South London Voices

South London Voices
Celebrating people in South London and Beyond - with Yang-May Ooi
Creating Great Spaces with David Anthony SLV008
Dec 4 • 33 min
Visual merchandise consultant David Anthony talks with South London Voices host Yang-May Ooi about the theatre of restaurants and retail spaces - and being a scenic artis on the sets of The Crown and Bohemian Rhapsody. Find links and photos in our…
Personal Styling for Everyday Guys with Sarah Gilfillan SLV007
Oct 23 • 38 min
Personal stylist Sarah Gilfillan joins multimedia author Yang-May Ooi on South London Voices for a lively conversation on how to look good and feel confident with Personal Styling for Everyday Guys ¦
Unlawful Things with Anna Sayburn Lane SLV006
Oct 15 • 29 min
Novelist Anna Sayburn Lane joins host Yang-May Ooi on South London Voices to talk about her thriller Unlawful Things. See photos and links in our shownotes at ¦
A World View with Navjot Singh SLV005
Aug 29 • 32 min
Navjot Singh, travel and features writer, joins Yang-May Ooi in conversation on the 5th episode of the South London Voices podcast to talk about a view of the world from South London - especially, India and China. See photos and links on our shownotes…
The Natural High of Running with Kristian Morgan SLV004
May 29 • 41 min
Ultrarunner and personal trainer Kristian Morgan talks to host Yang-May Ooi about the natural high that comes from physical activity and running - and also shares his adventures running two of the most challenging endurance races in the world, the…
Little Pieces of Art - Duart Bel Silva and Amanda Walbank SLV003
May 13 • 21 min
As part of the Dulwich Festival Artists Open House, SE17 based artist Duart Bel Silva is exhibiting some of his smaller sized paintings at Amanda Walbanks little shop of beautiful things Artemidorus in Herne Hill. Multimedia author Yang-May Ooi chats with…
Yang-May Ooi introduces South London Voices SLV002
May 12 • 17 min
Multimedia author and host of South London Voices, Yang-May Ooi, talks about how her fascination with storytelling led her to create this podcast - and invites listeners to share their story or comments celebrating South London and its people. ¦…
Family, Flying Bombs and Fantasy with Stevie Henden SLV001
Apr 1 • 40 min
Our inaugural episode of South London Voices features South London author, Stevie Henden, talking with host Yang-May Ooi about his family’s multi-generational connection to South London and his London-inspired “spiritual fantasy” novels. Stevie also…