Socialette: Bite-Sized Online Marketing Podcast

Socialette: Bite-Sized Online Marketing Podcast
Bite-sized online marketing for small business owners

Behind the Scenes | 8 lessons learned from spending $10k a day on Facebook Ads
May 26 • 10 min
Yep, that’s not a typo. And yep, it’s a scary amount to spend on Facebook Ads. This episode, I’m sharing 8 lessons I learned from spending $10k a day on Facebook Ads. Wanna launch an online course, membership or digital product in 2020? Grab my FREE ebook…
That time I made $300k in one month | Clare Wood interviews me on how I did it and the mindset struggles behind it
May 24 • 32 min
Today’s episode is an interview I did with my good friend Clare Wood on her podcast The Clare Wood Podcast. We chatted all about how I made $300k (revenue, not profit!) in April, money mindset and some of the challenges that have popped up with this rapid…
Throwback Episode | Should you launch an online course, a membership or an ebook?
May 21 • 7 min
What should you launch first? Should you launch an online course? Should you launch a membership? Or, maybe an ebook? This episode, I’m looking at the pros and cons of launching an online course, vs. launching a membership site, vs. launching an ebook.…
Throwback Episode | 3 things to launch when you have nothing new to launch
May 19 • 5 min
Want to launch something but not sure what to launch? Or maybe you’re working away on creating a course in the background, maybe you’re still working on the idea of something bigger to launch. You can still launch something in the meantime. This episode,…
Kiah Worling on moving your business online, online systems and her experience creating a comprehensive online course
May 17 • 37 min
Kiah Worling is a digital thought-leader and productivity adviser whose mission is to better the lives of others through the smart use of technology. With a strong background in tech, projects and planning, she unites AI with humanness to advance her…
Creating a digital product | “A digital product takes too long to create”
May 14 • 6 min
I recently did an episode looking at some of the beliefs you have about digital product creation that aren’t true, and the idea that a digital product takes too long to create is one of these beliefs. This episode, I’m showing you why a digital product…
Creating a digital product | 8 beliefs about creating a digital product that simply aren’t true
May 12 • 9 min
If you’ve never created a digital product before, it’s easy to buy into some pretty common beliefs and myths around creating one. Most of these beliefs are just stories that we’re telling ourselves - they’re not actually facts, but instead they’re there…
Socialette turns 2! | Biggest takeaways from 2 years of podcast episodes
May 10 • 9 min
To celebrate Socialette’s birthday month, I’m sharing 30 of the biggest takeaways from the last 2 years. Get the recording of my 3-hour virtual workshop: Clarify, Validate & Roadmap Your Digital Product at Wanna launch an…
Isolation Bonus | Behind-the-Scenes Business Update
May 4 • 10 min
Coming to you with another isolation bonus to help you navigate your business through these wild times. This is a behind-the-scenes update on what’s happening in my own business at the moment.
Podcasting | 7 ways this podcast has changed my life
May 3 • 8 min
In the last 2 years of running this podcast, Socialette has honestly changed my business and my life in ways I could never have imagined. This episode, I’m sharing 7 of the ways in which this show has impacted my business and life.
Socialette Turns 2! | 5 lessons from 2 years of podcasting
Apr 30 • 7 min
Today marks 2 years of Socialette! It’s been a wild ride. There have been times I loved my podcast, times I wanted to give it up altogether, times where I’ve been like - why the heck did I commit to doing 3 episodes a week… But, it’s also been the best…
Isolation Bonus | 6 things you can do right now to keep moving forward
Apr 29 • 9 min
Coming to you with another isolation bonus to help you navigate your business through these wild times. Here are 6 things you can do to keep your business moving forward, even if you have no idea what your next move will be.
Launch Mindset | “What if I launch and nobody buys?!”
