The Universe Made Me Do It

The Universe Made Me Do It
A podcast unraveling manifestations, Law of Attraction, the magic of the Universe, the Power of Nature, exploring True Self authentic reality and endlessly guiding you to you. Support this podcast:

Feel Good Now
Sep 16 • 16 min
Want to feel good now? Want to feel more good now? In this episode I guide you on a vibrational journey of feeling good through Mantra and Meditation. There is nothing for you to do, but to sit back, be with the energy of the words and feel and hear the…
Make a Choice
Sep 15 • 24 min
You know the ONE thing at hand in allowing ANYTHING you desire to show up? CHOICE. It’s that simple. The key to experiencing any shift in your life experience NOW is you choosing. The only “thing” in your way is you choosing. The reason something hasn’t…
Feeling Your Way To What You Want
Sep 14 • 31 min
Ever focus so much on the problem you cannot find the solution? Ever want someone or something to show up so much they don’t or it doesn’t? In this episode I take YOU on a journey of how to pivot your focus to allow that which you desire to show up! It’s…
I Know Who I Am
Sep 10 • 49 min
In this episode I remind YOU of who you truly are. I may say “I”, but YOU are the I; we are the I. The takeaway? The MOST magical declaration. I sure the tales of my journey with Ireland. How I entered into this country kicking and screaming, with $200 in…
What’s Really Going On Here?
Sep 10 • 13 min
WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON HERE? In this episode I take a look at what’s really going on from a recent Facebook defriending and blocking. It’s about perspective and I just think he can’t be with mine so much that I’m removed from his viewpoint. Truth is -…
NOT RIGHT NOW - I’m Meditating 🧘
Sep 10 • 8 min
I share with you a powerful pro tip in MASTERING ANY MEDITATION. It’s like, “Hello thoughts could you just go away please. I’m meditating. You know meditation, where you’re not supposed to be.” 👆 Does any aspect of that sound familiar? Are you still…
The Power of Choice
Sep 10 • 13 min
Enter scene… You’re experiencing life and already constantly choosing my default. Then something begins to happen, a new awareness and now what? Now is the opportunity with new awareness for conscious choice. Not based on what is wrong, but what do I…
Sep 10 • 7 min
Hello Beautiful Beings! Welcome to THE UNIVERSE MADE ME DO IT podcast! I am so excited that you’ve shown up to listen. And not just listen, but listen in a way for YOU that shifts, alters and enhances your life experience! In this episode I set the state…