Needed
Jun 15 • 37 min
We talk to David Shade of At Attention Dogs in Pennsylvania and discuss his journey from the US Army to force-free dog trainer & advocate. Listen to his thoughts about using evidence-based training & his approach to working with humans and their dogs.
Dog Daycares
Jun 13 • 35 min
Stefania of Mindful Mutts has created a daycare model challenging the lack of standards or regulations. We discuss how to screen daycares, red flags and what to look for.
Real Men Wear Use Treats to Train
Jun 9 • 25 min
Male Trainers in a Female Focused Field. We talk to Don Hutton, KPA Certified Dog Trainer and owner of Running Dogs Training & Behaviour Consulting
First episode: why reward-based training?
Jun 1 • 18 min
Why Reward-based training?