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The Virtual Reality Podcast
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ISTE Summer Spectacular…sorta. Starring Merge & EQtainment
Jun 28 • 12 min
Kevin Chaja of EQtainment and Jeremy Kenisky of Merge join as guest hosts to talk about ISTE and the buzz around immersion technology at the 2018 conference. Recorded on site at McCormick Center in Chicago.
ISTE in 5 - Google, France-Lee
Jun 28 • 6 min
The VR Podcast talks to France-Lee, Program Manager at Google about Immersion Tech at ISTE 2018.
ISTE in 5 - Mark Suter
Jun 26 • 4 min
ISTE in 5 - Azine Davoudzadeh
Jun 25 • 4 min
Latest episode of The Virtual Reality Podcast
ISTE in 5 - Rosemary Sirmans
Jun 25 • 4 min
Latest episode of The Virtual Reality Podcast
ISTE in 5 - Milena Piasecka, Learn|Teach|Explore
Jun 25 • 3 min
Latest episode of The Virtual Reality Podcast
s1e12 Demystifying Virtual Reality
Jun 22 • 37 min
In the season finale, the gang explains all the confusing and complex terminology surrounding immersion tech to help educators get their feet wet! And also cool free giveaways at ISTE 2018 in Chicago! Included is the difference between “Yaw” and “Y’all.”
s1e11 VR in the Class Rumii
Jun 15 • 23 min
In this episode things get squirrely yet again as we interview Mat Chacon, CEO of Dogheadsimulations, and learn more about his background, Rumii’s VR conferencing platform and features, and the story behind the dog behind the headset—you know the one in…
s1e10 Immersive Tech at ISTE 2018 Preview
Jun 8 • 48 min
ISTE! ISTE! ISTE! The gang talks about events to check out in Chicago for ISTE 2018 June 23rd-27th. You can also find out how to get yourself some The VR Podcast swag!
s1e9 Brian Costello & The Teacher’s Journey
Jun 2 • 41 min
Brian Costello joins the gang to talk EdTech philosophy, CoSpaces, 80s nostalgia, and microwave burritos.
s1e8 Jaime Donally & Learning Transported
May 26 • 28 min
This week, the gang talks to #ARVRinEDU moderator and author, Jaime Donally about her new book, Learning Transported.
s1e7 Get a Workout in Virtual Reality
May 18 • 35 min
Join the gang as they try to convince James to use immersion technology, especially virtual reality for fitness…and James takes on a challenge.
s1e6 Oculus Go, Go Gadget VR!
May 11 • 35 min
Listen in as the crew has an unedited convo about their first impressions of the Oculus Go and where they see it fitting in to education…if it does at all! And of course, they try to set the record for most inside jokes possible…just for your listening…
s1e5 The Future of Us
May 4 • 9 min
While the gang is away, James will play! In this episode, James talks about the future of The Virtual Reality Podcast and how to connect with The VR Podcast crew virtually and in-person.
s1e4 Ready Future One
Apr 27 • 32 min
In this episode, Amanda is on location in Tanzania while the boys hold down the fort! Join them as they talk about existing technologies found in RP1.
s1e3 Safety Educator One
Apr 20 • 32 min
In this episode, the gang talks about safety concerns from Ready Player One and how it might give insight to our current interaction with virtual environments in education, like social media. And Amanda schools James about Kid President.
s1e2 Ready Humanity One
Apr 13 • 24 min
In this episode, The Virtual Reality Podcast crew talk about equity and poverty by pulling in parallels and symbolism from Ready Player One.
s1e1 Ready Educator One
Apr 4 • 31 min
In this episode, The Virtual Reality Podcast crew tackle the themes from Ready Player One that can have an impact on education.