To Emerge

To Emerge
This is To Emerge, a podcast where women share stories of rising up in the midst of adversity. Be inspired by women, mothers, and enterprises who have the grit to rise up. Hosted by co-founder of Emerge Mothers Academy, Becca Erickson.

Enjoy your summer!
Jun 25 • 1 min
In summer our programs, at Emerge Mothers Academy, take a shift and we include all the children. Our focus, as moms, turns to giving out the children a safe and fun summer and so they’re included in our programming! That being said, we are taking a short…
Equipping parents to lead with peace and connection
Jun 18 • 39 min
We are excited to share that one of our partner resources, Connected Families, is launching a podcast! Listen to this episode replay with parenting coach Chad Hayenga and learn practical tips that you can apply to your parenting today. Hear Becca and Chad…
Keeping an open heart with Precious Detina
Jun 11 • 23 min
Meet Precious Detina, a teacher and podcaster. Precious shares her story of growing up with a difficult mother-daughter relationship and the path that it set her on. She shares how she overcame difficult situations living in poverty as a young girl and…
Turning trials into a strong message with Carisa Rasmussen
Jun 4 • 24 min
Carisa shares her experience walking through a hard year full of trials that shaped her into the women she is today. From trials as a business owner to loosing her childhood home, she believes the character she gained from those experiences now serves a…
Using what was life-threatening to heal others with Maryanne Sea
May 28 • 27 min
Hear a story of rising up from a unique illness. Maryanne Sea shares her recovery from Environmental Illness fostered her passion for Organic food and Non-Toxic Living and she champions these every chance she gets, including on several television and…
Choosing strength to move forward after loss with Terri Russell
May 21 • 26 min
Terri Russell share her journey through the loss of a young son and the loss and betrayal of her first husband. Terri chooses to find strength in her faith to keep moving forward. To Emerge is sponsored by Emerge Mothers Academy, a Twin Cities-based…
Equipping business owners to build value with Julie Keyes
May 14 • 23 min
Julie Keyes is a Certified Exit Planning Adviser and Value Growth Adviser, she works with business owners who seek to understand and maximize their exit and critical transition options. She is the President of the Exit Planning Institute Twin Cities Metro…
Leveraging Resiliency as a Mother and Entrepreneur with Katie Kath
May 7 • 31 min
Today on To Emerge we hear from Katie Kath, a Twin Cities-based mother and entrepreneur. Katie shares her personal story of walking through the loss of her husband while having a young child and owning a business. Hear how empathy is the greatest gift to…
Holistic wellness one change at a time with Mikaela Norman
Apr 30 • 19 min
April is focused on one of our core values; health and wellness. Today we hear from Mikaela Norman. An advocate for others to learn about their mental, physical, and emotional health. Mikaela shares her journey into the wellness space and goals she has to…
Become your most authentic self with Nelson of Living with Nic
Apr 23 • 23 min
This month on the To Emerge podcast, we are focusing on our core value; health and wellness. Nicole is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Entrepreneur in Minneapolis. She teaches others how to become their healthiest, happiest, most authentic selves.…
Total wellness over prescriptive health with Dr. Reba Peoples
Apr 16 • 22 min
For the month of April we are focusing on all things health and wellness. On this episode, hear Dr. Reba Peoples share her story that lead her from practicing traditional medicine to functional medicine. Dr. Reba Peoples is a truth seeker, dreamer and…
Helping women create a lifestyle and body they love with Lindsey Bomgren of Nourish Move Love
Apr 9 • 19 min
For the month of April we are focusing on all things health and wellness. On this episode, hear Lindsey is the fitness-loving blogger + content creator behind Nourish Move Love. Her days are spent teaching group fitness, filming workouts, and creating…
Entrepreneur and mental health advocate, Michaela Bucchianeri, PhD, LP shares her passion for championing wellness
Apr 2 • 19 min
For the month on April we are focusing on one of our core values, health and wellness. Michaela Bucchianeri, PhD, LP, is a clinical psychologist in private practice at Sonder Wellness in Minnetonka. When she’s not working with therapy clients, she’s…
Empowering women to become financially literate
Mar 26 • 16 min
For the month of March, we are talking all things financial literacy, one of the core values of Emerge Mothers Academy. This episode is an overview to understanding the basics of money management. We hope to see all women become financially literate so…
Empowering women to leverage their income and overcome financial adversity with financial advisor Kailee Soderlund
Mar 19 • 20 min
For the month of March, we are talking all things financial literacy, one of the core values of Emerge Mothers Academy. On today’s episode of To Emerge, hear Kailee Soderlund, financial advisor and nonprofit founder, share her personal story that leads…
The impact of social enterprise with Twin Cities based workforce development expert, Kelli Nelson
Mar 12 • 24 min
For the month of March, we are talking all things financial literacy, one of the core values of Emerge Mothers Academy. On today’s episode, hear Kelli Nelson, a workforce development expert, share her passion for social enterprise and the role it can play…
Firing fear and following your calling with Stefanie Peters
Mar 5 • 27 min
