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Body Talk Podcast
What Every Body Is Saying
Using Anger Constructively - Body Talk Podcast
Aug 4, 2018
Anger is an emotion that we all feel. It is also something that can be used constructively to accomplish a goal. Learn how to reshape your anger to be beneficial instead of harmful.
Are We Better Off Without Anger? - Body Talk Podcast
Jul 28, 2018
Anger is a common emotion felt by everyone. The question is, are we better off without it? Listen to this podcast episode to gain a deeper understanding of anger and what it does for us.
5 Myths Busted - Body Talk Podcast
Jul 21, 2018
Let’s take a look at some popular myths regarding body language. Today, you’ll learn the truth behind them and what they are really all about!
Using Body Language To Help Others - Body Talk Podcast
Jul 14, 2018
Reading people is a skill that you can learn that will help you understand other people. When you understand them, you’ll know how to better meet their needs and help them.
Moral Rights - Body Talk Podcast
Jul 7, 2018
Do you have a moral obligation to know what people really mean and help give them what they really want? Are you morally obligated to discover the truth now that you’ve learned how to see it?
Legal Rights - Body Talk Podcast
Jun 30, 2018
Is it someone’s legal right to not be “read” if they don’t want you to know certain informaiton? Is it legally right for you to read people to discover information that they are not verbally telling you?
5 Tips To Communication Part 2 - Body Talk Podcast
Jun 23, 2018
Continuing on with some great tips on how to more effectively present yourself and communicate with others.
5 Tips To Communication Part 1 - Body Talk Podcast
Jun 16, 2018
Communicating with others is very important. Especially, if you can understand what they really mean. Here are some tips that you can use to help you communicate more effectively.
Adding To Your Presence Eye Contact - Body Talk Podcast
Jun 9, 2018
Eye contact is very important when it comes to communicating with other people. Use it to help you take control of your presence and become a more effective communicator.
Adding To Your Presence Gestures - Body Talk Podcast
Jun 2, 2018
There are many things that go into your presence. Gestures are one of them. You need to make sure your gestures fit the message you are communicating and the audience with whom you are communicating.
Understanding Your Presence - Body Talk Podcast
May 26, 2018
Your presence is an important part of who you are. How people see you will significantly affect how you communicate with them. If you can take control of your presence then you will be come a more effective communicator.
Posture - Body Talk Podcast
May 19, 2018
Posture is important and can convery many different meanings. Rigid, stiff, et cetera. Listen to learn of something even more important than posture when it comes to effectively communicating with others.
First Impressions - Body Talk Podcast
May 12, 2018
First impressions are impactful, but do they really contribute to a person’s success? Find out in this broadcast of Body Talk!
About Spencer - Body Talk Podcast
May 5, 2018
Learn more about Spencer Coffman, the host of Body Talk.
Opening Broadcast - Body Talk Podcast
Apr 28, 2018
Opening broadcast of the Body Talk Podcast by Spencer Coffman. Learn exactly what every body is saying.