Apr 28 • 5 min
What if you launch and nobody buys? When I surveyed you guys at the end of last year, the biggest hesitation many of you had when it came to launching was the fear that you’d invest time and money into your idea and nobody would end up buying it. And this…
Isolation Bonus | Christine Corcoran on overcoming overwhelm, goal grief and money mindset in a pandemic
Apr 27 • 31 min
Christine Corcoran is a business mindset coach and in today’s bonus isolation episode, we’re chatting about how to overcome the overwhelm and fear you might be facing right now, what goal grief is (and why you need to feel it) - plus, Christine shares her…
Business Tip | What to do if you have too many ideas and can’t focus
Apr 26 • 5 min
Hands up who else has more ideas than you can deal with? Yep, I CONSTANTLY have new ideas popping up - for new products, new freebies, new content, even new businesses. It’s bloody distracting sometimes, but if 2019 taught me anything, it’s the power of…
Launch Mindset | “My audience wouldn’t pay that much”
Apr 23 • 8 min
So, you’re worried when you’re pricing your digital product (or in fact, any product or service) that your audience wouldn’t pay that much for it? Let’s unpack that… This episode is heavy on the mindset work. I want you to grab a journal if you can and…
Isolation Bonus | Creating a daily routine to keep you productive (and sane!)
Apr 22 • 10 min
During these wild times, I’m releasing an additional 2 bonus episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Have a topic you’d like to see covered? Message me on Instagram
Digital Product Creation | 5 myths about creating a digital product
Apr 21 • 6 min
There are a lot of myths floating around about creating a digital product, and having created and launched a few myself (like 5 online courses, a group program, a membership and an ebook). This episode, I’m looking at 5 common myths about creating a…
Isolation Bonus | 3 quick ways to bring in cash for your business
Apr 20 • 5 min
During these wild times, I’m releasing an additional 2 bonus episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Have a topic you’d like to see covered? Message me on Instagram
Digital Product Creation | What if someone else has already created my idea?
Apr 19 • 6 min
I hear this one quite a lot - you’re worried that because someone else has already created a digital product with the same or similar idea as you, that yours will flop. It’s a totally natural fear - I get it. You don’t want to have to compete, you don’t…
FAQ | Why do I charge USD even though I live in Australia?
Apr 16 • 8 min
Pretty much whenever I run a webinar, one of the questions that pops up in the Q&A is “Why do you charge USD when you’re based in Australia?” And there are a couple of reasons why I do this. Believe it or not - I don’t do it to rip people off. I know that…
Isolation Bonus | Bec Miller on how to beat mindless snacking and make the right food choices during lockdown
Apr 15 • 30 min
Bec Miller is a clinical nutritionist and the founder of Health With Bec, where she helps women lose weight without the hunger. For this bonus isolation episode, Bec and I are chatting about how to beat the mindless snacking, what kinds of food to eat to…
Mindset tip | Embracing a beginner mindset when it comes to business and launching
Apr 14 • 7 min
We should all be approaching our businesses and launching with a beginner mindset, because we’re all still constantly learning - and if we’re not learning, we’re not growing. This episode, I’m sharing some ways you can cultivate that beginner mindset when…
Isolation Bonus | Please don’t feel guilty for selling
Apr 13 • 5 min
I get it - it feels really insensitive to keep running your business right now; to keep on selling and promoting your business as if nothing is going on. In this bonus episode, I’m sharing two quick reasons why you need to keep on selling right now.
Launching Real Talk | If you wait until you feel motivated, it’ll never happen
Apr 12 • 5 min
You’ve gotta love that feeling when you get a spark of inspiration and suddenly you’re motivated to create something. It’s a great feeling and it’s similar to how I feel on the 1st of Jan every year about exercising more and eating better. But, just like…
Launching Tips | How to get over your fear of webinars
Apr 9 • 7 min
I wasn’t always a big fan of webinars. My first webinar in 2017, I was so terrified that my voice was all shaky and I rushed through my sales pitch because I was so scared of selling to my audience. I’ve done a TON of webinars since then and each time…
Isolation Bonus | Morgan Spencer on communicating with your audience during a crisis
Apr 8 • 20 min
Morgan Spencer is the founder of Martini Mondays, a strategic PR agency based here in Brisbane. In this special bonus episode, we’re chatting about how to communicate with your audience and your clients during times of crisis - like what we’re going…
Productivity Tips | 30 tips for working from home
Apr 7 • 24 min
Since we’re all stuck working from home for the indefinite future, I thought I’d put the call out on Instagram for all your top tips on being productive from home.