For the month of March, we are talking all things financial literacy, one of the core values of Emerge Mothers Academy. In this episode, hear Stefanie Peters share her personal journey into entrepreneurism by firing her fear and paving the way for others.…
Intentional parenting with homeschool mom of 8 kids, Laura McLellan
Feb 26 • 26 min
February is our month on constructive parenting, one of the core values of Emerge Mothers Academy. In this episode, hear mother of 8 children, Laura McLellan, share how she and her family live intentionally through homeschooling. Laura is passionate about…
Using Strategy to Balance Business and Parenting with Media Expert Christina Nicholson
Feb 19 • 27 min
February is our month on constructive parenting, one of the core values of Emerge Mothers Academy. Hear Christina Nicholson share her journey to become an expert in her industry while raising kids. Christina is a reporter & anchor, PR agency owner, media…
Equipping parents to lead with love and grace with Chad Hayenga of Connected Families
Feb 12 • 37 min
February is our month on constructive parenting, one of the core values of Emerge Mothers Academy. Hear Chat Hayenga of Connected Families, give insightful tips on how to grow in confidence as a parent and lead with love and grace. Connected Families is a…
Empowering women through motherhood with Stephanie Sinclair of How 2 Mom
Feb 5 • 29 min
February is our month on constructive parenting, one of the core values of Emerge Mothers Academy. In this episode, we hear from Stephanie Sinclair, founder of How 2 Mom, about her passion for empowering women as they walk through pregnancy, birth, and…
Women’s stories of resiliency and human agency
Jan 29 • 9 min
This is our last episode in our personal development series. Hear clips from past episodes of women choosing to rise up in the midst of adversity to overcome. To Emerge is sponsored by Emerge Mothers Academy, a nonprofit providing support services to…
Overcome and live to the fullest with April Seifert
Jan 22 • 23 min
We are continuing our month focused on personal development. Hear April Seifert, a Minneapolis business owner and podcaster who helps women achieve their goals, share her story of rising up! April shares the power in designing a life that reflects your…
Leveraging Personal Inventories with Nancy Miedtke
Jan 15 • 24 min
This month we continue in personal development on the To Emerge podcast. Today we hear from Nancy Miedtke. Nancy is a learning and development manager in the Twin Cities. She is an expert in training people to leverage personal inventories in the…
Understanding the Enneagram
Jan 8 • 20 min
Learn the basics of The Enneagram Types! This is the perfect way to kick off the New Year. Gain insightful knowledge about yourself and the people in your life through the enneagram personality indicator types with Becca Erickson, founder of Emerge…
Jumpstart 2019 With Intention
Jan 1 • 5 min
Hear our vision to serve you this year! We will be spending the first 4 months of 2019 highlighting stories that reflect our 4 core values as a nonprofit, which include; personal development, constructive parenting, financial independence, and health and…
The Joy In Giving with Becca Erickson
Dec 4, 2018 • 5 min
Becca Erickson, host of the To Emerge podcast and co-founder of Emerge Mothers Academy, shares about the joy in giving. Hear her inspire you towards philanthropy and finding deep joy in giving to a cause you connect with this holiday season. To Emerge is…
Preparing for Family Dynamics this Holiday Season
Nov 29, 2018 • 7 min
Thursday Threes are a quick segment on three things! This week, hear Becca Erickson share about family dynamics and how to approach the holiday with truth, grace, and love. The To Emerge podcast is sponsored by Emerge Mothers Academy, a Twin Cities…
Thriving after divorce with life coach Anna Shpilsher
Nov 27, 2018 • 25 min
Anna Shpilsher is a life coach and founder of Road Map 2 You. She empowers women to thrive after walking through a divorce. Hear her personal story on this week’s episode. Emerge Mothers Academy is a Twin Cities nonprofit…
Purposeful business with Kayla Hollatz
Nov 20, 2018 • 33 min
Kayla Hollatz is a Twin Cities-based entrepreneur and copywriter. Hear her share her story of learning to shift mindsets to grow a sustainable business. Kayla shares her passion for stewarding her business in a way that allows her to give back with a…
Facing breast cancer as a mother with Sarah Anderson
Nov 13, 2018 • 35 min
Sarah Anderson is a Twin Cities mother and banker, who was diagnosed with breast cancer as she was parenting her young children. Hear her story of walking through this journey and learn how to support loved ones with breast cancer. To Emerge is sponsored…
Empowering women business owners with Kateri Ruiz of Maia Community
Nov 6, 2018 • 36 min
Kateri Ruiz is the founder of Maia Community, an online platform to search for women-owned businesses. Kateri is an advocate for women-owned businesses and is passionate about working hard to see equality in this space. For more information on Maia…
Finding pockets of joy in hard circumstances with author, Roxane Battle
Oct 30, 2018 • 24 min
Roxane Battle is a former news reporter and anchor. She is now an author and speaker passionately sharing her personal story of finding joy through trials. As a single mom with a successful career, Roxane shares her drive to work hard and have a deep…
Thursday Three: 3 unmatched moments in motherhood with Becca Erickson
Oct 25, 2018 • 4 min
Thursday Three is a quick To Emerge segment of a list of 3 things. Becca Erickson is the co-founder of Emerge Mothers Academy, a Twin Cities nonprofit equipping single moms to emerge as confident women and caring moms.
