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PROOF: “The state of journalism in 2019 is worse than you think”
Nov 14 • 31 min
The Ezra Levant Show (November 13, 2019) — Jeff Sessions was a U.S. Senator, one of the first to endorse Donald Trump in the Republican primaries a few years back. That really helped Trump; it was a sign that someone in the establishment took him…
Alberta separatist sentiment demands open debate (Guest: Danny Hozack)
Nov 13 • 29 min
The Gunn Show (November 13, 2019) — Are we just renegotiating equalization and creation our own pension plan? Are we leaving the confederation? And if so, are we joining the States in some way, or are we staying our own independent country?
CTV reporter Jessica Allen attacks Don Cherry — and makes a racist comment. Should she be fired too?
Nov 13 • 30 min
The Ezra Levant Show (November 13, 2019) — "I don’t think Jessica Allen should be fired. I think she’s a perfect fit for CTV. I just think she’s gross, and I look forward to never watching her or giving a minute’s thought to her again. Which is the proper…
What the Media Party won’t tell you about Don Cherry
Nov 12 • 49 min
The Ezra Levant Show (November 12, 2019) — Don Cherry was the last of the mainstream media, pop culture conservatives. Trudeau knows it, the legacy media knows it. Now they’ll just go in and mop up the few irregulars left. Probably like us? We’ll see…
It’s Remembrance Day — and Don Cherry was just fired for telling Canadians to wear a poppy
Nov 11 • 44 min
The Ezra Levant Show (November 11, 2019) — On Remembrance Day, the number one defender of serving military and veterans is sacked for being “divisive”, while the blackface groper just laughs and laughs, and cuts another cheque to the CBC…
Rebel Roundup: David Menzies with Sheila Gunn Reid, Keean Bexte
Nov 8 • 29 min
Rebel Roundup (October 25, 2019) — David Menzies, Sheila Gunn Reid and Keean Bexte of Rebel News look back at the week's top stories.
Alberta’s “controversial” bill to extend pro-choice protection to doctors who refuse to assist with abortions or suicide
Nov 8 • 29 min
The Ezra Levant Show (November 7, 2019) — A new private member's bill introduced by UCP backbencher MLA Dan Williams in Alberta's provincial legislature wants to protect the conscience rights of physicians. GUEST Gordon G. Chang
Chinese police now patrol the streets — in Italy. But guess what’s going on in Canada…
Nov 7 • 41 min
The Ezra Levant Show (November 7, 2019) — Don't think this kind of Chinese interference isn't happening in Canada, either. TONIGHT I'll show you how "concerned" the University of British Columbia is about "enrolment and fundraising" now that…
Kenney fights to get Alberta in order, but Calgary’s Mayor Nenshi is displeased
Nov 6 • 30 min
The Gunn Show (Nov 6 2019) — Calgary has seen a steady evacuation of oil field companies to greener pastures South of the border. GUEST William McBeath
Who are the 11,000 “scientists” signing off on the latest global warming scare? We checked, and you’ll laugh!
Nov 6 • 45 min
The Ezra Levant Show (November 06, 2019) — Have you seen the latest global warming scare? 11,000 scientists have signed off on a letter which warns of “untold suffering due to the climate crisis” unless things change, and fast. GUEST Marc Morano
Why Canada’s Greens and NDP are turning into European-style anti-Semitic parties
Nov 5 • 39 min
The Ezra Levant Show (November 05, 2019) — If you bring in one million migrants from countries where terrorism is normal, or even praised, don’t be surprised if they bring those values with them. To Canada. And then politicians court them.
CBC says western alienation is either foolish, overly emotional, or based on a lie
Nov 4 • 56 min
The Ezra Levant Show (November 04, 2019) — If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the CBC isn’t actually working for Trudeau anymore. It’s working for the western separatists. Because anyone who watched that CBC show or read that CBC article would be…
Rebel Roundup: David Menzies with guests Sheila Gunn Reid & Ezra Levant
Nov 1 • 38 min
Rebel Roundup (November 01, 2019) — David Menzies, Sheila Gunn Reid and Ezra Levant look back on the week's top stories.
Trudeau sends the Canadian military on a friendship mission to China — while Chinese military vets start a legion here. What’s going on?
Nov 1 • 33 min
The Ezra Levant Show (November 01, 2019) — "I’m surprised he didn’t dress up as a Chinese soldier himself, for Halloween last night…"
Kanye West finds Jesus — and the celebrity left doesn’t know what to do
Oct 31 • 51 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 31, 2019) — I don't know Kanye West, but I believe he's sincere. And I believe that what he’s doing — tackling the culture, leading by example — is perhaps the most important non-partisan movement in America today.