Isolation Bonus | All of the feels
Apr 6 • 10 min
You won’t often catch me talking about my feelings, but in today’s episode I’m sharing how I’ve really been feeling about everything that’s going on. I promise this isn’t intended to be a pity party (after all, I have a lot to be grateful for!) but more…
Tasha Booth on how to stay in your zone of genius during a launch by embracing outsourcing
Apr 5 • 29 min
Tasha Booth is the founder and CEO of The Launch Guild. In this episode, we chatted about what a launch runway is and why it’s so crucial to the success of your launches. The big mistakes Tasha sees people making with their launch runways. How to start…
Launch Break Down | Behind the scenes of a launch
Apr 2 • 9 min
Back at the start of Feb, I recorded an episode giving you the breakdown of a launch I did - and the feedback I got from you was that yes, you want to see more of these behind-the-scenes breakdowns of my launches. So today I’m going behind the scenes of a…
Isolation Bonus | Virtual Happy Hour (Coffee Edition)
Apr 1 • 61 min
Anita and I had so much great feedback about our last Virtual Happy Hour, that we decided to run another one - with coffee instead of wine this time. Some of the things we chatted about include the challenges of running our business in isolation, the ups…
Launch Mindset | How to launch when you hate being in the spotlight
Mar 31 • 8 min
One of the scary things about launching for many of you is the fact that you have to put yourself out there - you have to step into the spotlight and actually show up. I’ve spent the last couple of years working through my own fear of being in the…
Suz Chadwick on playing bigger, standing out and building a bold brand
Mar 29 • 46 min
Suz Chadwick is a BOLD Business, Branding & Speaker Coach taking your brand from basic biscuits to amazing ‘got to have’ delectable goodness.
Launch Fails | The number one reason launches “flop”
Mar 26 • 7 min
Last episode, I talked about how to survey your audience, and when I surveyed mine last year, one of the questions I asked was if they’d ever launched a course, membership or digital product previously. A lot of people said something along the lines of:…
Validating your idea | How to survey your audience
Mar 24 • 7 min
Last episode, I talked about some of the important things you’ve forgotten in the lead up to your launch. And, you know what one of the most important things people forget to do is? Talk to their audience. You know - the people actually BUYING your…
BONUS Episode | Virtual Happy Hour
Mar 24 • 73 min
We could all use a little more community and connection right now, so my work wife, Anita Siek from Wordfetti, and I decided to run a live Virtual Happy Hour. This is the recording, if you couldn’t make it life. Want us to run another one soon? Jump into…
Launch Planning | 5 important things you’ve overlooked in planning your launch
Mar 22 • 6 min
There are a LOT of moving parts in a launch - seriously. And, unless you’ve done it many times before, you’re probably going to forget a few things. That’s totally understandable. But, let’s try and make sure you don’t forget any of the really important…
Networking Tip | How to get the most out of a conference or an event as an introvert
Mar 19 • 9 min
Being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot of value out of events and meet new people - it just means it doesn’t come as naturally to us as it does for extroverts. It drains our energy, whereas extroverts gain energy from these sorts of things.…
Bobby Klinck on legal essentials for online businesses, online courses and memberships
Mar 17 • 45 min
Bobby Klinck is a lawyer (of the fun kind!) specialising in online businesses. He helps online entrepreneurs set their business and legal foundations so they can stop imagining what could be and start building the businesses of their dreams. This episode,…
Webinar Launches | 5 reasons launching with a webinar works so well
Mar 15 • 7 min
Launching with a webinar can be such an effective way to kick off a launch. Some of these benefits are applicable to Facebook Lives as well, but the reason I recommend webinars over a Facebook Live or Instagram Live is because people need to register. The…
Business Tip | You’ve got to do what nobody else is willing to do
Mar 12 • 8 min
I was recently at an event where one of the speakers, James Wedmore, said that to be successful, you’ve gotta to do what nobody else is willing to do. And I thought: What can I do in my business that nobody else is willing to do? Then, it hit me - I’ve…
Launching | Should you do a webinar? A challenge? A video series?
