Transforming Learning by CBD

Transforming Learning by CBD
Communications by Design (CBD) is an education technology consulting company devoted to supporting teachers’ efforts to transform teaching and learning. This podcast is hosted by our team of instructional and technology integration coaches. Find more and connect with us immediately at (you can even talk to a coach live via our virtual coaching office!).
022: Elevate Empathy w/ David Theune, Fulbright Scholar
Jun 20 • 44 min
David Theune teaches ELA at Spring Lake High School where he also launched the Elevate Empathy movement in the form of a book by that title and a podcast called The Share Chair. Listen to David’s story and his compelling quest to let teenagers be heard,…
021: Competency Is Not Enough with Amber Kasic
Jun 18 • 7 min
Amber Kasic teaches world languages at Holland High School where she has invested herself in the work of fostering skills in her students beyond the scope of content and curriculum. Along with traveling the world, Amber has served on the 2017-18 Michigan…
020: Your Mess is Your Message project with Leah Sajdak
Jun 13 • 8 min
Leah Sajdak teaches ELA at Sparta Middle School. Leah shares a project geared toward fostering empathy in deeper and more meaningful ways with her students, a project that has implications for a lot of subject areas and grade levels! To connect with Leah…
019: Mystery Hangouts w/ Jim Bowering and Kristen Vallimont
Jun 11 • 7 min
Jim and Kristen teach 5th grade in Grand Blanc Community Schools. Both tried Mystery Hangouts for the first time this year and found the experience not only worthwhile but worth repeating! Listen to their experiences as well as pro tips about how to…
018: The Transforming Learning Journey with Renne Wyman
Jun 8 • 11 min
Renne Wyman teaches special education at Sparta High School. Over the course of her conversation with Elaine, she shares countless strategies and resources to leverage technology in Special Education, but greater still is her inspiring story about how a…
017: Flexible Seating (not just bean bags) w/ Katie Nethaway
Jun 6 • 9 min
Katie Nethaway teaches 3rd grade at Laingsburg Elementary and is diving deep into the world of student-centered learning, starting with the furniture and seating in her room. If you have considered flexible seating in any capacity, tune-in to receive…
016: Collaboration Beyond the Classroom w/ Lindsay & Valerie
Jun 4 • 6 min
Lindsay and Valerie are Grand Blanc Community Schools teachers who found immense value in cross-building collaboration. Listen as Pete and Elaine ask about how Lindsay’s 8th graders and Valerie’s 11th graders connected in a meaningful way. For more or to…
015: CBD Team Idea Slam: Rewordify, Google Sites, and more!
Jun 1 • 9 min
In this episode, the CBD team of instructional coaches (minus Elaine who was not able to attend) get together to share interesting technology tools and strategies that we have recently encountered during our time working with teachers. The episode is a…
014: Discussing Education with Tracy Horodyski, 2016-17 MTOY
May 30 • 32 min
In a change of pace from our previous episodes, episode 14 is a more extended conversation with the 2016-17 Michigan Teacher of the Year, Tracy Horodyski. During the conversation, we discuss her experiences as TOY as well as some compelling topics…
013: A Student Feedback Strategy with Meggin Verduzco
May 23 • 8 min
Meggin Verduzco shares a simple but powerful feedback strategy that both creates opportunity for students to receive more feedback on their work and fosters much-needed communication and digital interaction skills. We discussed the idea of feedback in…
012: How 1st Graders Change the World with Jaci Jackson
May 21 • 8 min
Jaci Jackson teaches 1st grade at Lakes Elementary in Rockford, MI. Her background includes both suburban and urban school districts, and whatever the student population, she has found great success in fostering and growing positive life skills in her…
011: Pocket Poetry with Rebecca Hubbard
May 17 • 7 min
Rebecca Hubbard teaches middle and high school English and Creative Writing at Frankfort High School. Together with several of her students, she describes the Pocket Poetry idea they developed to bring life to poetry in new and innovative ways. For more…
010: Power Responses with Mark Wells
May 11 • 8 min
Mark Wells is a high school band instructor who wanted the ability to give every student meaningful, personal feedback on his/her playing. His solution was the development of what he calls Power Responses. Listen as Pete Grostic discusses the development…
009: 2 Things Every Classroom Needs NOW
May 2 • 6 min
In this episode, we discuss two must-have elements of teaching and learning that represent a synthesis of innumerable conversations with teachers and years of supporting research and that every classroom can integrate and incorporate immediately. For…
008: Monday Morning Meetings with Dan Derksen
Apr 27 • 6 min
In this episode of the Transforming Learning Podcast, Dan Derksen, a 5th grade teacher at Valley View Elementary School in Rockford, shares his strategy for Monday Morning Meetings. For more, visit
007: 3 Things that Elevate Every Learning Experience
Apr 18 • 5 min
In this episode, we share thoughts about high impact learning experiences and the 3 things that tend to occur in those memorable learning moments. For more, visit
006: Flipgrid Fridays with Carmen Weigel
Apr 17 • 5 min
In this episode, Carmen Weigel, a high school teacher in East Grand Rapids, MI, shares her Flipgrid Fridays strategy for her business classes. Check out flipgrid via For more, visit
005: Students Do the Technology and Instructional Support
Apr 16 • 6 min
In this episode, we share a strategy many school districts are beginning to implement that involves utilizing students for technology support and instructional coaching in their schools. For more, visit
004: An Activity to Bring the Periodic Table to Life
Apr 16 • 3 min
In this episode, we will share an idea that a middle school science teacher suggested to bring the study of the periodic table of elements to life. This strategy could also easily be adapted to any subject area or content! For more, visit…
003: A New Take on Podcasting to Give Students Voice
Apr 16 • 6 min
In this episode, we share an idea from Spring Lake High School teacher David Theune who uses podcasting as a way to combat bullying and cruelty in his school. For more, visit
002: Teacher Collaboration and 3 ?s to Boost Conversations
Apr 16 • 5 min
In this episode, we will share 3 questions that teachers can ask one another (or use for individual reflection) to maximize collaborative time and support sharing practical ideas with one another. For more, visit
001: Welcome to the Transforming Learning Podcast!
Apr 16 • 3 min
Communications by Design is an education technology consulting company devoted to supporting schools and teachers through innovative technology integrations and instructional practices. In this first episode, we want simply to share a bit about our…