Framework is a podcast about the process of researching, planning and building that goes into bringing a product to market..

Andréa Crofts – League
Nov 1 • 50 min
Andréa Crofts is an award-winning product design leader, illustrator, and speaker with a deep love for creating exceptional human-centered experiences. By day, she’s the Director of Design at League, where she’s focused on humanizing healthcare. Before…
Emily Lonetto – Voiceflow
Oct 4 • 46 min
Emily is the Head of Growth at Voiceflow – a platform that helps designers, developers, and creators build voice apps without any code. Before Voiceflow, Emily was the second growth hire at Clio, introducing growth experimentation and hypothesis driven…
Ben Sehl – Kotn
Sep 6 • 59 min
Ben Sehl is a co-founder of Kotn, an apparel company that creates premium essentials, with a portion of proceeds funding social and environmental impact projects for their partners. Having started with a simple, soft, plain white t-shirt 5 years ago, Kotn…
Tucker Schreiber - Ivy
Aug 2 • 56 min
Tucker Schreiber is a co-founder of Ivy, a productivity tool focused on helping people get things done in a stress-free way. Prior to founding Ivy, Tucker was a Product Manager at Wealthsimple. Tucker started his career at Shopify, where he worked in…
Meg Smith – Manifold
Jul 5 • 44 min
Meg is a Design Lead at Manifold, a cloud-native marketplace for developer tools and services. With a passion for inclusive, democratic technology, Meg is excited about Manifold’s ability to empower developers by meeting them where they already work.
Pansy Lee – MLSE
Jun 7 • 39 min
Pansy has worked in the tech industry for over 15 years and her diverse interests have led to a diverse career. She has held marketing, product management and design roles at Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte and Intuit. She is currently the Director of Product…
Jason Field – Brainstation
May 3 • 53 min
Jason Field is the Founder & CEO of BrainStation, the global leader in digital skills training and workforce transformation. BrainStation offers diploma programs, certificate courses, events and corporate training through online and in person learning in…
Nora Jenkins Townson – Bright + Early
Apr 5 • 52 min
Nora is the founder of Bright + Early, a modern HR consultancy on a mission to craft the world’s best workplaces. Bright + Early works with startups and creative companies to design cutting-edge people programs and policies. Passionate about inclusion in…
Alec Levin – UXR Collective
Mar 1 • 55 min
Alec is a co-founder and Director of Partnerships at The UXR Collective, the creators of the UXR Conference. For his day job, Alec is Head of Product at Finaeo, a Toronto-based startup building the tech to power the individual life and health insurance…
Alisha Kassam – Side × Side Collective
Feb 8 • 50 min
Alisha Kassam is the founder of Side by Side Collective, a not-for-profit that’s effecting change within the technology industry in Toronto by providing women with goal-oriented mentorship and support. Alisha is especially interested in how design can be…
Emily Nguyen – Wattpad
Jul 17, 2018 • 45 min
Emily Nguyen is a Product Manager at Wattpad, currently working on building the future of storytelling with Tap. Previously, Emily lead Wattpad’s discovery/search product team.
Lindsie Canton – Bridge School
May 31, 2018 • 37 min
Lindsie Canton is Director of Product Design at Bridge and a Product Designer at Rangle. She uses human-centred design to build ethical products. She puts this into practice at Bridge, an inclusive platform for women, agender, and non-binary folks in tech…
Huda Idrees – Dot Health
Apr 17, 2018 • 56 min
Huda Idrees is the Founder and CEO of Dot Health, a real-time personal health data platform. With a background in engineering from the University of Toronto and a prolific career at some of Toronto’s best known startups, her latest venture is transforming…
Preet Singh – DesignX
Apr 16, 2018 • 47 min
Preet Singh is a product designer with a background in civil engineering and management. Preet is passionate about building communities and is the founder of DesignX, Toronto╩╝s largest UX & design community. In this episode we talk about what it takes to…
Eric Puigmarti – Freshbooks
Apr 15, 2018 • 49 min
Eric Puigmarti is a Product Designer helping startups and established companies design human-centered digital experiences. In this episode we talk about his work on Payment Schedules at Freshbooks.