The Ringing Ear Podcast

The Ringing Ear Podcast
The Ringing Ear Podcast (brought to you by is a show hosted by two middle aged music nerds who like to discuss all things music and serve as your metaphorical captains, navigating the murky waters of the auditory sea. Co-hosts Jeff & Jobe are hear to let you know what to avoid and what will keep your ears ringing.
26: Murder Songs
Oct 15 • 99 min
In a sinister new episode, the guys discuss songs of a nefarious nature—Murder. Plus, Jeff has a retrospective review of Late Registration, and the guys discuss the difficulty in separating art from artists. Also, music from Japan’s Mass of the Fermenting…
25: Songs From Stephen King
Oct 8 • 98 min
The guys join The Losers’ Club as they dig into songs mentioned in the works of the Master of Horror, Stephen King. Plus, Jobee gives his review/reaction to Mith by Lonnie Holley, music from Mitski, the Spotify Wager, music from France’s Jerome B. Sedeyn…
24: Ruined Songs
Oct 1 • 107 min
In a very personal and at times dark episode, Jeff and Jobe discuss songs that, for whatever reason, they can no longer listen to—songs that have been ruined for them. Plus music from The Bullseyes, Jeff’s review/reaction to Negro Swan from Blood Orange,…
23: World Music
Sep 24 • 92 min
Bienvenidos to a special international episode! Jeff and Jobe discuss some of their favorite music from outside the U.S., Canada, and the UK. Music from Mexico, Africa, Cuba, and more, plus music from De La Soul, the Spotify Wager, The Family Fued in the…
22—Our Kids’ Songs
Sep 17 • 97 min
From the mouths of babes: Jeff and Jobe step out of their comfort zone to tackle their kids’ 3 favorite songs—aged 10 and 15, respectively. Can they meet the self-imposed challenge of completing the episode without cursing? Plus Jobee’s reaction/review of…
21: Funny or Die Presents The Poop Episode
Sep 10 • 84 min
It’s a very special episode of The Ringing Ear, brought to you by the fine folks at Funny or Die! Inspired by Season 2 of the Netflix hit American Vandal, Jeff and Jobe look at poop in music—both literal and metaphorical. Jeff gives his reaction/review of…
20: Songs About Work
Sep 4 • 89 min
Jeff and Jobe celebrate Labor Day by discussing songs about work, working, etc. Jobe gives his review/reaction to Turn to Gold by Diarrhea Planet, plus music from Doc Hammer, the Spotify Wager, and the absolute worst act ever featured in the Unsigned…
***Bonus Episode***—Exclusive Interview with Barney from Napalm Death!
Aug 31 • 23 min
In this Ringing Ear Exclusive, Kill Boring Music correspondent Liliana chats with Napalm Death vocalist Mark “Barney” Greenway before their recent headlining show in San Diego. They (plus Ringing Ear co-host and Kill Boring Music Senior Music Critic Jeff)…
19: Car Songs
Aug 27 • 87 min
Jeff and Jobe kick things into high gear and hit the road for songs about the automobile. Jobe gives his review/reaction to Queen from Nicki Minaj, plus Musical Currents, the Unsigned Artist Spotlight, and the infamous Spotify Wager. Episode 19: Car Songs…
18: The Drinking Episode
Aug 20 • 97 min
In their infinite wisdom, Jeff and Jobe decide that if they’re going to talk about drinking music they should do so while drinking themselves. The guys proceed to drink liberally as they discuss songs about booze, Jobee recaps his trip to OKC to see…
17: “Hot” Songs
Aug 13 • 79 min
With summer drawing to a close, Jeff and Jobe turn up the heat and check out “hot” songs—songs with hot in the title, or generally dealing with heat, fire, etc. What made the cut? Listen in to find out! Plus Jeff’s album review/reaction to Semi Crazy by…
16: Country Music
Aug 6 • 92 min
Jeff and Jobe finally tackle country music! The guys play some of their favorites songs from the genre, and talk a little about where country music lost its way. Plus Jeff’s album review/reaction to Mama Said by Lenny Kravitz, music from France’s Grauss…
15: Best Sophomore Albums
Jul 30 • 104 min
Best Sophomore Albums
14: Best Live Sets
Jul 23 • 114 min
Best Live Sets
13: Movie Music
Jul 16 • 103 min
Movie Music
12: Dead Heroes—Kurt Cobain
Jul 9 • 98 min
Dead Heroes—Kurt Cobain
11: The Heaviness of Our Youth
Jul 2 • 93 min
The Heaviness of Our Youth
10: Best Debut Albums
Jun 25 • 94 min
Best Debut Albums
9: Funny Songs
Jun 18 • 79 min
Episode 9: Funny Songs
8: Chef’s Choice
Jun 11 • 88 min
Put away the menus and let renowned Chefs Jeff and Jobe make the picks they want you to hear. Some picks are bold, some are daring, and one of Jobe’s picks almost broke up the duo and ended the show! Episode 8 is out now!
7: Songs About Fucking
Jun 4 • 80 min
Episode 7: Songs About Fucking
6: Breakup Songs
May 28 • 86 min
Breakup Songs
5: Song of the Year for the Past 3 Years
May 21 • 76 min
Top 3 Songs of the Past 3 Years
4: Killing Sacred Cows
May 19 • 102 min
Killing Sacred Cows
3: Top 3 Albums of 1993
May 14 • 92 min
Jeff and Jobe offer up their top 3 albums of 1993, plus Musical Currents.
2: Our Top 3 Cover Songs
May 14 • 85 min
Our Top 3 Cover Songs
1: Good Songs by Bad Artists
May 14 • 88 min
Good Songs By Bad Artists