Behind the Front

Behind the Front
WBRC First Alert Chief Meteorologist, J-P Dice, is going beyond the forecast. He sits down with weekly guests to chat about a range of weather topics.
Nighttime Tornadoes
Nov 14 • 18 min
Storm chasing is already a dangerous activity but imagine tracking a tornado in the dark. Jill Gilardi returns to the show this week to discuss how tough it can be covering severe weather at night.
Gary England – Tornado Alley Icon
Nov 7 • 28 min
“Jump back, throw me down, Loretta, it’s Friday night in the big town!” A phrase made famous by Gary England. The Oklahoma weather icon joins J-P Dice this week to discuss his 40+ years covering weather, his involvement in movies like Twister, and what…
Don’t ‘fall back’ into depression
Oct 31 • 12 min
Daylight Saving Time is here once again. Winter is coming, which means the days will continue to get shorter. This loss of sunlight could give you a case of “the blahs”. But could it be more serious than that? Friend of the podcast, Dr. Josh Klapow, stops…
Hurricane Michael vs. Fred Hunter
Oct 24 • 24 min
Fred Hunter joins J-P Dice this week to discuss covering Hurricane Michael in Panama City, the Waffle House Index, and more. Plus, how does Michael rank compared to other storms Fred has covered in the last 22 years?
The dangers of flying in severe weather
Oct 17 • 29 min
Have you ever heard of a TAF? It stands for Terminal Aerodrome Forecast and its important information for any pilot looking to take to the sky. Mary Keiser, a Senior Meteorologist with the National Weather Service, joins the show this week to discuss…
Hurricanes and Heatwaves
Oct 10 • 17 min
What happened to fall? First Alert Meteorologist, Jill Gilardi, joins J-P this week to discuss the never-ending summer, an active hurricane season in the tropics, and when it may actually start feeling like autumn around Alabama.
Mike’s Weather Page
Oct 3 • 27 min
What once was just a hobby for Mike Boylan has grown to become one of the most trusted sources for tropical updates. He joins J-P Dice to discuss Mike’s Weather Page, building trust with users, the power of social media, and how to avoid fake weather…
Storm(s) of the Century
Sep 26 • 21 min
Hurricanes, tropical storms, blizzards – you’ve likely experienced a “storm of the century” for several different severe events over the years. Paul Dellegatto, from FOX13 in Tampa, joins J-P Dice to discuss the unique personalities of storms, when and…
What about Cullman?
Sep 19 • 16 min
Cullman County is in the Birmingham television market, but it’s in Huntsville’s National Weather Service warning area. Sound confusing? Friend of the podcast, Chris Darden, the Meteorologist-in-Charge at the NWS in Birmingham, joins the show this week to…
Episode 24: The Evolution of Radar
Sep 12 • 14 min
The godfather of weather radar software, Mike Gibson, talks developing new programs that now help you track storms better than ever. Plus, what led to the creation of GREarth and why these radar tools are more than just eye candy.
Episode 23: Why weather radios are still important
Sep 5 • 15 min
With so many different apps and alerts out there, why do you still need to have a weather radio? Bruce Thomas of Midland Radio explains how NOAA weather radios continue to be at the forefront of warning you and your family during severe weather.
Episode 22: Climate Change
Aug 29 • 28 min
It’s a hot button issue that often sparks a debate across party lines - climate change. Dr. Marshall Shepherd, of the University of Georgia, joins J-P Dice to discuss the science behind it, and why it transcends politics.
Bonus: Introducing Air It Out
Aug 28 • 15 min
J-P Dice speaks with his WBRC cohort Rick Karle, about his brand-new podcast - Air It Out. Find out what you can expect to hear on this brand new weekly sports podcast from the makers of Behind the Front.
The Origin of Matt Daniel
Aug 22 • 16 min
Matt Daniel has joined the WBRC First Alert Weather Team as a digital meteorologist. Hear what sparked the Georgia native’s love for weather, his hobbies, and what brought him to Central Alabama. Plus, he dishes on some of his favorite foods as he begins…
Baron Weather
Aug 15 • 22 min
Every second counts when it comes to sharing critical information during severe weather. Baron Weather has been helping meteorologists reach the public for nearly 30 years with their storm tracking tools. Steve Bray, Baron’s New Director of Broadcast…
The Future of Weather in the Media
Aug 8 • 22 min
The way we get News continues to change thanks to advancements in technology. So, what does that mean for weather? Nate Johnson, of the National Weather Association Broadcast Meteorology Committee, shares his thoughts on what the future of forecasting…
The Seal of Approval
Aug 1 • 13 min
Have you ever noticed the little logos next to a meteorologist’s name? Nate Johnson, of the National Weather Association Broadcast Meteorology Committee, explains what those seals mean, and how a meteorologist earns them. Nate and J-P Dice discuss the…
Snowmaggedon – What went wrong?