Mar 10 • 12 min
When you’re launching, how do you know what type of launch event to do? Should you launch with a webinar? Should you do a 3-day challenge? Should you launch with a video series? ’m looking at the pros and cons of launching with webinars, challenges and…
Digital Products | 5 lessons from selling $20,000 worth of a $20 digital product
Mar 8 • 8 min
I have a secret product I don’t really promote anywhere. And that’s because it’s something I created fully by accident, for an audience that isn’t usually business owners. This template has, to date, sold 1,000 copies without me having to do any marketing…
Bay Bradfield on why you’re not making sales, how to stop feeling sleazy when you’re selling and how to make more sales
Mar 5 • 42 min
If your business isn’t making sales, then it’s not making money. And if you’re not making money, well, there’s only so long you can stay in business for. Enter today’s podcast guest: Bay Bradfield, a business growth strategist and sales coach. She knows a…
Online course creation | Why you shouldn’t create a “comprehensive” online course
Mar 3 • 9 min
Thinking of creating a comprehensive online course? One of the BIG places I see so many of you getting stuck is this idea that you want to create the most comprehensive online course out there - you want to teach your audience EVERYTHING there is to know…
What to launch | 5 ways to uncover the perfect idea for your next course, membership or digital product
Mar 1 • 6 min
So, you want to launch something. Only, you don’t know what to launch yet? Or maybe you have an inkling of an idea for a course, membership or digital product, but you just don’t know how to flesh it out a bit more. There’s this misconception that you…
Behind the Scenes | Why I’m launching a membership this year
Feb 27 • 5 min
Later this year, I’m launching a membership. It’s all still in the works, so I can’t share full details with you just yet… But this episode, I’m giving away the most spoilers so far. I haven’t actually shared a lot of this with anyone except some really…
Brooke Vulinovich on launching a membership, using Instagram in a launch and dealing with the ups and downs of running a business
Feb 25 • 48 min
Brooke Vulinovich is regularly called “the Queen of Media” and it’s easy to see why. She’s built a business teaching entrepreneurs about Instagram, and in today’s episode we’re chatting about her journey (including some of the ups and downs along the…
Launch fails | “I launched and it flopped. What now?” 5 steps to rescue a failed launch
Feb 23 • 6 min
So, you finally launched. And it didn’t go as well as you were hoping. That sucks - trust me, I’ve been there and it’s one of the worst feelings ever. You’ve probably poured your heart, soul and a few limbs into making this launch a success, so when it…
Impostor Syndrome | Real talk: How impostor syndrome shows up in my business
Feb 20 • 6 min
Impostor syndrome in business. It’s something we all deal with, but nobody really talks about. It shows up differently for everyone, but it’s still there - and personally, it’s something I have to work through almost on a daily basis. I have got better at…
Product launches | 6 signs you should launch a digital product in your business
Feb 18 • 7 min
How do you know when it’s time to launch a digital product in your business? Maybe you’ve been thinking of launching an online course. Or a membership. Or an ebook, or some templates. I’d be lying if I said creating and launching a digital product was…
Launching 101 | Do I need to “launch”? Can’t I just put it on my website? 5 reasons to launch a product
Feb 16 • 7 min
When you’re first creating something new - whether its a course, a digital product, or even a physical product - it’s tempting to assume that if you build it they will come. But, for most of us, if we build it and don’t tell them about it, they will not…
Launching an online course | How much does it cost to launch an online course?
Feb 13 • 9 min
Wondering how much it costs to launch an online course? You’re not alone. In fact, if you’re anything like most of my students, you probably think the cost of launching an online course is WAY more than it actually is. This episode, I’m breaking down all…
Digital product pre-launch | Why the 90 days before you launch are make or break
Feb 11 • 5 min
The pre-launch phase of a launch is hands down the most important part of your digital product launch. (That is, the 90 days before you launch). This episode, I’m sharing a few reasons why your digital product pre-launch runway is a non-negotiable in any…
Benefits of launching | The benefits of launching nobody talks about
Feb 9 • 5 min
Launching can make you a nice chunk of cash, quickly. But, there are a bunch of other launching benefits that people don’t usually talk about. This episode, I’m sharing the unexpected side effects of launching that boost your business.
What to launch | Should you launch an online course vs. a membership vs. an ebook?
Feb 6 • 7 min
What should you launch first? Should you launch an online course? Should you launch a membership? Or, maybe an ebook? This episode, I’m looking at the pros and cons of launching an online course, vs. launching a membership site, vs. launching an ebook.
Launching 101 | I wanna launch a digital product. Where do I start with launching??
