Into The Vertical Blank : Generation Atari

Into The Vertical Blank : Generation Atari
We are twin brothers who grew up "Atari" or as we call it, in The Vertical Blank. The Vertical Blank is space between the lines. It's the the second half of generation X. It's the where work occurs you never see on screen. It's the nuances that makes nost

S2:E18 Bonus #2: Pork Chops And Retro Games Sizzle At CES 2020
Jan 15 • 18 min
In this season 2 bonus episode, Steve makes a visit to CES 2020 and looks in all corners for signs of retro games. Some photos here:
S2:E17: Bonus - Book Review Of Galaga From Boss Fight Books And More!
Jan 1 • 28 min
This episode is a quick apology for mixing an episode of The Alarm podcast into the Into The Vertical Blank Feed. This episode contains content that never made it into season 2 including book reviews for Galaga from Boss Fight Books and American Nerd, The…
S2:E16: Season 2 Finale: The Best Atari Christmas Ever
Dec 22, 2019 • 84 min
The Season 2 finale of Into The Vertical Blank. In this episode we pull out all the stops and explain exactly why Atari means so much to us. This honest, naked, all-cards-on-the-table, frank episode includes an Eponymous Story named “The Best #*@!…
S2: E15: The Atari 7800 and ST. Our Next Gen Super Systems
Nov 29, 2019 • 74 min
In this episode we dig into American Thanksgiving 1986 and discuss our transition from the Atari 800 to the Atari ST with the Atari 7800 squeezed in between. Tony Longworth: Some of the music in this Episode was created…
S2:14: Asteroids 40th Anniversary
Nov 3, 2019 • 51 min
We salute Asteroids 40th anniversary with a discussion of how things have changed since 1979, and with a rebroadcast of the story “Escape To The Asteroids Zone”
S2:E13: The Haunting of the Vertical Blank : Now With Photos!
Oct 20, 2019 • 68 min
Into the vertical Blank: Generation Atari Season 2 Episode 13 : The Haunting of the Vertical Blank See some photos of the actual ESP tests here: This time the guys discuss…
S2:E12: Star Wars and Atari In The Vertical Blank : Part 2
Oct 3, 2019 • 76 min
In the follow-up episode to the Season 2, Episode 12, Steve and Jeff continue their discussion of the impact that Star Wars on their video game experience and video games in general. They also add in a story by Steve and have a game play session of the…
S2:E11: Star Wars and Atari In The Vertical Blank : Part 1
Sep 22, 2019 • 75 min
In this two-part series we delve deep into Star Wars (or Star Wars:A New Hope for those who didn’t see the movie in the summer of 1977). We examine the movie’s affect on us as 70’s kids and how Atari’s 1983 coin-operated “Star Wars: The Arcade Game”…
S2:E10: Playing Outside in Generation X
Sep 13, 2019 • 26 min
To salute the end of summer, w e are re-running a story from last season named “Big Mouse And Little Mouse” that has been updated, expanded and remastered. This is a story about the type of imaginative play that occurs when kids are trying to discover the…
S2:E9: DragonStomper And The Birth Of Console RPGs
Aug 22, 2019 • 55 min
Into the vertical blank: Generation Atari: Season 2, Episode 9 DragonStomper In the episode, Steve and Jeff take a deep look at the Atari 2600 game Dragon Stomper, what it meant to them in the grand scheme of gaming, and also how it had an effect on early…
S2:E8: The Exact Moment Nintendo Won The Video game War (A Short, Left Handed Episode)
Jul 26, 2019 • 11 min
In this short summer bonus episode, Steve explores what he thinks is the exact moment Nintendo beat everyone and and won the video game war. I imagine, it’s not exactly what you expect.
S2: E7 Pele’s Soccer, Atari, and A Summer Story
Jul 7, 2019 • 54 min
Into the Vertical Blank: Generation Atari - Season 2 Episode 7 : Emits a shower of sparks: How we stopped playing soccer and started playing Atari (along with Pele) In this episode, Steve and Jeff cover Pele’s Soccer for the Atari 2600, and the cultural…
S2:6.5: Claw Hammer : Father’s Day Special Edition
Jun 16, 2019 • 27 min
This is a rebroadcast of the the story ‘Claw Hammer’ from season 1, episode 2. specially for father’s day.
