To Emerge

To Emerge
This is To Emerge, a podcast where women share stories of rising up. Hosted by co-founder of Emerge Mothers Academy, Becca Erickson.
Thursday Three - 3 books that got me through a hard time
Jul 12 • 5 min
Becca Erickson shares 3 books that have impacted here during a hard time. Books by authors Jenny Sandford, Brene Brown, and Pattie Mallette.
Gina Richards - When Motherhood Turns to Advocacy
Jul 10 • 24 min
Gina Richards shares her story of her son’s diagnosis of DiGeorge Syndrome and how it caused her to turn to advocacy for other mothers walking through the same diagnosis.
Thursday Three - 3 Songs that got me through rock bottom
Jul 5 • 4 min
Thursday Three is a short segment of anything from three quick tips to feel inspired, to favorite books, meals, or songs. A quick list to make you laugh or feel solidarity. Always three things and always on a Thursday.
Anna Kohler- Embracing unexpected joy and trials in motherhood
Jul 3 • 18 min
Hear a Twin Cities mother share her story of finding out she was having twins and her rock bottom moment of learning her oldest daughter needed brain surgery.
Adrienne Frank - A mother with endurance and intentionality
Jun 26 • 34 min
Hear Adrienne Frank shares her story of surviving cancer and gaining endurance for the sake of her son. Adrienne is a mom who is intentional and aware of living out her love, by her actions and words.
Alison Surratt - The phone call no parent should ever hear
Jun 19 • 25 min
Alison Surratt, of ProjectLeoWilliam&, shares her story of grief and healing.
Amanda LaGrange - Facing the Fear of Failure
Jun 12 • 28 min
Amanda LaGrange, CEO of Tech Dump and Tech Discounts, shares about her passion for creating jobs, being nominated for a Bush Fellowship, and opens up about facing the fear of failure.
Dr. DelRae Messer - Persistence Through Resistance
Jun 6 • 24 min
Dr. DelRae Messer shares her inspiring story of determination, defining her own worth and blessing others.
Women Emerging Through Adversity
May 30 • 4 min
To Emerge is all about women, mothers, and enterprises choosing to rise up and emerge through adversity.