Feb 4 • 6 min
Where the heck do you start when you’re launching something?! Oh, if only I had a dollar for every time someone asked me where to start with the first launch of an online course, membership or other digital product. This episode, I’m sharing the launching…
Launch Review | Lessons from the launch that got a 285% ROI
Feb 2 • 12 min
You hear of all these people who’ve had 6-figure launches - but nobody really breaks down the numbers behind-the-scenes. Then what happens? When you launch, and you make $2,000 or $10,000 or *insert arbitrary number here*, you feel like your launch wasn’t…
Business Tips | 10 things I learned from my new favourite business books
Jan 30 • 11 min
Over the Christmas break, I spent 3 weeks without my laptop - and, as a consequence, managed to read 21 books. While not all of these books were business-related, I learnt a lot from the books I did read. This episode, I’m sharing 10 big things I learned…
Launch Marketing | How to grow your audience by launching
Jan 28 • 6 min
“My audience isn’t big enough to launch anything yet” - said pretty much everyone who did my survey last year. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - launching is HOW you grow your audience. But, you’re probably wondering: How does launching grow…
What to launch | 3 things to launch when you have nothing new to launch
Jan 26 • 5 min
Want to launch something in 2020, but not sure what to launch? Or maybe you’re working away on creating a course in the background, maybe you’re still working on the idea of something bigger to launch. You can still launch something in the meantime. This…
Business Mindset | 5 stories you’re telling yourself that hold you back from success
Jan 23 • 7 min
As business owners, there are a bunch of very common stories that we tell ourselves - stories that are designed to keep us safe, but as a result, they’re holding us back from the success we deserve in our businesses. This episode, I’m sharing 5 of these…
Lisa Corduff on cultivating the mindset you need to take your business to the next level
Jan 21 • 54 min
Lisa Corduff helps extraordinary women get unstuck and create real and lasting change in their lives. She uses practical and powerful mindset strategies (and a stack of inspiration!) to help you identify and breakdown the barriers that hold you back -…
Business Mindset | 9 business mindset shifts I’m making in 2020
Jan 19 • 7 min
Mindset is truly THE most important thing in running a business. I’ve only recently realised in the last few months just how much my mindset has been holding me back from success. This year, I’m making some big mindset shifts as I look to take my business…
Business Resolutions | 5 business resolutions to make in 2020
Jan 16 • 5 min
Statistically speaking, you’ve probably given up on your New Year’s resolutions by now. But, did you set any resolutions for your business this year? It’s not too late! This episode, I’m sharing 5 business resolutions to make in 2020. Download my Complete…
Business Habits | 6 new business habits I’m creating in 2020
Jan 14 • 8 min
It’s a new year, and that means a fresh start! This year, I’m focusing on creating new business habits to ensure that everything runs more smoothly than it did in 2019 - because that was a messy year! This episode, I’m sharing with you the 6 better…
Best of 2019 | 5 free tools for content marketing ideas
Jan 12 • 5 min
Content marketing is magic, but the big struggle can be coming up with fresh content ideas all the time. This episode, I’m sharing 5 free tools you can use for content marketing ideas that your audience actually cares about. Download my free ebook - The…
Best of 2019 | 7 social media post ideas
Jan 8 • 4 min
Social media content ideas can be hard to come by sometimes. We all go through times when we’re feeling super inspired, and then times when we’re just not feeling it. This episode, I’m sharing 7 social media post ideas. Download my free ebook - The…
Best of 2019 | 3 passive income streams you can add to your business
Jan 6 • 5 min
Passive income can be a game-changer in your business. It’s a great way to diversify where your money is coming from, and make sure you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket. This episode, I’m looking at how you can get started with passive income in…
Best of 2019 | 6 tools to streamline your Instagram marketing
Jan 1 • 6 min
There are a heck of a lot of Instagram-related tools and apps out there. Lucky for you, I’ve tried a LOT of them and, this episode, I’m sharing 6 of my favourite tools to streamline your Instagram marketing. Download my free ebook - The Complete Roadmap…
Best of 2019 | 5 small business branding tips you need to know
Dec 30, 2019 • 6 min
Branding is something I spent a lot of time learning about in 2018, because I truly believe it’s what differentiates the good businesses from the great ones. I’m by no means a branding expert, but I’ve learnt a few things along the way and today I’ll be…
Best of 2019 | 7 things to stop doing on Instagram, right now
Dec 25, 2019 • 5 min
Frankly, I’m a bit sick of seeing these things on Instagram. None of these things will actually grow your business, beyond maybe getting you more followers or more engagement - but these followers and these people engaging, they’re usually not the right…
Best of 2019 | 5 ways my business has changed my life (for better and for worse)
Dec 23, 2019 • 6 min
Anyone who runs a business will agree that running a business changes your life. This episode is about the realities of building and scaling a business - because it’s a million times harder than you think it’s going to be. Download my free ebook - The…
Bec Miller on launching a membership (and the ups and downs of the launch process!)
