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Real Estate and Living in Central Virginia
Real Pod VA 1-4-19: The One Where We Debate New Years Resolutions
Jan 4
Real Pod VA 10-11-18 The One Where Jim Talks About Global Warming
Oct 11, 2018
Jim Duncan. Bart Isley and Dave Stipe discuss Global Warming and its affects on the real estate, home ownership, and what we can do to make smart and reasonable changes to our home living.
Real Pod VA 9-11-18 The One Where The Crew Is Stoked To Vote and 9-11 Remembrance
Sep 14, 2018
This week Jim remembers how his real estate career started in 9/11/01. The Simpsons continue to be relevant. The crew introduces Stoked To Vote. A local initiative to turn people into voters. #StokedToVote
Real Central Pod 9-11-18 Hurricane Prep For Florence
Sep 11, 2018
Hurricane Florence is going to be a tough storm. Get some planning thoughts from the least reliable source, The Real Central Pod guys. But we have good links.
Real Pod VA 8-31-18 The One Where Jim Gets Fired
Sep 1, 2018
Dave was away this past week so Bart and Jim recorded without him. The result is a lot of jokes at Dave’s expense and a step back in recording quality. Still, there are some good stories about tough situations.
Real Central Pod VA - 8-8-18 The One Where We Go Completely Off Topic
Aug 10, 2018
So, we had a topic we had planned on talking about. However, it was late and we just went off the rails and off topic very quickly. It was too much fun and a good laugh not to post for this week. So, enjoy Bart’s Reality TV fanboy rant and a discussion on…
Real Central Pod VA 7-18-18 The One Where Jim Talks New Construction
Jul 24, 2018
Real Central Pod VA 7-5-18 The One Where Jim Talks About ARMs and Dave Panics About The Future
Jul 17, 2018
Real Central Pod VA 6-29-18 The One Where Jim Talks About Housing As A Luxury Good
Jun 29, 2018
6-15-18 The One Where Jim Talks About Curb Appeal
Jun 15, 2018
6-8-18 The One Where We Rant
Jun 8, 2018
5-30-18 The One Where Jim Talks About New Construction
May 30, 2018
5-9-18 The One Where Jim Talks About How Gas Prices Affect The Market
May 9, 2018
4-27-18 The One Where Jim Wants To Talk About Local Government (But Not Politics)
May 2, 2018
3-30-18 The One Where Jim Talks About The Value Of Local Lenders
May 2, 2018
3-27-18 The One Where Jim Talks About HOA’s That Dave Hates
May 2, 2018
First Episode Y’all
Feb 26, 2018 • 31 min
Welcome to the first Real Pod VA. We’re talking real estate and living in Central Virginia. This week we talk about trying to get into the damn house.