The Interview

The Interview
The Interview, an audio series from Chats are usually under an hour with people making things happen through their talents, drive and curiosity in a complex and noisy world.
San Diego’s Little Italy Food Hall Opens a New Venue for All
Jul 14 • 15 min
San Diego, CA: The thing about food halls is that sometimes, they can feel like mall food courts; impersonal, cold, meant to purely function as a food line for the masses. The Little Italy Food Hall has created a free flowing food hall anchored by a bar…
The Business of Success in Art
Apr 28 • 32 min
Every Child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. I always loved this quote by Pablo Picasso… Art isn’t just a creative outlet though. It’s a business and a hard on at that. Alexander Salazar has weathered the ups and downs…
Nicole Ponseca, From Ad Exec to Cultural Champion
Apr 26 • 30 min
November 2017 Today on the show… how one California girl took on New York and went from high-powered ad exec to dream come true restaurateur with not one but two renowned restaurants focusing on the under-explored Filipino Cuisine. Lessons of perseverance…
Davin & Jessica Waite: Oceanside Pioneers
Apr 25 • 37 min
Davin & Jessica Waite have quietly hold a special place in the hearts of the food community in San Diego for so many reasons. Their restaurants, The Wrench & Rodent and The Whet Noodle, have created a great little haven for sushi and ramen in a style all…
Sacha Boutros, Grammy Nominated Jazz Singer
Nov 26, 2017 • 40 min
Today on the The Interview, you are in for a treat as we spend the next half hour with the sexy, sassy, straight-forward jazz songstress, Sacha Boutros. This interview was recorded just before her departure to Paris to record three new songs for her…
Marguerite Grifka; A Whole New Meaning of From Scratch
Apr 29, 2016 • 47 min
Marguerite Grifka is a true San Diegan and has come to decipher that from scratch should truly be the case if claimed to be so. Listen as we discuss classic San Diego and how she came to open California’s Table.
Michelle Lerach; A Passion For Food
Apr 11, 2016 • 12 min
The Berry Good Night Dinner has been touted by San Diego Magazine to be the best invite of the year but until now… you could only get an invite if you were a chef, fishmonger, food purveyor, cheesemonger, farmer, or restaurant owner. What is the…
James Montejano; NorCal to SoCal
Mar 26, 2016 • 22 min
Chef James Montejano leaves the San Francisco Bay to return home to San Diego where he takes on the task of continuing tradition at the Pink Lady.