Inside Out Group

Inside Out Group
Our goal is to help you transform your culture from the inside out.
8: Mission vs. Vision
Jul 10 • 28 min
What is mission? What is vision? Did you even know their is a difference between the two? Join as we talk about about what that difference is and why it's important to growing your church or organization. Recorded on Cast Music by Tyler William…
7: When People Say Good-bye
Jul 3 • 36 min
It will happen. Whether you are in a church or organization, eventually someone will leave. They could leave for both good reason and maybe the ugly ones too. As a leader, how do you handle it? When is it the right time to say good-bye? Can there be…
6: Building a Weekend Experience (OOS)
Jun 26 • 31 min
Join us as we talk about building a weekend experience or order of service (OOS) as your church. What is the goal, what goes into it, how do you know if it's working, and more! Recorded on Cast Music by Tyler William RossLinks:Mack BrockWar on Grace -…
5: Building a Volunteer Culture
Jun 19 • 33 min
Today we are going to be talking about building a thriving volunteer culture in your church. What does it look like? How do people buy in to this culture? How to keep people from getting "burned-out"? Music by Tyler William Ross Proudly recorded on…
4: Time for a Change
Jun 12 • 32 min
Do you know when it's time for a change within your church or organization? Join us as Michael talks about some of the changes City Church went through including location, name change, staffing, and more. Music by Tyler William Ross Proudly recorded on…
3: Building a Team
Jun 5 • 23 min
Do you have the team you need to take your church or organization to the next level? Listen this week as Michael talks about how you build a team and what to look for between members of a team to make it work for everyone. Music by Tyler William…
2: The Inside Out
May 29 • 27 min
Stuck with just the way things are inside your church or organization? Listen this week as Michael Moore talks about how to turn it around from the inside. Music by Tyler William Ross
1: The History
May 22 • 31 min
Welcome to our first episode! Join us as Michael Moore talks about the start of City Church! What does it mean to plant a church? How did it start? What did he learn along the way? What were the highs and lows? Take a listen! Music by Tyler William…