Insights on Intentionality

Insights on Intentionality
By Jeff Kisiah, “Coach K”, nationally-known men’s ministry speaker. Insights features personal interviews, current trends, and case studies on what it means to live intentionally. For more info, check out our website, The Intentional Way with Coach K, at .
8 - Q&A: Who’s In Your Foxhole?
Aug 7 • 40 min
In this Q&A episode, Coach K discusses Ecclesiastes 4:12, the importance of foxhole friends, and the strength of the threefold cord.
7 - James Murdock
Jul 24 • 32 min
Coach K interviews Pastor James Murdock, a church planter in Kokomo, IN, focused on reaching and discipling men in his region. For more info on their ministry, visit .
6 - AJ Fobbs
Jul 10 • 46 min
Coach K interviews AJ Fobbs, a former drug dealer from Oakland, CA that experienced God’s amazing grace. His recent move to the Carolinas has created a unique friendship: Coach K and AJ are developing a partnership for “Building Bridges Over Troubled…
5 - Father’s Day Sermon
Jun 26 • 50 min
Coach K gives the Father’s Day sermon at Lakeside Baptist Church in Salem, VA, where he discusses D-Day/Operation Overlord and the “Battle 4 Men’s Souls”. Find out more about Lakeside Baptist at .
4 - Q&A: Focus on Fatherhood
Jun 12 • 37 min
Coach K’s first Q&A podcast, where he answers listener-submitted questions. Coach also discusses Father’s Day by talking about fatherhood, 6 principles of parenting, and life lessons from mentors. To ask Coach K a question, email…
3 - Joe Martin
May 29 • 53 min
Coach K discusses marriage, family, and overcoming adversity with Dr. Joe Martin of Real Men Connect. Listen to Joe’s podcast at .
2 - Keith Boggs
May 15 • 40 min
Coach K goes on the road to Atlanta to discuss family, faith, fellowship, and football with Keith Boggs, founder and president of Real Momentum Ministries. Find out more about Real Momentum at .
1 - Jeff Dionne
Apr 29 • 40 min
Pilot episode. Coach K discusses intentionality with Jeff Dionne, Regional Director in New England for Man in the Mirror. Jeff, who lives in Benton, ME, is also the Area Director of MIM’s Pine Tree Coalition for Men’s Discipleship. Check out more at…