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Chris Powell
Technologist. Minimalist. ISFJ. From Bellingham, Washington.
49 - private browsing reporting for duty
Aug 29, 2018
on this episode: open a private or incognito window for one-off web logins or searches.
48: save the squints
Aug 20, 2018
on this episode: use your mobile phone’s camera app to let the zoom do the work for you with hard-to-read type.
47: faceless cogs
Aug 15, 2018
on this episode: remove the shattered glasses you view customer support with and see things with a different lens.
46: overlap and overwhelm
Aug 7, 2018
on this episode: has connecting online gotten to a place of overlap with other areas of your life?
45: who’s got two thumbs and can’t stand microsoft edge
Aug 1, 2018
on this episode: stop torturing yourself with the default pdf reader for windows 10.
44: four folders, four gigabytes
Jul 30, 2018
on this episode: by removing four folders from your Mac desktop you can free up a lot of space on your desktop.
43: change it up
Jul 18, 2018
on this episode: take… these scattered coins… and learn to fly again… online, that is.
42: gimme a break
Jul 17, 2018
on this episode: when I take over the world, I’m requiring something for all employees at work.
41: a challenge for you
Jul 12, 2018
on this episode: eliminate the unnecessary, one app at a time.
40: internal shutdown processes
Jul 10, 2018
On this episode: I share one of my shortcomings and struggles in my relationship with technology. #TransparentTech
39: airdrop customization
Jul 6, 2018
on this episode: configure your iOS airdrop setting to prevent… unexpected file transfers.
38 - find thy phone
Jul 5, 2018
on this episode: if you lose your Android phone, type three words in a google search.
37: two new gmail features
Jul 3, 2018
on this episode: inbox management improvements (?) coming soon to a gmail near you…
36: one-click gmail preview
Jun 29, 2018
on this episode: all your gmail fun in one screen brought to you by one little switch flipped in settings.
35: many desktops, one monitor
Jun 28, 2018
on this episode: mission control, this is desktop user, we need more space.
34: three letters for online security
Jun 27, 2018
on this episode: take a huge step toward protecting your online life by installing a piece of software on your computer or mobile device.
33: data overwhelm
Jun 26, 2018
on this episode: doesn’t matter if it’s two years or four months ago, I still struggle with the pursuit of knowledge. this is an excerpt from one of my newsletters written in february 2018.
32: quieting the win10 tattletale
Jun 25, 2018
on this episode: gaze in wonder at the amount of information sent from your windows 10 computer ::by default:: to other companies. respond accordingly.
31: three-finger security
Jun 20, 2018
on this episode: a quick keyboard shortcut instantly makes your Mac desktop more secure.
30: tip o’ the hat
Jun 15, 2018
on this episode: you make the effort and do the work because it’s non-negotiable.
29: block rockin’ adblocker
Jun 14, 2018
on this episode: $5 gets you an interruption-free experience on your iPhone safari app.
28: youtubextension
Jun 12, 2018
on this episode: a free extension for Chrome and add-on for Firefox that can dramatically increase your Youtube watching experience.
27: the aunch
Jun 11, 2018
On this episode: I talk about that lurking presence that won’t leave me alone.
26: your mobile moving service
Jun 8, 2018
on this episode: backup your phone, leave the worries of lost photos and videos behind.
25: podcast punchcard
Jun 7, 2018
On this episode: a look at what I’m working on around the Internet: The Bellingham Podcast. Quiet Conversations. 100 Tech Tips. Thank you for listening! I really do appreciate you choosing to subscribe. #Cheers CP
24 - pivoting the email process
Jun 6, 2018
on this episode - set an example for others with the emails you send.
23: Ru!pk9TxA)4dsP*jxVbH
Jun 1, 2018
on this episode: let your password manager do the heavy lifting when it comes to managing your unique, complicated passwords.
22: the bouncer in front of the club
May 31, 2018
on this episode: four simple words, as shown in an xkcd comic, can significantly improve your online security.
21: they
May 25, 2018
on this episode: who are they, anyway?
20: quick fixes for those “Oh Crikey!” moments
May 24, 2018
on this episode: two keyboard shortcuts to bring back what thou hath deleted.
19: phone etiquette
May 23, 2018
on this episode: five suggestions to be conscientious of others when using your phone in public.
18: meeting margin
May 21, 2018
TL;DR - Battle the meeting monster with book-ended mini-appointments to make it through the workday.
17 - 3-2-1 backup
May 18, 2018
TL;DR - Back up your files the professional nerd way.
16 - desktop files
May 16, 2018
TL;DR - You’re rolling the dice by keeping files in your computer’s desktop.
15 - the 10-foot fogbank
May 15, 2018
TL;DR - Sometimes people aren’t being mean to us on purpose.
14 - 1 keyboard 2 rule them all
May 14, 2018
TL;DR - one keyboard with three bluetooth inputs. #ConsolidationTech
13 - #SuspiciousTech
May 11, 2018
TL;DR - Re: email attachments and web links… check yourself before you wreck yourself.
12 - visualize thy route
May 8, 2018
TL;DR - there’s a quicker way to access Google Street View to see where you’re headed.
11 - travel hack
May 3, 2018
TL;DR - give your phone amnesia before embarking on your vacation
10 - stop yer squinting
May 2, 2018
TL;DR - use quick keyboard combinations to help view small text on your screen.
9 - lock thy workstation
May 1, 2018
TL;DR - secure your desktop quickly when you are AFK.
8 - five rules
Apr 30, 2018
TL;DR - be nice to techs.
7 - a Windows secret weapon
Apr 25, 2018
TL;DR - if you use Windows, is the technology ace up your sleeve.
6 - technology foundations
Apr 24, 2018
TL;DR - Tech basics can be very, very valuable.
5 - level up your online security
Apr 20, 2018
TL;DR - Why are you using simple responses to your online security questions?
4 - the life-changing magic of guest accounts
Apr 19, 2018
TL;DR - Use a guest-level account for your day-to-day desktop computing tasks. #SecureTech
3 - mobile apps
Apr 18, 2018
TL;DR - keep only what is essential on your phone or tablet. Delete the rest.
2 - three email strategies
Apr 17, 2018
TL;DR: assume you’re writing to everyone leverage the BCC: field check yourself before you wreck yourself
1 - a day dream
Apr 16, 2018
I’m dreaming of a day…
0 - ntrdctn
Apr 14, 2018
Hello world. Welcome to a technology microcast. Let’s have a good time. @mnmltek - Twitter, Instagram