The voice of the people on climate change. Because Houston, we have a problem.
Mark Rathbone — Biodynamic Farming and Climate Change
Jul 17 • 35 min
This week Rich talks to second generation biodynamic farmer Mark Rathbone about biodynamics, replenishment of the soil, creating a closed system (circular economy) and the relevance of biodynamics in helping farmers mitigate against the effects of climate…
Climate Reality Project — 12 years on from An Inconvenient Truth
Jul 11 • 45 min
In this episode Mark does a panel interview with members of the Climate Reality Project, the group formed by Al Gore just after the release of An Inconvenient Truth, to train others to give his powerful presentation on climate change facts. In the panel…
Laura Wilson — “The Tidy Kiwi”
Jul 4 • 52 min
This week is an exciting first for Climactic, with two Kiwis in the studio. Mark talks to Laura Wilson of Big Little Brush, a social enterprise in Melbourne using bamboo toothbrushes to do much, much more. Laura's story before getting involved with Big…
Fiona Rossiter — “The Practical Permaculturalist”
Jun 27 • 44 min
This week Rich talks to Fiona Rossiter, cafe owner, business woman, author, registered nurse, mother of eight and former councillor in the Central West city of Orange, NSW. Fiona tells her own history in running Orange’s iconic Bissy’s Cafe with husband…
Trash Bags on Tour
Jun 20 • 31 min
This week Mark does a solo flight, and by that we mean he takes a bus tour. But this is no normal tour — this is a beach clean-up and environmental outing put on by two tour groups employees looking to do something positive. And they pulled it off. Listen…
John Fry — “The Landcare Councillor”
Jun 13 • 41 min
Rich talks to John Fry, Environmental Projects Manager at Skillset, former Landcare co-ordinator, experienced land manager and now Greens councillor on Bathurst Regional Council. What John doesn’t know about sustainability in the Central West isn’t worth…
Oli Moraes – “Creating a Climate for Change”
Jun 6 • 46 min
In this episode Mark talks to Oli Moraes, a facilitator trainer for Climate for Change, an environmental group that's combining climate change conversations with a powerful model, one perfected decades ago by Tupperware. You'll learn what made a driven…
Waste Special, Part One
May 30 • 55 min
The first in a two-part series, this episode frames the new and concerning waste recycling problem in Australia. The situation has grown critical since China’s “National Sword” decision earlier this year, not to take our recycling. Changing the ground…
Interview with El Gibbs — “The Consensus Builder”
May 23 • 23 min
This week, Climactic co-host Rich Bowden trudges back — with microphone and coffee money in hand — to his previous hometown of Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. There he sat down with old friend, community activist, freelance writer,…
Interview with Councillor Kat Copsey - “The Waste Guru”
May 14 • 39 min
In this week’s episode, Climactic co-host Mark Spencer talks to Cr Kat Copsey of Port Phillip Council in Melbourne, Victoria. Kat chats about her “aha” moments in her rise to becoming an advocate in the ongoing battle against global warming and also talks…
Interview with Dugald Holmes — “Unexpected Climate Activist”
May 9 • 57 min
In this episode, Mark talks to Dugald Holmes, his great friend and inspiration behind the setting up of Climactic. Inspiration? Well with his organisational skill, Dug was a driving force behind the prevention of the building a massive gas power station…
Interview with Councillor Tim Baxter — “Combating Climate Change through Local Government”
May 2 • 63 min
Episode 3 sees Mark Spencer go one-on-one with Councillor Tim Baxter of Melbourne’s Port Phillip Council. Tim’s passion for the environment and determination to drive through essential policies designed to mitigate against climate change is obvious in…
Interview with Maxine Bazeley — “The Recruiter”
Apr 25 • 49 min
The first of Climactic’s interviews conducted in a professional setting at the Library at the Dock studios, our second episode is Mark’s fascinating, fun, and informative chat with Maxine Bazeley of Teal Collective. Maxine has worked in recruitment for…
Welcome to Climactic
Apr 21 • 18 min
Setting the scene in this first episode, Mark Spencer, founder of Climactic, and co-host Rich Bowden talk about the goals they have for their new podcast. The pair discuss the storytelling approach they will take to bringing listeners information and…
Apr 12 • 1 min
Teaser episode anchoring the show. Have a listen for your first taste of the show, albeit with only the one host. First full episode coming April 22nd (Earth Day). Subscribe now to get the earliest access!