Anna & Lauren talk about Stuff & Things

Anna & Lauren talk about Stuff & Things
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Ebola (not finished due to technical difficulties)
Jun 21 • 3 min
w/ Natalie S2E12 iTunes, Abortion Laws, and Fungus for Mosquitoes
Jun 6 • 12 min
This is the longest one yet
May 30 • 4 min
Btw in the beginning Anna says FUN. Even though it may sound like something else she said FUN.
w/ Natalie S2E10 Soda Bill Debate
May 23 • 2 min
lauren keeps stopping the debate. so sorry it takes forever to shoot it her fault not mine HERS.
S2E9 Tariff Hike
May 16 • 2 min
Lauren is salty about how long it takes to do these podcasts. (Anna and Natalie don’t take it seriously)
S2E8 College Bribe Scam
Apr 17 • 4 min
Natalie’s not here today (We are being forced to do this)
w/ Natalie S2E7 Cyclone in Idai
Mar 28 • 3 min
Natalie sounds she sounds like she’s trapped in a washing machine because she got braces and a palate expander.
w/ Natalie S2E6 Mosques Shootings in New Zealand
Mar 21 • 4 min
w/ Natalie S2E5 Ethiopian Plane Crash
Mar 14 • 4 min
Natalie is back!
w/ Natalie S2E? (No One Cares At This Point) Alabama Tornadoes
Mar 7 • 5 min
RIP Natalie
w/ Natalie S2E3 Vaccines
Feb 20 • 5 min
Latest episode of Anna & Lauren talk about Stuff & Things
with Natalie S2E2 The Dam That Collapsed In Brazil
Feb 14 • 2 min
I am very sorry about Anna. She was really annoying. ~ Lauren No i wasn’t you are too uptight laugh a little once in a while - Anna
with Semi-Permanent Guest for Who Knows How Long, Natalie S2E1 Missile Defense Plan
Feb 14 • 2 min
hola duesd
w/ Natalie S1E6 Government Shutdown
Jan 17 • 4 min
Back at it again
w/ Natalie S1E5 Indonesian Tsunami
Jan 17 • 2 min
Today there is a special guest…
S1E4 The Sentinelese
Jan 3 • 3 min
Annelise and lauren talk about stuff and the Sentinelese.
S1E3 Elon Musk
Dec 20, 2018 • 4 min
Today Lauren and Anneliese Force Taoolk abert stoof ind tings
S1E2 Climate Change
Dec 13, 2018 • 6 min
Climate Change, the real evil.
S1E1 Wildfires
Dec 6, 2018 • 4 min
yes wikdfirs are real