Kids sue Canadian government over climate change (GUEST: Michelle Sterling)
Oct 30 • 37 min
The Gunn Show (October 30, 2019) — The tween army is being helped by a US-based environmental organization called Our Children's Trust, a group that has been making these sorts of legal wranglings a habit across the world, often using children as the foot…
Media Party strangely quiet as Quebec announces values test for immigrants
Oct 30 • 37 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 30, 2019) — "Every single media company I'll cite today is completely docile, submissive, passive, in the face of this regulation, but they were on the warpath against Kellie Leitch before? Why? Because they know that…
Trudeau plans MORE Internet censorship during the next election (and the CBC loves the idea)
Oct 29 • 37 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 29, 2019) — "I'm worried about Trudeau and Gould and even Andrew Scheer telling me I can’t make up my mind about things for myself — and that they will be the censors of the world." GUEST Joel Pollak
A globalist lobby group wants Canada’s population to hit 100 million — and Trudeau agrees
Oct 28 • 27 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 28, 2019) — "This is a patently absurd idea. But it’s absolutely supported by Trudeau’s inner circle. Everybody loves this idea — the banks, academia, the media — except Canadian citizens. Which is probably why they’re not…
Rebel Roundup: David Menzies with Sheila Gunn Reid & Ezra Levant
Oct 25 • 36 min
Rebel Roundup (October 25, 2019) — David Menzies, Sheila Gunn Reid and Ezra Levant of Rebel News look back at the week's top stories.
The BC Human Rights Tribunal “smashes” Jonathan Yaniv — but they’re almost as crazy as he is
Oct 25 • 47 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 25, 2019) — "He has to pay each of the aestheticians $2,000 each for harassing them. That’s very, very rare in human rights land. Normally nuisance suits are unpunished, but this was so deeply damaging to human rights…
America is now a net oil exporter — and Quebec is one of its major customers
Oct 24 • 46 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 24, 2019) — They can’t get enough of that Donald Trump oil. They love it. And they love their Saudi oil, too. The province of Bill 21, the province that’s banning niqabs in the public service, are buying sharia oil from…
What does Trudeau’s re-election mean for Alberta’s oil patch? (Guest: Robbie Picard)
Oct 23 • 30 min
The Gunn Show (Oct 23 2019) — What does Trudeau's re-election mean for Alberta's oil patch? GUEST: Robbie Picard
Should the government ban meanness? This politician thinks so.
Oct 23 • 30 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 23 2019)— This buffoonish bully in Boston wants to ban a b-word. It sounds like a Dr. Seuss book. It’s virtue signalling; it’s hypocritical; it’s weird; it’s unenforceable; but it shows the mentality of leftists — they want…
“The election was the worst of all worlds, but westerners will pay the biggest price”
Oct 22 • 38 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 22, 2019) — "I don’t know what will happen. But I know that across Canada people are thinking: the system is broken. And it’s not even broken in a neutral or friendly way; it’s malicious now. It’s actively attacking us. It’s…
It’s finally election day in Canada: What a disaster
Oct 21 • 19 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 21 2019) — If I had to predict, I’d predict a Liberal minority — I just don’t think Scheer and pull it off; the party has crumbled in Quebec, to the benefit of the Bloc Quebecois. So much for pandering to the dairy lobby.
Rebel Roundup: David Menzies and Keean Bexte (Guest host: Sheila Gunn Reid)
Oct 18 • 35 min
Rebel Roundup (October 18, 2019) — First we talk to David Menzies about how other journalists try to stop him and came back see from asking questions at the french-language debate, then Keean Bexte joins us to talk about his confrontation with teen…
Trudeau’s new “fake news” law makes THIS illegal
Oct 18 • 45 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 18, 2019): Freedom of speech is the number one issue of our time — because without it, we can’t criticize any other issues in our society. And the political class — including Andrew Scheer — they don’t mind. They’ll have…
CBC uses Winnipeg storm to trash Scheer (Guest: Marty Gold)
Oct 16 • 52 min
The Gunn Show (October 16, 2019) — While CBC criticized the Conservatives for not allowing the weather to stand in the way of voter outreach, they gave been turning turned a blind eye to the storm of anti-Semitism in the NDP. GUEST Marty Gold.
Greta Thunberg is coming to Canada during the final days of the election campaign — Will anyone stand up to her?
Oct 16 • 35 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 16, 2019) — Why is a foreign-funded lobbyist — which is exactly what Greta Thunberg is — permitted to come to Canada to campaign on hot issues in the final days of the election? GUEST: Lorne Gunter
The election is a week away — Here’s what could happen
Oct 15 • 36 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 15, 2019): A look back at the campaign so far, and what could happen next Monday night.
NEW! Fight for free speech
Oct 14 • 35 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 14, 2019): We’re going to sue everyone who deplatformed us last week. They need to be taught that what they did was wrong; and that they can’t do it with impunity. GUEST Joel Pollack.
Rebel Roundup: Ezra Levant, Keean Bexte, Sheila Gunn Reid
Oct 11 • 37 min
Rebel Roundup (October 11, 2019) — Sheila Gunn Reid and guests Ezra Levant and Keean Bexte look back on a VERY eventful week.
