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Movies On The Side
A podcast about bad movies, mayonnaise, and everything in-between
It’s A Wonderful Life
Dec 16 • 35 min
It’s Part 1 of our Movies On The Side Christmas Spectacular! We learn Stefen’s one Christmas wish, taste some eggnog, and then review the Holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life Movie Links It’s A Wonderful Life | IMDb It’s A Wonderful Life | Rotten…
Pearl Harbor (2001)
Dec 9 • 66 min
Recorded on the 77th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Nate and Stephen reviewed none other than the 2001 Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale movie of the same name. Of course, first we cover the trustworthiness of the popcorn button on your microwave and what…
Dec 2 • 64 min
Could you break a window in an emergency situation? Nate and Stephen discuss, and then go into an EPIC review of the 1995 Pierce Brosnan film: GoldenEye! No, not the Nintendo 64 game. (Don't miss the cameo by a premiere medical student by the way.)…
Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Nov 25 • 42 min
A little foreign object follow-up, Thanksgiving debrief, and memories of Black Fridays gone by. Then we review one of Nate’s all-time favorites: Sherlock Holmes! Followed by our Top 5 movies from 2009. Links: Sherlock Holmes on IMDb Sherlock Holmes…
Ant-Man and The Wasp
Nov 18 • 55 min
A Happy Thanksgiving to all Movies on the Side listeners! We get to the movie and our Top 5 favorite Thanksgiving side dishes eventually, but FIRST, a harrowing account of Stephen’s….foreign object story. Links: Foreign Object Story Ant-Man and The Wasp…
Me Before You
Nov 11 • 58 min
A brief foray into Glengarry Glen Ross and how to pronounce “important,” then we dive into the romantic yet somber movie, “Me Before You.” After some tough topics, we lighten the mood with our Top 5 movies set in England! Links: Me Before You IMDb Me…
Ocean’s Eight
Nov 4 • 54 min
A smattering of Fall-O-Ween follow-up, thoughts on Eggnog and eggnosticism, plus Stephen now has a dog. Nate reflects on Hollywood’s double-standard for beauty, then we review Ocean’s Eight! Finally, our Top 5 Sandra Bullock movies. Links: Ocean’s Eight…
Step Up (2006)
Oct 28 • 50 min
It’s a Harvest Party Fall-O-Ween Festival here at Movies On The Side, and Nate and Stephen reminisce of costumes and candies gone by. Then, the long-awaited review of Step Up, starring Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, and a PowerBook G4. Plus not one, but two…
Bonus: Gritty, Grazing, Bagels, and Banksy
Oct 24 • 50 min
What’s that? You loved hearing the last mashup with Nate, Steve, and the Bro, Did You See This? guys? Well today’s your lucky day, because we have another crossover episode where we run things like Ben and Drew, discussing the internet, design, and…
G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Oct 21 • 45 min
Our very first mashup episode with our good friends from the podcast: Bro, Did You See This? As per usual, we discuss mayonnaise and food habits, but then we review the exquisite piece of filmmaking: G.I. Joe: Retaliation.Links:Bro, Did You See This?…
Solo: A Star Wars Story
Oct 16 • 74 min
Not one, but two Baranowski’s on this very extra-special episode discussing Solo: A Star Wars Story! A game of laundry washing roulette, and then we rate all the Star Wars movies.Links:Nate Recording in Stephen’s AtticJacob Baranowski on TwitterMovies On…
About Time
Oct 7 • 59 min
Deep discussions this episode concerning the ephemeral nature of chalk art, time travel, and of course, mayonnaise. We review the wonderful romantic movie, About Time, and we go down the rabbit hole to give our Top 5 Time Travel movies.Links:Nate’s…
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Sep 30 • 60 min
Our very first special guest on this landmark episode of the newly renamed Movies On The Side podcast! Nate & Stephen recreate the Mohs Hardness scale for food, then Matthew Glover joins us for a heated debate on Jurassic Park III, Jurassic World: Fallen…
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Sep 19 • 65 min
In this special time travel episode, we hear about Nate & Jill’s epic cross-country camping trip, then return to the present for an I Kissed Dating Goodbye brief, followed by our official review of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.…
Pacific Rim: Uprising
Sep 9 • 28 min
Stephen offends all sportsball lovers, we lovingly spit on Pacific Rim: Uprising, then we name our Top 5 Robot Movies!Links:Exchange Movies on TwitterNate on TwitterStephen on TwitterSuggest a Bad Movie!Support Movies On The Side
Deep Impact (1998)
Aug 26 • 52 min
The much-anticipated, end-of-the-world-asteroid movie match-up, Deep Impact vs. Armageddon! Plus our Top 5 movies of 1998.Links:Exchange Movies on TwitterNate on TwitterStephen on TwitterSuggest a Bad Movie!Support Movies On The Side
Armageddon (1998)
Aug 19 • 39 min