Jul 25 • 21 min
January 28th, 2014. To many people that was just a Tuesday – but the folks of Alabama know it by a different name – Snowmaggedon. The impact of the wintry storm was felt across Central Alabama. But what went wrong with the forecasting of the monumental…
The Folklore of Fred Hunter
Jul 18 • 16 min
How long has Fred Hunter been covering the weather? He was forecasting storm fronts before there was even a weather wall to stand in front of! You’ll enjoy hearing all about how Fred Hunter is Absolutely Alabama, and absolutely one of a kind.
Is the heat making you depressed?
Jul 11 • 12 min
Feeling depressed during the dog days of summer? It could be tied to Seasonal Affective Disorder. While SAD is normally associated with the colder times of the year, Dr. Josh Klapow explains how the heat can be just as guilty in affecting your mood.
The one factor that could put you more at risk for leaving kids in a hot car
Jul 3 • 13 min
It’s the unthinkable. A parent leaving their child in a hot car. You tell yourself that it would never happen to you. But Dr. Josh Klapow explains how you could be at a higher risk for leaving your kids in the car than you could ever imagine.
The Unusual Nature of AL Weather
Jun 27 • 25 min
“I have probably surveyed a tornado in pretty much every month.” Those are the words of Chris Darden. He’s the Meteorologist-in-Charge at the National Weather Service in Birmingham. He shares details on some of the craziest weather he’s seen in the state…
The Ballad of Wes Wyatt
Jun 20 • 18 min
Music and Meteorology. J-P Dice speaks with First Alert teammate, Wes Wyatt, on growing up in Tuscaloosa County, his love of music, and where his love for weather started. Plus, Wes reflects on his first day as the Chief Meteorologist at WTOK in Meridian,…
Predicting Hurricanes
Jun 13 • 22 min
How do you plan for a hurricane? J-P Dice speaks with David Bernard, Chief Meteorologist for FOX 8 New Orleans, on forecasting tropical weather, the frustrations of inaccurate reports on social media, and the job of explaining uncertainty to viewers.
Hurricane Hunters Pilot
Jun 6 • 25 min
Most people leave the coast when a tropical storm or hurricane is heading their way. Imagine if your job was to fly right into one! J-P Dice speaks with Captain Will Simmons, a pilot with the U.S. Air Force Hurricane Hunters, on how flying into these…
Air Quality
May 30 • 12 min
Did you know there is an air quality meteorologist? They are responsible for issuing the air quality forecast each day, based on the Air quality index. J-P Dice speaks with Matt Lacke, an air pollution meteorologist in Jefferson County, who explains why…
Alabama Meteorologists
May 23 • 24 min
How do meteorologists work together across the state? WBRC First Alert Chief Meteorologist, J-P Dice, speaks with Josh Johnson, Chief Meteorologist from WSFA in Montgomery, and Brad Travis, Chief Meteorologist from WAFF in Huntsville, on how stations…
Women in STEM
May 16 • 23 min
Are you familiar with STEM? It refers to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. For years it’s been male-dominated field. But an ongoing push has led to more women landing science-related jobs. J-P Dice speaks with meteorologist, Jill…
Tornado Paths
May 9 • 21 min
Do tornadoes follow the same paths? J-P Dice speaks with Dr. Tim Coleman, of UAH, on his research into tornado tracks. Dr. Coleman also shares some of his wildest memories from storm chasing across America.
Warning Sirens
May 2 • 25 min
How often have you heard the screeching sounds of a tornado siren? They sound scary, and certainly get your attention. But now there’s a growing push to get rid of them, due to technological advances in alerting you of severe weather. J-P Dice discusses…
The April 27th Tornadoes
Apr 25 • 34 min
Seven years ago, Alabama was hit with one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks in the state’s history. J-P Dice speaks with fellow First Alert Meteorologists, Wes Wyatt & Fred Hunter, on what it was like covering 62 tornadoes on April 27th, 2011. And in…
Forecasting Fears
Apr 18 • 25 min
WBRC First Alert Meteorologist, J-P Dice, speaks with Dr. Laura Myers, of the University of Alabama, on how people react to weather messaging, especially during severe weather season.
False Alarms
Apr 11 • 19 min
WBRC First Alert Meteorologist, J-P Dice, speaks with Kevin Laws, NWS Birmingham Science Operations Officer, on how the National Weather Service is working to reduce the false alarm rate on tornado warnings.
Storm Anxiety
Apr 4 • 22 min
WBRC First Alert Meteorologist, J-P Dice, speaks with Dr. Josh Klapow, a clinical psychologist at UAB, about how past weather events can lead to severe anxiety.
Apr 3 • 3 min
WBRC First Alert Meteorologist, J-P Dice, breaks down what you can expect to hear on this brand-new show. Go beyond the forecast on a number of different weather topics.