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Where Doctrine Matters

Will the Real Luther Please Stand Up?
Feb 19
What kind of hermeneutic did Martin Luther apply to scripture? Why did Luther believe the presence of God was so important for a right interpretation of scripture? What is the relation between the cross and the canon for Luther? What does Luther mean by…
Did Calvin Murder Heretics?
Feb 4
Who was Michael Servetus and what was Servetus’ view of the Trinity? How does Servetus’ biblicism lead him to reject Nicene and scholastic trinitarianism? How does the sixteenth century historical context shed light on the execution of Servetus? How are…
Is the Pope the Antichrist?
Jan 21
Is the Pope the Antichrist? How is the threefold office of prophet, priest, and king applied in a Roman Catholic context? How do we as Protestants engage Roman Catholics with the authority of the Bible? How should we interpret Matthew 16:18 and the idea…
The Covenant of Redemption
Jan 7
What is the covenant of redemption? Why must the covenant of redemption be intra-Trinitarian? Does the covenant of redemption lead to a social trinitarianism? Does the covenant of redemption span across the Testaments? Why is the covenant of redemption…
Let’s Get Old School: Princeton
Nov 19, 2019
Who were some of the key figure-heads of Old Princeton and why are their contributions worth retrieving for contemporary evangelicalism? Were Princetonians like Charles Hodge and B. B. Warfield rationalists as so many have assumed today? Did they care at…
Should the church transform the culture?
Nov 5, 2019
In the past, Reformed thinkers taught that God has two kingdoms. What are these two kingdoms and how does God exercise his lordship in both differently? What is the difference between our responsibilities as citizens of this world and our mission as…
The Clarity of Scripture in a Pluralistic Age
Oct 22, 2019
In what ways have the disciplines of biblical theology and historical theology been key to the task of systematics? How are we to understand Luther’s doctrine of Scripture? Are we in danger of losing the clarity of Scripture? How does the doctrine of God…
Why I Became a Theologian
Oct 9, 2019
What theologians have influenced Gerald Bray? In what ways has his ability to read theology in other languages affected his own beliefs? How have the 39 Articles been instrumental in his theological development and can these articles create reform today?…
Rethinking Biblical Theology
Sep 24, 2019
Why is biblical theology essential to a proper understanding of systematic theology? How does inspiration and divine authorial intent safeguard the unity of the Bible? Should we interpret the Old Testament like Jesus and the writers of the New Testament?…
Does God’s Immutability Need to Change?
Sep 3, 2019
Does God’s immutability need to change? What problems follow if we try to modify God’s unchanging nature? Why do some pit God as a living being and God as an immutable being against one another? Can God be immutable in his essence but mutable in his…
Inspiration and Its Enemies
Aug 20, 2019
Why should we frame our doctrine of Scripture through the biblical imagery of light? Is God the source of Scripture and why should all Scripture be called God’s word? In light of Karl Barth, can we still say that that Scripture itself is the word of God?…
Two Worlds Collide: Theology and Leadership
Aug 6, 2019
Are theology and leadership irrelevant to one another? What challenges do evangelical colleges and seminaries face today? How has theology affected Dockery’s role as University president? What was it like at Southern Seminary during the years of…
Why I Left Marxism for the Resurrected Christ
Jul 23, 2019
What drew Michael Haykin toward an intellectual neo-marxism? Why did the resurrection of Christ convince Haykin to leave neo-marxism and eastern religions for the Christian gospel? What persuaded Haykin to become a historian? Why has he devoted his life…
My Life between God and the Devil
Jul 9, 2019
What were the early days at Harvard Divinity School like for Timothy George? How did Heiko Oberman and George Huntston Williams influence George? Why is it that the Reformers were the focus of George? What was at stake for the SBC while George was at…
Doctrine is Heaven: Systematics for the Whole Man
Jun 18, 2019
What does it mean for systematic theology to be reformed? Why is it important that we understand reformed systematic theology as creedal in nature? Why is covenant so critical to how we do systematic theology? Is systematic theology antithetical to…
Performing the Scriptures: The Drama of My Life
Jun 4, 2019
Why did Kevin Vanhoozer become a theologian? What is theo-drama and why did it prove to be the model Vanhoozer needed for his students? Is doctrine a guide for right performance of our holy script? Why is it so critical that theologians see every doctrine…
The Trinity according to Augustine
May 21, 2019
How does Augustine retrieve and build upon the Trinitarian theology that came before him? How does Augustine’s understanding of the Trinity set the trajectory in the west for all theologians who come after him? How do we articulate the Trinity without…
How sovereign is God’s grace?
May 6, 2019
How sovereign is God’s grace? Is grace a gift we cooperate with or an unconditional act that we undeservedly receive? What’s the difference between grace that is sufficient versus effectual for our salvation? Is regeneration monergistic or synergistic? In…
Is biblical theology enough?
Apr 23, 2019
Why must we not just think of God in terms of what he does in history but also who he is in himself? What are negative consequences to limiting ourselves to the history of redemption rather than also drawing theological conclusions about who God is in…
Is Justification in the Old Testament?