Dec 19, 2019 • 39 min
Bec Miller is the founder of Health With Bec, where she helps women slim down without the hunger - and keep it off! Bec is also a client of mine, and we’ve recently been working together on the launch of her membership, so I thought it would be pretty…
Salome Schillack on where to start with Facebook Ads and how to use Facebook Ads in a launch
Dec 17, 2019 • 48 min
Salome Schillack is the founder of Shine and Succeed, where they help digital course creators launch bigger, grow more consistently and scale faster, using Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. In today’s episode, we’re chatting about starting to run Facebook…
Courtney Condy on launching a new business, getting out of a toxic relationship and turning her business around
Dec 15, 2019 • 44 min
Having spent the years right out of college bouncing around the corporate sector feeling bored and uninspired, founder Courtney Condy, left her desk job for a life of adventure. Saying goodbye to cubicles, limited vacation time, and lackluster projects,…
Launch planning | Planning your launches for 2020
Dec 12, 2019 • 11 min
This week is 2020 planning week! And it wouldn’t be complete without yours truly talking about how to start planning for your launches in 2020. Next year, I’ll dive into the nitty gritty a bit more, but for now, we’re looking at what you’ll be launching…
Planning your marketing for 2020 with Claire Deane from Deane and Co
Dec 10, 2019 • 36 min
Thought you’d finished planning for 2020 with the last episode? Nope! In today’s episode, I’ve enlisted the help of Claire Deane from Deane and Co to plan your marketing strategy and map out your marketing plan for 2020. Claire brings over 15 years of…
Planning for 2020 with Lauren Stratford from Seriously Sorted
Dec 8, 2019 • 44 min
Planning your business for 2020? Now there’s a daunting thought. But, it has to be done, which is why I’ve enlisted the help of today’s guest, Lauren Stratford, to help you plan your business for 2020, one step at a time. Let’s get planning for 2020!
Rebroadcast | How to take a holiday from your business
Dec 3, 2019 • 8 min
When did you last take a holiday from your business? A real, no-wifi holiday. I’ve only had one or two during my time in business - but they were exactly what I needed. This episode, I’m sharing my top tips for taking a holiday from your business, so you…
Rebroadcast | The best small business marketing apps and tools
Dec 1, 2019 • 9 min
I use a ton of marketing tools in running my businesses - in fact, I reckon I’ve tried and tested a few hundred small business marketing tools and apps over the past few years. This episode, I’m running you through the key apps I use, love and recommend.…
Flori Pyke on planning to scale your business, foundations for scaling and the mindset to scale your business
Nov 28, 2019 • 40 min
Flori Pyke is one half of The Elevatory, where she supports rising female entrepreneurs through coaching, training and resources. In today’s episode, we’re talking ALL things scaling your business - because it can be a terrifying process and most of us…
Launching | Why you can’t avoid launching (no matter what your business does)
Nov 21, 2019 • 4 min
When I first pivoted my business to focus on launching, I had a few listeners and followers reach out to tell me they’d no longer be following my business or listening to my podcast because launching wasn’t relevant to them. Ummm, guys… Launching is…
Zach Spuckler on overcoming the fear of making a big business pivot
Nov 7, 2019 • 41 min
Zach Spuckler is the founder of Heart, Soul and Hustle, which is a Facebook Ads agency. But, it wasn’t always that way! In today’s episode, Zach and I are chatting all things business pivots - because, you shouldn’t stick with something if it’s not…
Pivots | Why I chose to pivot my business AGAIN
Nov 5, 2019 • 9 min
I recently pivoted my business AGAIN. This is now my 3rd business pivot in 4 years, but I’m finally in a place that feels right. I finally feel like I’m doing what lights me up and what gets me genuinely excited - and that is, launching. This episode, I’m…
Instagram Marketing | I showed up on IG Stories every day in October and this is what happened
Nov 3, 2019 • 5 min
In October, I committed to showing my face on Instagram Stories every single day. It’s now November, and I can gladly say that I succeeded. In this episode, I’m looking at what happened as a result of showing my face on IG stories every day.