The deadliest highway in America, sarcophagus-like earthquake beds, a horrifying raw chicken teddy bear, but most importantly, we review the 1998 Deep-Impact twin, Armageddon. Then stay tuned for our Top 5 Bruce Willis movies.Links:I-4 Deadliest Highway…
Aug 10 • 83 min
Nate visits Stephen’s house and disses his lawn. We discuss walking out of a movie, our weakness for good packaging, review Dwayne Johnson’s latest hit, and give our Top 5 fast food establishments.Links:Skyscraper IMDBExchange Movies on TwitterNate on…
Mission: Impossible - Fallout
Aug 5 • 72 min
Nate got some new shoes, we discuss sell-by date protocol, Stephen has a compulsive shaking practice, Nate stopped using Q-Tips, a brief Tomb Raider follow-up, and THEN we review Mission: Impossible - Fallout without spoilers. We rate all Mission:…
Tomb Raider (2018)
Jul 29 • 78 min
Nate’s in a funny mood, Stephen’s issue with The Office, we review the 2018 Tomb Raider, Stephen recalls the time he could have been a hero and blew it, plus our Top 5 heroines!Links:Tomb Raider (2018) IMDBNate on TwitterStephen on TwitterSuggest a Bad…
Jul 24 • 54 min
A recap of Nate’s travels abroad, can Gerard Butler ever be a scientist, and our Top 5 natural disaster movies!Links:Geostorm IMDBNate’s Netherlands Sidewalk ArtNate on TwitterStephen on TwitterSuggest a Bad Movie!Support Movies On The Side
Jul 18 • 52 min
Ever wonder in what percentage of Matthew McConaughey’s movies does he appear shirtless? Me neither, but in this episode we find out. Discussions on shoe theory, cheap airlines, a review of Sahara, and our Top 5 heist ​​​​​​​movies.Links:Allbirds ShoesWow…
Godzilla (1998)
Jul 8 • 64 min
Yet another follow-up on condiments, Stephen teaches Nate about vegenaise, and a scathing review of the 1998 movie, Godzilla. Finally, we list our Top 5 movies that have scored under 20% on Rotten Tomatoes.Links:About VegenaiseGodzilla (1998) on IMDBRoger…
Green Lantern
Jul 1 • 52 min
What happens when you let a six-year-old watch Jurassic Park, Green Lantern review, and most importantly, our Top 5 Nintendo 64 games.Links:Green Lantern (2011) on IMDBWhy Banjo-Kazooie is better than Super Mario 64Nate on TwitterStephen on TwitterSuggest…
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle
Jun 24 • 64 min
To the children of the 90’s, this episode is for you. A lengthy discussion of N64 games segues to a review of the 2017 Jumanji movie and our Top 5 “Re-Make” movies.Links:Jumanji (2017) on IMDBNate on TwitterStephen on TwitterSuggest a Bad Movie!Support…
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Jun 16 • 70 min
After a brief discussion on mattress sizes and sheet etiquette, we review The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Plus a Top 5 rundown of our favorite “Team-Up” movies.Links:The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen IMDBBest “Team-Up” Movies ListNate on…
May 20 • 38 min
Nate as Thanos, a questionable stay at Red Roof Inn, plug for VidAngel, Downsizing review and then Top 5 Matt Damon movies.Links:Nate As Thanos MemeRed Roof Inn CheckinRed Roof Inn BedDownsizing IMDBNate on TwitterStephen on TwitterSuggest a Bad…
Gods of Egypt
May 13 • 46 min
Toaster strudel debrief, naming conventions, Stephen’s mafia-like countenance, and waitresses calling you “honey.”Then a review of Gods of Egypt plus a Top 5 mythology movie rundown.LinksGods of Egypt IMDBNate on TwitterStephen on TwitterSuggest a…
Valerian: City Of A Thousand Planets
May 6 • 38 min
A title that doesn’t make sense, lackluster script, and hewey, dewey, and louie playing main characters, Valerian promises to confuse. But stay for a new segment: Top 5 Alien Movies from Nate and Steve.Links:Valerian on iTunesValerian on Google PlayNate…
Avengers Infinity War
May 3 • 34 min
After a heated discussion over Taco Bell, ketchup, mustard, and hot dog eating habits, we discuss the just-released Avengers: Infinity War!Links:Nate on TwitterStephen on TwitterSuggest a Bad Movie!Support Movies On The Side
The Core
Apr 29 • 49 min
However implausible, the core of the Earth has stopped spinning. Come for the end of the world, stay for the passionate discussion about toaster strudels and many 2003 references to “the Net”.Links:The Core on iTunesThe Core on Google PlayNate on…
The Commuter
Apr 25 • 34 min
Never go up against Liam Neeson with a left-handed guitar. Especially if you’re right-handed.Links:The Commuter on iTunesThe Commuter on Google PlayNate on TwitterStephen on TwitterSuggest a Bad Movie!Support Movies On The Side
Justice League
Apr 22 • 40 min
It’s like the Avengers, but not as good. Just imagine Superman with an incongruous mustache in every scene and the movie will be at least 1.5x better.Keep in mind, Warner Brothers spent $25 Million just to remove the mustache on Henry Cavill’s face.25.…
The Circle
Apr 17 • 73 min
Hosted by Nate Baranowski and Stephen RoblesA serious movie that should have been a comedy. Because knowing is good, but knowing everything is better.Watch The Circle on Amazon PrimeSupport Movies On The Side