The Study Abroadcast

The Study Abroadcast
I Studied abroad and absolutely loved it so I decided to make a podcast that helps students do the same.
Deciding To Learn Spanish in Spain With Luci Bessinger
Dec 7 • 26 min
Luci Bessinger studied abroad in Spain because she wanted to sharpen her Spanish skills. If you’re interested in Barcelona or Spain tune in. I know you’ll like this episode because I had a lot of fun when we were making it.
English As A Second Language And Stories From Around The World With Matt Schneider
Nov 28 • 34 min
This interview is broken down into two parts. First, Matt talks about WESLI and helping international students transition into the classroom in the United States. Second, he tells some great stories and gives advice based on his world travels.
How To Obtain The Perfect Internship Abroad with Karime Diaz
Nov 27 • 29 min
Karime Diaz is our first interview who went abroad solely for the internship and didn’t take any classes. She currently serves as an alumni ambassador for CEA and specializes in internships. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’d definitely recommend…
Studying Abroad Down Under in Newcastle with Caroline Sass
Nov 21 • 21 min
Newcastle is a gorgeous city in Australia which is located about 2 hours north of Sydney. Caroline recalls her time there, her living situation, and everything she had to do in order to set up her trip. This was a really fun interview to do.
Navigating Paris With Abby Haley
Nov 20 • 27 min
Abby Haley is studying abroad in Paris, France and she is absolutely loving it. This is my first interview with someone living in the city of love and it is also one of my favorite. Enjoy this interview whether you’re thinking about studying abroad in…
Getting A Full Scholarship to Study Abroad in France with Andrea Vazquez
Nov 19 • 32 min
Andrea got a full scholarship to study abroad and she tells us exactly how she did it. This interview is perfect if you’re interested in scholarships, France, or language learning. We dive into great detail with all three.
Studying Abroad in Prague With Hannah Lutz
Nov 16 • 17 min
If you’re looking to study abroad somewhere that isn’t as mainstream, but still popular enough it might be worth listening to this interview to learn about Prague.
Learning French in Brussels With Nicole Kalitsi
Nov 14 • 21 min
In this interview we find out why Nicole Kalitsi chose to study abroad in Brussels, Belgium instead of France to sharpen her French language skills.
Getting Paid To Study Abroad in Auckland With Jonathan Mennecke
Nov 13 • 19 min
Jonathan Mennecke talks about applying for and recieving multiple scholarships to study abroad in Auckland. We learn about his living situation, plans he has for the future, and even get into different foods that New Zealand does better than most.
Rhondine Petrof Educates Us On Belize; The Only English Speaking Country in Central America
Nov 12 • 22 min
Studying Abroad in Belize is a great opportunity if you want international experience, but don’t want to be that far away from home. Rhondine Petrof of Toucan Education Programs does a great job of educating us on the process and opens our eyes to this…
Adventures in New Zealand And Landing a Job Before Graduation with Liam Krodel
Nov 9 • 15 min
There are three things you need to take away from this interview: 1. Deciding where to go is easier than you think 2. You’re going to make lifelong friends 3. Studying abroad HELPS with finding a job Tune in to hear Liam Krodel explain…
Julie Alagna Walks Us Through The Process of a Semester at Sea
Nov 8 • 32 min
Julie Alagna gives a great interview discussing everything you need to do to sign up for and succeed in a Semester at Sea. There isn’t another interview like this out there, I checked.