Apr 8, 2019
Where is justification visible in the Old Testament? Why is Genesis 15:6 such a pivotal text in understanding justification? How should we think about the connection between faith and works in the life of Abraham? Should we consider Abraham a type of new…
None Greater: Matthew Barrett on the Undomesticated Attributes of God (Part 2)
Mar 19, 2019
What does it mean for God to be the perfect being? How can we discuss individual attributes of God when God is simple–identical with his attributes and undivided in his essence? What are the consequences for the Christian life if we reject God’s…
None Greater: Matthew Barrett on the Undomesticated Attributes of God (Part 1)
Mar 4, 2019
Why was Matthew Barrett surprised by the God of Augustine, Anselm, and Calvin? Have we domesticated God, so that he looks a lot more like the creature than the Creator? If we understand God as the perfect being, what perfect-making attributes must be true…
Reformed Resurgence and Doctrinal Preaching
Feb 12, 2019
Why has there been a reformed resurgence among evangelicals and how have Baptists, in particular, recovered their theological heritage on the doctrine of Scripture and the doctrines of grace? Which Baptist figures does Tom Nettles return to regularly in…
How has idolatry inverted the image of God?
Jan 30, 2019
What does it mean to be made in the image of God? How was the image meant to function within the temple context of the garden of Eden? Why is Christ the true image of God and how does he image God in a way we do and do not? How does a biblical…
What good is philosophy for theology?
Jan 16, 2019
Are philosophy and theology antithetical or compatible? What is the proper relationship between faith and reason? How do the tools of philosophy equip theologians to articulate and defend the Christian faith? Is Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae a good…
Have we misunderstood the Lord’s Supper?
Jan 2, 2019
Have we left out important facets of the Lord’s Supper, like its present and future components? How is Christ’s presence manifested in the Lord’s Table? What is the role of faith in receiving the Lord’s Supper as a means of grace? How does the Lord’s…
Why God Hides
Dec 10, 2018
In what sense is God mystery? How is his transcendence and immanence displayed when he hides? Are there negative consequences to reading Christology back into the doctrine of God? How does God’s power, simplicity, and aseity relate to his…
Why must Christ obey the Law?
Nov 19, 2018
Why must Christ obey the law? What have the categories of active and passive obedience of Christ traditionally meant? Why is active obedience so essential to imputation and union with Christ? Why has the death of Christ overshadowed other indispensable…
What’s gone wrong with biblical interpretation?
Nov 5, 2018
What’s gone wrong with biblical interpretation? Why does the doctrine of God matter for hermeneutics? If we reject classical theism and adopt theistic personalism, how does that change our view of inspiration? Can we follow the example of the apostles in…
Union with Christ and Justification
Oct 22, 2018
What is the doctrine of union with Christ, and how does it relate to justification and sanctification? Does union with Christ encompass the entire order of salvation or only refer to a specific stage in the redemption process? How should we distinguish…
Should We Interpret the Bible Theologically?
Oct 8, 2018
Is it possible to approach the text of Scripture neutral, without a theological framework? What dangers exist in neglecting theology in the exegetical process? Should creeds and confessions throughout the history of Christianity play any role in biblical…
John Frame’s Life as a Theologian
Sep 26, 2018
How did John Frame first discover theology? How was his time at Princeton and Yale instrumental to his theological journey? What influence has Cornelius Van Til had on Frame and how does Frame differ in his presuppositional approach to apologetics? What…
Thomas Aquinas: Friend or Foe?
Sep 5, 2018
Is Thomas Aquinas a friend or foe to evangelicals? Why are evangelicals so unfamiliar with one of the greatest theologians in the history of the church, Thomas Aquinas? Download Audio
The Classical God and the Insanity of Atheism, Part 2
Aug 20, 2018
Is western atheism a novel movement? How has the atheism of today misunderstood the metaphysics of the doctrine of God? Is the classical understanding of God articulated by Eastern and Western Fathers a better antidote to contemporary atheism than the…
The Classical God and the Insanity of Atheism, Part 1
Aug 20, 2018
Is western atheism a novel movement? How has the atheism of today misunderstood the metaphysics of the doctrine of God? Is the classical understanding of God articulated by Eastern and Western Fathers a better antidote to contemporary atheism than the…
How can Christ have two natures?
Aug 1, 2018
How can Christ have two natures? How do these two natures relate to one another in the one person of Christ? What is the communication of attributes and Calvin’s “extra,” and why do these concepts advance our understanding of the hypostatic union? In this…
Who invented Christianity?
Jul 16, 2018
Is the high view of Jesus really a minority view in the first two centuries of the church? Download Audio
How Thomas Schreiner became a New Testament scholar, part 1
Jul 1, 2018
Thomas Schreiner describes his time at seminary and how first became interested in New Testament scholarship. Download Audio
How Thomas Schreiner became a New Testament scholar, part 2
Jul 1, 2018
How Thomas Schreiner became a NT scholar… Download Audio
Does God Suffer?
Jun 11, 2018
Can God still be loving and personal if he is not susceptible to emotional change? How are we to think about God’s impassibility in light of his immutability? How can God be impassible if Christ has suffered on the cross? In this episode, Dr. Matthew…
What Is Eternal Generation?
Jun 2, 2018
What is eternal generation and does it matter? Download Audio
What Is Simplicity and Does it Matter?
Apr 25, 2018
What does it mean for God to be unity as opposed to a God who is compounded of parts? Are God’s attributes and essence identical? How are immutability and eternity compromised if we reject simplicity? In this episode, Dr. Matthew Barrett is joined by Dr.…