Bits and pieces of what’s on my mind. Maybe some talks with others about Chicago, about art, about music and movies. The things I love. More:
Drink Any Music Good—A talk with John Vernon Forbes
Jul 5 • 81 min
John Vernon Forbes visits Jackalope Coffee in Bridgeport to talk about art, Tijuana Hercules, childhood, and the whole kit and caboodle.
Old Fashioned Days
Jun 1 • 72 min
Photographer/historian Paul Petraitis and filmmaker John McNaughton talk about shooting footage of Old Fashioned Days in the Roseland neighborhood of Chicago in 1970. White flight, rock-n-roll, and growing up in Chicago in the ’60s are discussed.
Paul Schrader’s First Reformed
May 27 • 33 min
Don De Grazia and Dmitry Samarov convene at the cocktail lounge of a movie theater, situated within a deadmall which just won’t die, to discuss Paul Schrader’s new film. Also, whether the axe-throwing concern recently opened in the basement of the mall…
Joaquin Phoenix
May 5 • 23 min
Don De Grazia convene at the Chicago Cultural Center to debate the thespian talents of Joaquin Phoenix and the merits of Lynne Ramsey’s 2018 film, You Were Never Really Here.
Wendy Clinard Talks Art
Apr 27 • 12 min
Choreographer/artist/dancer Wendy Clinard talks to Dmitry Samarov about her collaboration with Japanese photographer Akito Tsuda on a new multimedia piece.
Apr 23 • 23 min
Don De Grazia and Dmitry Samarov repair to an undisclosed Ecuadorean eatery to debate the merits of Ryan Prows’ 2017 feature film, “Lowlife”.
Jitney 2018
Apr 12 • 4 min
About jitneys, the rideshare racket, and the end of the taxi industry as we know it.