Studying Abroad in Copenhagen Through DIS with Alison Ryncarz
Nov 6 • 28 min
Alison Ryncarz talks about her time studying abroad in Copenhagen and what it is like to go through the program, DIS, where she now works. We also learn about Woofing which is something every student (no matter where you are) should take at least one…
Studying Abroad in Rome and Exploring The Rest of Europe with Tiera Salitros
Nov 6 • 25 min
If you’re thinking about studying abroad in Rome or anywhere for that matter, and are interested in doing even MORE traveling while you’re there this interview is definitely for you. Tiera does a great job of talking about budgeting for short term,…
If You Want The International Experience, But Can’t Find The Time, Listen to This Interview
Nov 5 • 15 min
David Carlton studied abroad early, and stumbled on to something that he loves; studying abroad. In this episode we find out why not being ready for a semester and already having plans during the summer did not stop David Carlton from studying abroad,…
Study Abroad Stories: Dublin Edition With Amanda Hackney
Nov 2 • 16 min
In this episode Amanda Hackney tells us about her amazing time in Dublin and the rest of Europe. It’s interviews like these that make me wish I would’ve studied abroad twice, or was still in college. A great episode.
Scholarships and Studying Abroad in Ireland with Morgan Kistler
Nov 1 • 22 min
Morgan Kistler did everything right. She found a program, applied for (and received) scholarships, and now she is having the time of her life in Ireland. She is at the University of Limerick and absolutely loving it. Tune in to hear Morgan’s story.
Studying Abroad in London and Advice for Today’s College Student With Brent Blahnik
Oct 31 • 25 min
Brent Blahnik is the Director of International Education at UW - Green Bay. He studied abroad in London and talks about what it is like to matriculate to a different part of the world, make new friends, and share new memories.
Faculty Led WWII Focused Study Abroad With Kate Greer of Ohio State
Oct 30 • 26 min
If you’re interested in WWII this interview is for you. Kate Greer of The Ohio State University talks about visiting historical WWII sites during her three week trip to Europe.
Studying Abroad in Shanghai with Gillian Reinhard
Oct 29 • 27 min
Gillian Reinhard has been taking Mandarin Chinese for the past 6 years and she thought Shanghai would be the perfect location for her to study abroad. Gillian teaches us a lot about Shanghai in the interview and we actually learn that there is a little…
UW-Stevens Point Study Abroad with Brad Van Den Elzen
Oct 24 • 14 min
In this interview I talk with Brad, who is the Director of the International Student and Scholars Office UW-Stevens Point, about how teaching English in China for a year spawned his passion for international education. Brad is also a bit of a political…
Setting Up A Clinical Rotation in Australia With Jerrica Huber
Oct 23 • 49 min
This interview is perfect if you’re in the medical field or thinking about Australia. Jerrica does a great job of explaining what it was like to live down under and explains how she set up a clinical rotation her last semester before graduating to hit the…
Language Learning Through Immersion With Mattison Gotcher
Oct 22 • 15 min
UT - Austin’s Mattison Gotcher wanted to learn Spanish so she decided to study abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica. In this interview Mattison talks about her time there (she also did some volunteer work), and find out exactly why having your finances in order…
Studying Abroad in Seville with Jason Kouba
Oct 16 • 23 min
Jason Kouba is the Senior Regional Director for Institutional Relations and Outreach at API so there are two avenues to this episode. First, he tells the story of his study abroad experience in Seville. Second, he gives great advice for students who are…
How Martyn Magaloudis Saved Money by Studying Abroad in Sydney
Oct 15 • 24 min
Fresh off a trip to Melbourne, Martyn Megaloudis talks about going to school and interning in Sydney. We learn about school specific scholarships, no tipping down under, and how Martyn listened to Spotify for 6,000 hours last year.
Studying Abroad in Seoul with Minel Cannucciari
Oct 12 • 24 min
In our first interview with someone who studied abroad in Seoul, Minel Cannucciari talks about how she was able to set up a work study with her college in Philadelphia to help pay for her trip. She does a great job of making you feel like you were on the…
Why Study Away Scholarships Are A Very Real Opportunity with Callie Ronstrom
Oct 11 • 17 min
In this interview, UW-Superior’s Callie Ronstrom talks about the driving force behind her first study abroad experience, why the opportunity to obtain scholarships and grants is very real, and the fresh Guatemalan food she misses so much. We also hear an…
Studying (and interning) Abroad in Ireland With Jessica Kisluk
Oct 10 • 26 min
After listening to this interview, I wish I was still in college and able to study abroad again. Jessica does a great job of painting a picture of life in Dublin, telling great travel stories, and giving phenomenal travel advice.
