This Old App

This Old App
A podcast about learning, coding, smashing stuff together, breaking things apart, startups, failing, winning, and any other buzzwords we can think of..
Finding Firebase
May 22 • 47 min
We talk about Firebase as a new backend tool for a few projects we’re working on and cover many of its features, what is weird about it, and why this seems to be a product in which Google is making a big investment. Hint: It’s about the Person, er, people!
Project Chasms - Part 2
May 15 • 39 min
In another installment related to the Chasms app, we discuss errors with the prototype, finding the right balance of customer/product fit, and the need to brainstorm without adding requirements to the ideas.
Project Chasms - Part 1
May 8 • 17 min
Listen as Don and Randy begin a new side project together from problem/solution explanation, planning, and build approach. We aim to reduce the product scope and target a quicker launch of the prototype.
Why do we podcast (and other projects)?
May 1 • 45 min
People (and ourselves) have been asking: Why are you all doing this? What is motivating you to podcast? In this episode, we discuss our motivations for podcasting, our side projects, and why we’re doing multiple challenges at the same time.
The 30-Day Deadline of Failure and Follow-Through
Apr 24 • 32 min
Mark Thompson gave himself a tough 30-day deadline to build and launch the first version of his app, Setting a goal gave him tremendous motivation, but also served him with a strong dose of feeling failure. Find out how Mark finally…
Learning and Shipping with Flutter
Apr 17 • 23 min
Mark Thompson discusses his learning and launching a native app using Flutter, a new cross-platform framework developed by Google.
Learning CSS Grid
Apr 9 • 20 min
We have a guest, Megan Schemmel, discuss her new career as a developer, learning Wordpress, and taking on the new Grid functionality of CSS
Learning JavaScript (Better)
Apr 8 • 16 min
Don and Randy discuss the steps we’ve taken to better learn JavaScript, Node.js, React, and React Native. A whole lotta videos and pain.
The Intro!
Apr 6 • 6 min
Randy and Don introduce our new, loose-form podcast, and talk about how it contrasts with our more formal, parent podcast, CTO Think.