Phlogger (Andrew Walmsley)

Phlogger (Andrew Walmsley)
Phlogger is the creative genius of Andrew Walmsley, a blogger and photographer who creates tips and tricks to help fellow photographers. “Phlogger presents” are podcasts with photographers, models and others working in the industry. Don’t forget to check the website ( for the latest news.
Large format, cyanotype, photograms and film (Episode 15)
Aug 16 • 96 min
Phlogger (analogue) presents For episode 15 we delve in to the world of film again. Our special guest is Rachel from “The Sunny 16” podcast and owner of Little Vintage Photography. She talks us through: - how she set up the business - some of the formats…
Film, King kong and Analogue Wonderland
Aug 7 • 64 min
In the latest episode we have Paul McKay from Analogue Wonderland. They are a new and great place to buy many different brands of film (180 so far). Paul tells us the background of the store, about some of the great brands they are working with. He…
Street photography + magazine publishing with Bob Patterson
Aug 2 • 70 min
In our latest episode (13) we are joined with publisher Bob Patterson from Street Photography magazine. Bob and the Phlogger discuss fundamental street photography questions like: How you define street photography? How do you shoot in quiet towns/cities?…
Modelling, finding work and coping with the industry (Episode 12)
Jul 25 • 79 min
We are joined by the lovely Safia Pixie, a young model from the UK. In this episode we discuss how to find modelling work and how to stay safe. We cover deep subjects in life such as coping with stress and anxiety. Learn about Safia’s recent modelling…
Photography degrees, education and the future
Jul 5 • 69 min
The phlogger presents the latest photography podcast. In this show we feature Stephen Rendall of Fez Photography. A renowned fashion photographer, ex-student and lecturer. Topics covered and discussed include: How photography education differs to being…
Get started in wedding photography
Jun 21 • 116 min
In the latest phlogger presents, Flisher Photography and James Morris provide some useful advice. As experienced wedding photographers they guide us through some of the questions you might want to ask. How do you cope with long days? How do I practice?…
Pushing boundaries with photography (Episode 9)
Jun 17 • 22 min
The phlogger discusses the importance of pushing boundaries with photography. He provides examples of the emotional, fiscal and experiences that will enrich your life. This is a discussion about creativity, social implications and the rewards. We gloss…
Introduction to street photography with Leyton Cleveley (episode 8)
Jun 6 • 34 min
The phlogger carries on his discussion with Leyton Cleveley. In this episode street photography is the main content, but with a mix of film too. We talk about the roots of street photography and what it is. Of course we discuss the greats like Bruce…
Episode 7 - Film photography for beginners
Jun 2 • 45 min
The phlogger presents a discussion with Leyton Cleveley on the merits of film photography. Leyton is a very experienced film photographer and often found on Facebook film groups. PART 1 Leyton discusses “range finders”, zone focusing and why printing is…
An interview with Jeni from Signature Photography
May 25 • 77 min
Finally we catch up with the one and only talented Jeni Lowe from Signature. A kind lady who loves nothing more than working with babies and wedding couples. Part 1 - we find out about Jeni’s roots in Lincolnshire and her passion for slippers. After…
Interview with a model - Josh Maine
May 19 • 76 min
In the latest episode of Phlogger presents, we interview Josh Maine. Josh is a UK model who is an endearing and intelligent young guy. Part 1 - we look at Josh’s roots from across the atlantic and discuss his travels. Part 2 - in this section we discuss…
A chat with Jon from Instinctive Photography
May 11 • 49 min
The latest episode of Phlogger presents. A chat and follow up with Jon, a great photographer and friend. We discuss Jon’s picture of my Bronica, family photography, stately homes, weddings, shooting techniques and much more. To find out more about Jon,…
A chat with Luke from Flisher Photography
May 3 • 68 min
This chat is a follow up to the “walk with Flisher photography” blog article on my website. In this podcast we discuss street photography, a Nikon 28-70 and sigma pro lens, wedding photography, website hacking, analogue work, portraiture and more!
Introduction to modelling
Apr 25 • 49 min
The phlogger presents a podcast about modelling. Today’s guest was the lovely Billie Gregory who discussed an introduction to modelling. From starting up, posing, researching photographers to what you should not do. A great starting point for anyone…
Interview with Sarah from street media
Apr 19 • 58 min
The very first episode of Phlogger (Andrew Walmsley)!