Agency on Record

Agency on Record
Mike Colombo and Jason Ocker from the digital agency Maark discuss creativity and technology in a commercial world. Except it gets a lot messier than that. A weekly podcast from the agency’s basement studio in Boston. 464637
Is Social Media a Pet Rock or a Dinosaur Killer?
Apr 24 • 72 min
It was supposed to be a discussion about social media in a marketing context, except that it wended down dark tunnels of existential foreboding as they try to ascertain if social media is a breakthough or a breakdown. Mike and Jason just want their lives…
Mixed Up About the Mixed Bag that is Mixed Reality
Apr 17 • 50 min
Maark executive Michael Dowd joins the podcast to discuss the strange, disappointing, and exciting realities around the current state of virtual and augmented reality. Mike and Jason just want a holodeck.
Data Privacy: Secrets Never Stay Secret
Apr 10 • 52 min
Thanks to Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, data privacy is in every other headline. Between that and the looming GDPR, are we at the edge of a new era of user-controlled data or just experiencing one more bump in the gradual numbing of our attitudes…
Marketers vs. Storytellers: Story as Your Fundamental Weapon
Apr 3 • 59 min
Why is disciplined storytelling in a marketing organization such a unicorn, and how is storytelling evolving in a digital world? Mike and Jason just want ghost tales around a campfire.
Boutiques vs. the Big Guys for Digital Transformation
Mar 28 • 54 min
Digital transformation is such a massive initiative that there’s no way it can be entrusted to a boutique agency, right? On the other hand, if the agency is so big it’s in need of digital transformation itself, how is it going to be agile enough to make…