Cooperative co-parenting with Alysha Price
Oct 23, 2018 • 33 min
Alysha Price is a family mediator, co-parenting coach, and consultant at The Price Dynamic. Hear her share her personal story which moved her to become passionate about teaching others how to co-parent for the interest of a child. To Emerge is sponsored…
Advocating for women’s rights in the workplace with Cody Blades
Oct 16, 2018 • 28 min
Cody Blades in a Twin Cities-based attorney practicing civil rights law. She feels passionate about advocating for people in the workplace who have families and works to communicate their rights.
Fighting human trafficking one story at a time with Stories Foundation founder
Oct 9, 2018 • 20 min
Stephanie Page is co-founder of Stories Foundation. Stories Foundation works to bring an end to human trafficking in Minnesota. You can support the cause by visiting their food truck, Freedom Truck. Stay tuned for opening dates of their storefront,…
Empowerment in high risk pregnancy with Parijat Deshpande
Oct 2, 2018 • 31 min
Parijat Deshpande is a high-risk pregnancy advocate. She is an author, speaker, and podcaster. Hear Parijat share her story of experiencing a high-risk pregnancy and how it inspired her to become an advocate for others. Learn more about Parijat ,…
Empowering women to overcome financial adversity with Kailee Soderlund
Sep 25, 2018 • 20 min
Hear Kailee Soderlund share her personal story that leads her to become an advocate for women who are or have experienced a form of domestic abuse. Kailee is a financial adviser who believed you can learn to leverage your income with intention. To Emerge…
Entrepreneurship and motherhood with Kylee Leonetti
Sep 18, 2018 • 44 min
Kylee Leonetti is a Twin Cities-based entrepreneur. She is the founder of Girl Creative MSP, Leonetti Confetti, and Kylee and Christian Creative. Hear her journey through single motherhood and building creative businesses to empowering others along the…
Living with breast cancer and empowering others along the way
Sep 11, 2018 • 34 min
Emily Garnett is a New York-based mother, attorney, blogger, and podcaster. Emily was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She is using her journey to come alongside others with cancer. Hear her story of rising up in the midst of adversity. To Emerge is…
Finding identity apart from motherhood with Laurel Goulson
Sep 4, 2018 • 32 min
Laurel Goulson is a Twin Cities-based photographer and producer of the To Emerge podcast. Hear Laurel share her experience in having twins, running a business, and learning to find her identity apart from these roles.…
Thursday Three 3 Helpful back to school tips
Aug 30, 2018 • 4 min
Becca Erickson shares 3 helpful tips to make back to school a smooth transition for your family. Whether your kids are in public, private, or homeschool, these tips will help you ease back into school season. Becca Erickson is co-founder of Emerge Mothers…
How to come alongside the single moms in your life
Aug 28, 2018 • 15 min
Becca Erickson is a co-founder of Emerge Mothers Academy, a Twin Cities nonprofit supporting single moms. In this episode, hear Becca share practical ways to support single moms in your life.
Thursday Three 3 Interpersonal Parallels of Chemistry and Physics
Aug 23, 2018 • 7 min
Hear our host, Becca Erickson, share 3 interpersonal parallels chemistry and physics offer to people of resilience. Becca is a co-founder of Emerge Mothers Academy, a non-profit empowering single moms in the Twin Cities.
