Psychic Babes

Psychic Babes
Psychic babes is a podcast brought to you by Kirsten Sandefur. Don’t let the name fool you, I take my gifts and my research very seriously. We discuss all the avenues of proof that psi phenomena actually exists. This podcast is for all of you who wan…

Spirit Keeping With Sorcerer Papa Hood
Aug 13 • 108 min
Real Hoodoo - Sen Elias From Crescent City Conjure
Jul 25 • 72 min
Sen Elias Discusses Hoodoo and Conjure with Psychic Babes
Do You Believe In Ghosts? Paul Roberts from Halo Paranormal Investigations Can Prove They Exist
Jul 12 • 73 min
What is it like to be a paranormal investigator? Everything you have ever wanted to know about Ghost Hunters revealed.
MUFON Director Mike Panicello discusses Alien Disclosure
Jul 7 • 63 min
Are we close to finding out the truth about Aliens? Michael Panicello from MUFON fills us in!
Enochian Magick
May 15 • 59 min
Unlocking the Secrets to Enochian Magick
Welcome To Crazy Town
May 4 • 26 min
Learn all about a spiritual awakening and what the stages are
Dimension Jumping
Apr 14 • 59 min
Bending Reality through deliberate application of techniques to change your reality
The Black Mist and Spiritual Protection
Mar 18 • 31 min
The Importance of Psychic Protection
Quantum Theory and Psi
Jun 28, 2018 • 53 min
Quantum Theory and Psi by Kirsten Sandefur and Ashley Romano
How To Develop Psychic Skills
May 17, 2018 • 60 min
Learn how to harness and develop your psychic skills