Educating Students About What Study Abroad Is With Lacy Frewerd
Oct 9 • 27 min
Most students think they know what study abroad is but what they don’t know is the amount of options they have or how it relates to their major and career focus. In this interview, Lacy answers the question: why should one study abroad?
Interning in Australia With Lorenzo Corazzin
Oct 5 • 23 min
Lorenzo Corrazin is an Italian who goes to college in the United States that needed to ‘study abroad’ in order to fulfill an international credit requirement. So now he’s interning in Australia. Check this episode out to hear Lorenzo’s story.
How European Classes Differ From American Classes with Conor McGlone
Oct 3 • 14 min
In our first international student interview, Connor McGlone from The University of Pittsburgh talks about transitioning to life in Italy and discusses his future plans for the rest of the semester…a must listen if you’re thinking about Florence as a…
How to Study Abroad in 12 Days with Peter Wierzba
Oct 2 • 23 min
In this episode we talk to Peter Wierzba, a 5th year senior at UW-Parkside who tells us how he got credit for this 12 day trip to Poland and had a remarkable time in the process.
Why St. Norbert Tells It’s Students to Get Involved With Int’l Education Early as Possible
Oct 1 • 31 min
St. Norbert College’s Jeremy Doughty talks about his study abroad experience and work, why getting involved with international education early on is important, and the international opportunities St. Norbert College grants to it’s students.
Study Abroad Guide Recommendation, Going During Winter Break, and Faculty Led Programming with Colleen Marchwick
Sep 28 • 28 min
In this episode I get recommendations from UW-Eau Claire’s Colleen Marchwick on study abroad articles to read, taking your trip during winter break, faculty-led programming, and much more. Dig in, and enjoy.
How You Can Study Abroad While Working Your Way Through College with Megan Baker
Sep 27 • 31 min
In this episode we learn how Carrol University’s Megan Baker worked two, sometimes three jobs as an undergrad and still found a way to study abroad in Germany for a semester.
Why Most Beloit College Students Don’t Use a Study Abroad Program
Sep 26 • 34 min
How do you take ownership of study abroad and not use a traditional study abroad program? You can do one of two things: Enroll at Beloit College or listen to this interview, which is full of insight and perspective of the entire study abroad process.
Doing a Summer Study Abroad Program With Taylor Ambrosius of UW-Oshkosh
Sep 25 • 16 min
As our first student interview, Taylor Ambrosius of UW-Oshkosh tells us about her summer trip to France and the fears she had to overcome in order to go. This interview is perfect if you’re thinking about studying abroad but harbor some fears or doubts.…
What Does It Mean To Study Abroad? UW-Platteville’s Bing Liang Answers Your Most Pressing Questions
Sep 23 • 25 min
In his second language, Bing Liang talks about what it means to study abroad and the factors that go into scholarship awards and UW-Platteville. I couldn’t imagine giving an interview this succinct in a second language.
Hannah Marie Morris: A Study Abroad Consultant In The Truest From
Sep 20 • 21 min
In this interview from the Sudan, Dr. Hannah Morris of gives an inspirational interview and talks about what she is doing to facilitate studying abroad on the global stage.
Johannes Schmied: An Austrian Living in The U.S. (Episode 3)
Sep 12 • 17 min
How Johannes Schmied Came From Austria to the United States and Landed a Job at The University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh in the Process…here’s how.
Meet Dilyn Riesterer and learn about International Education at Edgewood College
Aug 21 • 18 min
In this episode Dilyn and I discuss her own study abroad journey, overcoming fears while traveling, and learn about some of the best food in Europe.
My 3rd Podcast: Hello Tunisia
May 3 • 7 min
Trial run of Anchor. I discuss studying abroad in the states with Fakhar.