Singletrack with Mathias Eichler and Douglas Scott

Singletrack with Mathias Eichler and Douglas Scott
A trail running podcast by outdoor lovers
21: ‘Fall and ‘Loaving’ on Lowland Trails’
Sep 14 • 115 min
We’re officially introducing a rebranding of this fine outdoor podcast to the newly christened: SingleBREAD. Mathias bakes bread and Douglas eats it. Oh right, we’re also recapping our weekend runs up to Electric Peak and Mt. Gladys respectively. There’s…
20: ‘Hashtag ElkMatingTips’
Sep 7 • 111 min
Back from vacation the team dives into a jam-packed show headlined by an interview with the awesome Jenny Vierling, cofounder of Tailwind Nutrition. The team discusses the benefits of training slow, the UTMB carnage from the prior weekend, new FKTs on the…
19: ‘An Opportunity to grow a big long Beard’
Aug 30 • 71 min
Mathias shares some big personal news, which brings the hosts to question their facial hair choices. Recovery footwear is tested, approved and may or may not require a towel. For full show notes visit: Sponsors: Got a cool product to…
18: ‘Complimentary Continental Breakfast’
Aug 24 • 79 min
It’s finally family vacation time for Mathias and he’s in the exciting planning stages to escape the wildfire smokes in the Pacific Northwest and head to Yosemite. Douglas shares his childhood experiences from visiting this crazy popular National Park and…
17: ‘Don’t take those Pay Phones away from me’
Aug 17 • 98 min
Between praising the virtues of night running and discussing the challenges of running on sandy beaches we’re bringing you this week an extra special interview with U.S. Congressman Derek Kilmer representing Washington’s 6th District. Derek is…
16: ‘A delicious sip of grapefruit flavored water’
Aug 10 • 120 min
We’re excited to bring you an exclusive interview with the ladies who just crushed the FKT on the Press Traverse in Olympic National Park. Also: Mathias runs up to Camp Muir at sunrise and Doug is stretching before his runs while dreaming of the cooler…
15: ‘That Bear didn’t care’
Aug 3 • 95 min
Mathias finally gets to run a seriously epic route and makes Douglas envious. Delicious FourPoints energy bars are being throughly tested. Your hosts also take a look at the new premium features in Strava called ‘Summit’ and their cool route creation…
14: ‘Not all who wander are lost, only sometimes’
Jul 27 • 99 min
In this very special episode we interview friend of the show Chuck Malinski, who with his friend Matt attempted to trail run/climb Mount Lena along the Hood Canal in Olympic National Park. With bad visibility the two got completely turned around and found…
13: ‘What’s the furthest you ever run backwards?’
Jul 20 • 67 min
The crew celebrates the perfect weekday run. Right out the door, a great mixture of terrain, like a great burger, it’s there for you when you need it most. Also: Mathias has a great idea on how to keep that commitment to our personal dream projects. It…
12: ‘My pain cave is real’
Jul 16 • 73 min
Server transition - sorry about all the dust! Doug runs Bangtail Divide and is all smiles. Summer is here and our training runs are sweaty and sometimes shirtless. Mathias dreams up a new audacious project, that’s both doable and insane. SPONSOR: This…
11: ‘I was dead after just one Loop’
Jul 10 • 68 min
Douglas tells us about his upcoming race: Bangtail Divide. Mathias almost died of heatstroke on his Kaiser loops. Both share their favorite drinks from the Fourth of July. The big topic they tackle is around how to properly train for a big race and how to…
10: ‘Licking Orange Slices’
Jul 10 • 66 min
Your hosts take a deeper look at the gear that carried them through the Broken Arrow Skyrace and what food they love eating at aid stations. We answer the question how important mental strength is during a long race and how cool it would’ve been if…
09: ‘Road Trip to Broken Arrow Skyrace’
Jul 10 • 65 min
This is our very very special Road Trip episode. Douglas and I wanted to capture the thrill and the essence of our road trip all the way from Olympia to Squaw Valley by Lake Tahoe where we finally got to run the Broken Arrow Skyrace. There’s a lot in this…
08: ‘Attack of Gravity’
Jul 10 • 52 min
Almost road trip time! Your hosts are discussing plans for their trip down to Tahoe for the Broken Arrow Sky Race. Doug also gives a detailed play-by-play of his recent crash on the trails where he tripped downhills and fell flat on his face. Glad he’s…
07: ‘Please don’t take me to a Lake’
Jul 10 • 70 min
With less than two weeks to their first big race of the season Douglas and Mathias compare final notes and training runs thus far. When will tapering begin, what are their plans for nutrition on race day, and what shoes will they be wearing? Also: A first…
06: ‘It levels up a bit and then it drops down again’
Jul 10 • 79 min
Douglas takes a road trip to Badlands National Park and Mathias wakes up early to run up Mt. Rose, twice – finally. Training for Broken Arrow is going well for the both of them and they are pushing themselves to keep up their mileage and elevation goals.…
05: ‘Complaining about Californians’
Jul 10 • 74 min
Hungry as always Mathias and Douglas continue to dig into their training routine leading up to their next big race: Broken Arrow Skyrace at Lake Tahoe. They discuss diners in middle America, the best use of poles while attacking hills and why trail…
04: ‘We’re Men in Tights’
Jul 10 • 55 min
Mathias is frustrated about buying running shoes, Douglas’s hamstrings are sore, and neither of them are wearing tights because it’s Springtime. Also, grizzlies, good training routes to get elevation and planning for upcoming races. Full show notes at…
03: ‘The Canyon makes Cowboys’
Jul 10 • 69 min
In this week’s fine installment of our audio experience Douglas and Mathias are in full on nostaglic mood. For the anniversary of their epic run of the fabled R2R2R route at the Grand Canyon they remember the good times, and laugh about the bad ones too.…
02: ‘Peeling potato chips off my face’
Jul 10 • 60 min
Doug and Mathias, and Trixy (sady not featured on this fine audio experience) climb Mt. St. Helens. On the popular Worm Flows Route they encounter snow, sun, professional glissaders and get sunburned. Full show notes at
01: The Victorian Age of Shame and Self-Body-Loathing
Apr 13 • 61 min
Douglas Scott and Mathias Eichler sit down and talk running, as if they know what they’re talking about. Full show notes at