Don't crush it alone

Don't crush it alone
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3 Ways to Become a Better Product Manager in 2019
Jun 29 • 26 min
Our GuestOn episode 7 of Elevatd Life, we have Beau Blinder. I found Beau after his post on Medium titled “3 Practical Ways To Become A Better Product Manager” and we were able to have a really insightful conversation about those 3 core ways he talked…
The life of an IBM Watson Product Manager
May 31 • 23 min
Our GuestOn episode 6 of Elevatd Life, we have Zia Mohammad. Zia is a talented Product Manager at IBM working with the Watson Premium product. Check out the full show notes here along with links mentioned in the recording!Please subscribe, rate and review…
When Product Meets a Scientific Approach with Holly Hester-Reilly
Apr 5 • 28 min
Our GuestOn episode 5 of Elevatd Life, we have Holly Hester-Reilly. Holly is the Founder & CEO of H2R Product Science where she works with product leaders and teams to develop their product growth strategy. View full show notes here. Get on the email list…
Iteration is key with Brittany Cheng
Mar 29 • 23 min
Our GuestOn episode 4 of Elevatd Life, we have Brittany Cheng - Product Manager at Seesaw Learning (a platform for student engagement). Brittany grew up in the Bay area and has been surrounded by tech from childhood. She previously worked at Yelp focusing…
Building the ‘why’ with Zack Naylor
Nov 5, 2018 • 30 min
Our GuestOn episode 3 of Elevatd Life, we have Zack Naylor CEO and co-founder of Aurelius Lab a platform for tracking user research insights. He’s built a product-driven team from the ground up, comes from a heavy UX background is one of the first CEO’s…
Design thinking from a young age with Iiro Isotalo
Sep 24, 2018 • 18 min
Our GuestOn episode 2 of Elevatd Life, we have Iiro Isotalo the Director of Product Management at BetterDoctor, which was recently acquired by Quest Analytics.Iiro has an interesting background in engineering, product design and product management. We…
When a rejection turns into a stunning career with Morgan Meredith
Jul 28, 2018 • 21 min
Our GuestOn episode 1 of Elevatd Life, we have Morgan Meredith a Senior Release Manager at Jellyvision! This episode really dives in to how careers can take many twists and turns but at the end of the day if you keep working at your craft and constantly…