S2:E6: Why We Collect Atari
Jun 9, 2019 • 69 min
In this episode, Steve and Jeff have a frank discussion about what they collect and why they collect Atari. Also includes a couple segments from Steve’s “Fultonbot’s Atari Quest” blog series, as well as an impromptu live remote visit to their favorite…
S2:E5: Electronic Games Magazine
May 16, 2019 • 61 min
In this epiosde of Into The Vertical Blank: Generation Atari, Steve and Jeff celebrate the magazine that started it all. The first publicaion in the USA that was strictly devoted to video and electronic games. The brothers bring you two stories of thos…
S2:E4: Top-10 Worst Real-Life Products For Classic Video Gamers
Apr 26, 2019 • 19 min
What were some of hidden factors that led to the fall of Atari and the golden age of classic video game consoles? Did the world at large really understand video games at all? In this episode we set out to prove, through the lens of some truly awful…
S2: E3. We Always Wanted To Work for Atari
Apr 6, 2019 • 61 min
Steve and Jeff provide two new stories about wanting to work for, with, or somehow adjacent to classic Atari. The pair also answer feedback, to explain recent Irata, and give some responses to their favorite podcasts. Tony Longworth’s incredibly melodic…
S2:E2: Going,Going,Gone (Fun Factory, Sears, Pizza Parlours)
Mar 22, 2019 • 49 min
This week we are inspired by one of our all-time a favorite podcasts This American Life. Taking a cue from Ira Glass’s often copied, but never duplicated style, we have collected three new stories on single topic: Going Going, Gone. Our first “Going”…
S2:E1.5 Friday Display List: Feedback and response
Mar 16, 2019 • 29 min
This week, 8bitjeff gets into a some awesome listener feedback and provides some of his own for the Atari 5200 Podcast. First up some questions and answers for Tony Longworth, who’s Into The Vertical Blank song gets its own full length airing in the…
S2:E1: Atari Food Fight (Audio Remaster)
Mar 10, 2019 • 67 min
In this first episode of season 2 the Fulton’s dive into a mystery: Why hasn’t Atari’s magnificent 1983 game “Food Fight” appeared any of their retro game collections? Where has it is gone? Episode features an in-depth interview with the fabulous Jonathan…
S1:E11: Bonus : A Trip To The Retro City Festival In Pomona, CA
Jan 10, 2019 • 38 min
In this Bonus podcast between Season 1 and Season 2, Steve takes his family to the Retro City Festival in Pomona, CA . Mild, family friendly hijinks ensue.
S1:E10: Christmas In The Vertical Blank plus The Christmas Train
Dec 23, 2018 • 87 min
In this season 1 finale, the Fulton brothers discuss the early years of Atari and Christmas, culminating in a Christmas story that ties a bow on a few of the previous stories and themes from this season. There are also some surprises, weird occurances,…
S1:E9: Laser Blast And The Weird Family Thanksgiving
Nov 22, 2018 • 67 min
S1:E9: The Weird Family Thanksgiving In the Vertical Blank In the penultimate episode of season one of Into The Vertical Blank, travel back to Thanksgiving holidays of the past to find out how pop culture, games and Atari fit into The Vertical Blank. This…
S1:E8: Wild Gunman and The Bronze Age Of Arcade Games
Oct 25, 2018 • 68 min
S1:E8: The Bronze Age of Arcade Video Games In this episode Steve and Jeff discuss their favorite games and memories of the Bronze Age of arcade video games, a period that spans 1971 (pong) to 1978 (Space Invaders). The pair talk about what was special…
S1:E7: Playing The VCS Together, Interview with Jamie Lendino
Sep 18, 2018 • 78 min
This episode takes a slightly more personal turn as twin brother hosts Jeff and Steve Fulton tell stories and relive memories of playing together in both analog and digital ways in the 1970’s. The episode includes an original non-fiction story by Steve…
S1:E6 - How The Atari ST and MIDI Might Have Ruined Our Favorite 80’s Rock Band
Aug 21, 2018 • 57 min
The only thing from the 80’s that could rival our love for Atari was our love for punk rock and new wave, and especially, our favorite band: The Alarm. In 1987 those two things combined in an unexpected way. So unexpected in fact, that we were only able…