Who won last night’s leaders debate? Not the Canadian people.
Oct 11 • 33 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 11, 2019) — The most hostility to our journalists came not from politicians, but rival journalists. GUEST Keean Bexte.
Trudeau, Scheer tweet support for Antifa thug. What’s going on?
Oct 10 • 37 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 10, 2019): "That’s what being a Conservative leader means today, I guess: Cheering for the Antifa Syrian migrant who blocked an 81-year-old lady outside a free speech event." GUEST Lee Humphrey.
Debunking election campaign climate change myths
Oct 9 • 36 min
The Gunn Show (October 9, 2019) — Sheila Gunn Reid: "Joining me tonight to cut through some of the political myths around climate change promises in this election campaign is Michelle Sterling from Friends of Science."
INTERPOL called us — about Tommy Robinson videos
Oct 9 • 49 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 9, 2019): "The Manchester Police are a disgrace; I hope the Toronto Police Service takes their conduct as a cautionary tale, not a model to be followed." GUEST Manny Montenegrino
Yesterday was one of the best days in Rebel News history — and one of Justin Trudeau’s worst
Oct 8 • 38 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 8, 2019): Last night was one of the greatest in Rebel News history — and one of Trudeau's worst. Keean Bexte joins me to talk about our victory in court, his scathing scrum question to the PM and more.
Rebel News takes Trudeau to court — and WINS!
Oct 7 • 38 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 7, 2019): We won! But first, I'll take you behind the scenes into the federal courthouse in Toronto, where we fought against Justin Trudeau's lawyers, for our right to cover tonight's English language Leaders' Debate.
Rebel Roundup: David Menzies, Keean Bexte and Sheila Gunn Reid
Oct 4 • 36 min
Rebel Roundup (October 4, 2019) — Sheila Gunn Reid, David Menzies and Keean Bexte look back at Rebel News' campaign coverage, which included run ins with the RCMP and more.
Scheer endorses Trudeau’s plan to raise immigration to 350K people a year
Oct 4 • 40 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 04, 2019) — "Hey, Conservatives — if you would have known this two years ago, would you have chosen him as party leader?" GUEST Lorne Gunter.
How the left-wing media demonizes Trump through photographs
Oct 3 • 31 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 03, 2019) — TONIGHT I'll show you what I found, in CNN video, and at other media outlets. What I discovered is that the NYT photo was a lie. It’s hard to imagine a photo can lie. But it can. You just can’t trust a word the…
Robbie Picard confronts Elizabeth May on live radio
Oct 2 • 30 min
The Gunn Show (October 02, 2019) — Sheila Gunn Reid & Robbie Picard (Oilsands Proud) talk about his on-air debate with Elizabeth May on CBC call-in radio.
Trudeau proposes new Internet censorship — and neither Conservatives nor the media object
Oct 2 • 37 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 02, 2019) - "Trudeau is shaking down the social media companies. But I think they like it. It just gives them legal cover for a massive political purge that they want to do now, but couldn’t possibly justify." GUEST: Candice…
The truth about David Menzies, Rebel News & Andrew Scheer -
Oct 1 • 74 min
The Ezra Levant Show (October 1, 2019) — "The Conservative party is pushing back, claiming a few things — and I’ve received dozens of e-mails from viewers echoing these Conservative excuses. And I want to rebut them, because they’re lying about David and…
Rebel reporter ARRESTED at… Scheer Conservative event
Sep 30 • 86 min
The Ezra Levant Show (September 30, 2019) — Earlier today, our reporter David Menzies was arrested by police — for reporting at an Andrew Scheer campaign event. I’m stunned — that’s a move we expected Justin Trudeau would pull, not Andrew Scheer.
CBC exposes fake recycling industry (but not in Canada)
Sep 27 • 26 min
The Ezra Levant Show (September 27, 2019) — "The CBC bravely showed curiosity, skepticism and defiance of authority towards… Malaysia? I guess it’s just too much to ask that they bring that same journalistic curiosity to Canada, the Liberal government,…
Trump and Greta Thunberg gave speeches at the UN. Guess who got more media coverage?
Sep 26 • 50 min
The Ezra Levant Show (September 26, 2019) — I think this is the best foreign policy speech I’ve heard a president give. Which is precisely why the media party gave you short clips of Greta Thunberg instead, isn’t it…? GUEST: John Carpay
Manitoba campaign insanity (GUEST: Marty Gold)
Sep 25 • 78 min
The Gunn Show (September 25, 2019) — Guest Marty Gold of talks about what it was like to have courtside seats for one of the worst days of Trudeau's life, the atrocious CBC coverage during the Manitoba election and the scourge of anti-Semitism…
Hero smeared after raising a million dollars for charity
Sep 25 • 46 min
The Ezra Levant Show (September 25, 2019) — A "routine background check” is what police do when they pull you over; Searching a teenager’s jokes from a decade ago, looking for specific mean words, is not. TONIGHT, let's subject this reporter to a…