Rebroadcast | How to plan social content for your launch
Oct 27, 2019 • 6 min
Launching a new business, product or podcast isn’t easy (or everyone would be doing it!) There are so many moving parts that need to be aligned before the launch can go ahead. In today’s episode, I’m looking at how to plan your social media content for a…
Rebroadcast | 5 marketing mistakes you don’t realise you’re making
Oct 24, 2019 • 7 min
All too often, I see people launch a business and then straight away start focusing all their energy on getting more Instagram followers or growing their email list. If you’re jumping straight to these things, then there are some big marketing foundations…
Rebroadcast | How to build an email list
Oct 22, 2019 • 5 min
Not sure how to build your email list? Wanna start with email marketing? Today I’m going to run you through the steps in email list building, so you can grow your email list on autopilot. And when your email list growth is on autopilot, it means you don’t…
Rebroadcast | Why you need to build an email list
Oct 20, 2019 • 5 min
Building an email list is super important for your business. Why? Well, getting more Instagram followers or Facebook page likes is nice, but you’re building your audience on borrowed land. Your email list is something YOU own. But, if you’re starting your…
Kate Williams on building a brand from the ground up, influencer marketing and collaborating with big names
Oct 17, 2019 • 38 min
Kate Williams is the legend behind Retreat Yourself Box, a wellness brand that she built from the ground up. This episode, we chat about how Kate launched and grew Retreat Yourself Box without a marketing background, influencer marketing and collaborating…
Launch debrief | How I pivoted my latest product launch
Oct 15, 2019 • 9 min
Yesterday, I ended another product launch - the launch of my A-Z Podcast Launch Plan. But… That’s not the launch that it started out as! This episode, I’m sharing why and how I pivoted my latest product launch.
Haley Burkhead on transitioning to the CEO role in your business, creating consistent income and the SOA method
Oct 8, 2019 • 40 min
Haley Burkhead is an absolute dynamo. At 24 years old, she quit her job and built a business from 0 to $36,000 months in just 6 months. In today’s episode, we’re chatting about transitioning into the CEO role of your business, creating consistent income…
Danielle Read on how to nail your unique brand voice
Oct 3, 2019 • 35 min
Danielle Read is a copywriter with a background in Psychology and Creative Writing. As the Founder of Readcity Writing, Danielle specialises in writing compelling words for killer creatives. This episode, we’re talking all things brand voice, including…
Podcast Launches | Should I launch a podcast?
Oct 1, 2019 • 8 min
Launching my podcast has been one of the best things I’ve done for my business - however, a podcast isn’t for everyone. If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, have a listen to this episode and then go and take my free quiz to figure out if it’s a…
Launching | 4 unexpected ways launching can impact your business
Sep 29, 2019 • 6 min
Launching impacts your business in a big way, and this episode we’re going to look at how. Because I bet you hadn’t thought of some of these… To clarify here - I don’t mean you always have to be launching NEW things. Download my free ebook: The Complete…
Business Update | Things are a-changin’
Sep 26, 2019 • 7 min
One of the magical things about running a small business is that you can move fast and pivot quickly when things aren’t working - and for me, things simply weren’t working the way they were, so I’ve had to make a few business changes. This episode, I’m…
Morgan Spencer on strategic PR, using PR to stand out in your industry and how to DIY a PR campaign
Sep 24, 2019 • 36 min
Morgan Spencer is the director of strategic PR consultancy, Martini Mondays. For her, it’s all about the people, and building those relationships, to think beyond simply achieving column inches and to disrupt this ever-evolving industry. In this episode,…
Business Mindset | Why it’s SO important to invest in yourself
Sep 22, 2019 • 6 min
So many business owners are afraid to invest in themselves. They’ll spend money on business expenses, no problem, but when it comes to investing in their own development - even if it might move their business forward - they’re scared to do so. This…