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8: Summer Catch-Up
Aug 17
In this episode, I catch up from my summer microcasting hiatus! There’s a lot of ground to cover, including IndieWeb Summit 2018 and projects that I’ve worked on for my wife’s website. Here are some links for projects discussed in the show:…
7: Owning My Location
Jun 9
In this episode, I talk a bit about building out a location tracking service for my own personal use, and some new features for my website that I built on top of it. This is another dive into the world of “serverless computing,” which I am having a blast…
6: Website Perspectives
May 24
Ever had a great idea and not followed through on it? Me too! In this episode, I discuss how I overcame uncertainty to start building new views for my website that take advantage of all the different types of content I publish. Discussed in this episode:…
5: More than Public
May 16
In this episode, I consider the possibilities for personal websites in the wake of the recent “Day One” outage and privacy snafu. Can personal websites be more than just places for public sharing? Can open standards like Micropub help push app developers…
4: Paying (with) Attention
Apr 26
Its been over a week since the last episode. I’ve been really busy with work and family and… you know… life! Its been a bit stressful, honestly, and that’s what this episode is all about. Its a big shift from the first few episodes, but this time, I talk…
3: Freedom from Facebook
Apr 17
This time on clevercast, I discuss my departure from Facebook, including an overview of how I liberated my data from the social giant, and moved it to my own website. Here are some of the tools that I mention in today’s episode: fb-export granary by Ryan…
2: Restoration
Apr 16
This time, on clevercast, I reminisce about one of my earliest personal websites. What happened to its content? How did I create it? Is there any chance of restoring it back to greatness?
1: Intros and Going Serverless
Apr 13
This time, on clevercast, I introduce the show, and then talk about a topic that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately: going serverless for my personal website.