Rising Up After Pregnancy Loss with Beth Zustiak
Aug 21, 2018 • 43 min
Beth Zustiak, of Twin Cities Moms Blog, shares walking through multiple losses in pregnancy. Hear her talk about her desire to be open to let other women know they aren’t alone. You can find mothering resources from Beth and her team at,…
Thursday Three - 3 Lessons When Meeting New Friends
Aug 16, 2018 • 6 min
Becca Erickson shares 3 lessons in meeting new friends. Becca is the host of the To Emerge podcast and co-founder of our sponsor, Emerge Mothers Academy. EMA is a Twin Cities nonprofit that equips single-moms. For more information, visit…
Fostering wonder and resiliency with Emily Anderson
Aug 14, 2018 • 32 min
Emily Anderson is a licensed independent social worker with Emerge Mothers Academy. She shares her passion for social work, seeing others come to believe they will overcome hardship, and gaining resiliency. For more information on Emerge Mothers Academy,…
Thursday Three 3 Inspiring Podcasts
Aug 9, 2018 • 2 min
Hear our host, Becca Erickson, share 3 podcasts that currently inspire her. Becca is a co-founder of Emerge Mothers Academy, a non-profit empowering single moms.
Walking with families through substance abuse with Pam Lanhart
Aug 7, 2018 • 41 min
Pam Lanhart works with Thrive Family Support walking alongside families who have a loved one struggling with substance abuse. Pam shares her story of parenting a son with an addiction and how it steered her life to come alongside others. To Emerge is…
Empowering women in mental health with Nicki Mikolai
Jul 31, 2018 • 42 min
Nicki Mikolai is a mental health advocate and single mom. Her shop, Elite Sparrow creates custom tees and donates a percentage to mental health advocates. Hear her story of walking with depression and being vulnerable as a means to end the stigma around…
Thursday Three - 3 baby names that got vetoed
Jul 26, 2018 • 6 min
Becca Erickson, Co-Found of Emerge Mothers Academy and the host of To Emerge, shares 3 baby names that got vetoed.
Empowering single mothers with Twin Cities nonprofit, Emerge Mothers Academy
Jul 24, 2018 • 26 min
Becca Erickson is interviewed by Twin Cities Collective on the origin story of Emerge Mothers Academy. Emerge Mothers Academy is a nonprofit providing support services to single mothers in the Twin Cities and sponsor of the To Emerge podcast.
Walking through postpartum depression with Danielle Cotter
Jul 17, 2018 • 37 min
Danielle Cotter works as a licensed marriage and family therapist at Family Services and Co-director of Outreach for Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Minnesota. Hear her story of overcoming postpartum and being an advocate for other women. To Emerge is…
Thursday Three - 3 books that got me through a hard time
Jul 12, 2018 • 5 min
Becca Erickson shares 3 books that have impacted here during a hard time. Books by authors Jenny Sandford, Brene Brown, and Pattie Mallette.
When motherhood turns to advocacy with Gina Richards
Jul 10, 2018 • 24 min
Gina Richards shares her story of her son’s diagnosis of DiGeorge Syndrome and how it caused her to turn to advocacy for other mothers walking through the same diagnosis. To Emerge is sponsored by Emerge Mothers Academy, a nonprofit providing support…
Thursday Three 3 Songs that got me through rock bottom
Jul 5, 2018 • 4 min
Thursday Three is a short segment of anything from three quick tips to feel inspired, to favorite books, meals, or songs. A quick list to make you laugh or feel solidarity. Always three things and always on a Thursday.
Mother to multiples with Anna Kohler
Jul 3, 2018 • 18 min
Hear a Twin Cities mother share her story of finding out she was having twins and her rock bottom moment of learning her oldest daughter needed brain surgery.
Gaining endurance through trials as a mother with Adrienne Frank
Jun 26, 2018 • 34 min
Hear Adrienne Frank shares her story of fighting cancer as a mother and gaining endurance for the sake of her son. Adrienne is a mom who is intentional and aware of living out her love, by her actions and words. To Emerge is sponsored by Emerge Mothers…
The phone call no parent should ever hear with Alison Surrat
Jun 19, 2018 • 25 min
Alison Surratt, of ProjectLeoWilliam&, shares her story of losing her son. Alison’s grief lead her to start a project to support other families who have walked through loss. To Emerge is sponsored by Emerge Mothers Academy, a nonprofit providing support…
Facing the Fear of Failure with Amanda LaGrange
Jun 12, 2018 • 28 min
Amanda LaGrange, CEO of Tech Dump and Tech Discounts, shares about her passion for creating jobs, being nominated for a Bush Fellowship, and opens up about facing the fear of failure. The To Emerge podcast is sponsored by Emerge Mothers Academy, a…
Persistence Through Resistance with Dr. DelRae Messer
Jun 6, 2018 • 24 min
Dr. DelRae Messer is a wellness entrepreneur and single mother in the Twin Cities. She shares her inspiring story of determination, defining her own worth and blessing others. Hear how she choose to use her circumstances to drive her to work hard instead…
Women Emerging Through Adversity
May 30, 2018 • 4 min
To Emerge features stories of women, mothers, and enterprises as they share their stories of rising up in the midst of adversity. Hear vulnerable stories from women that you can relate with and be reminded that you are not alone. To Emerge is hosted by…