Defining moments and discovering purpose — that’s what SaidX is all about. Mirroring a TED style format, SaidX Podcast gives our guests an opportunity to share their message and experiences in 7-10 minutes of personal reflection and storytelling. Tune in to hear host Doug Sandler introduce today’s leaders and thought influencers as they tell their stories, connecting their journey to their actions and bringing their life lessons to you. Everyone has a story to tell — SaidX gives our guests a voice, a chance to share their stories with you. We hope each guest touches and inspires you to share your voice, your story.
Becoming Empowered with Tammy Lee Schumacher
Jun 11 • 9 min
Tammy Lee Schumacher is an optimist, author, speaker, mentor, teacher and workshop facilitator inspiring and empowering women everywhere. She is also the best-selling author of “The Second Start Finding Joy in the New You.” Get her book- The…
Jun 4 • 15 min
Salvatore Balletto
Employee Engagement
May 10 • 16 min
Ryan McCarty
The Investor You Ought To Be
May 1 • 8 min
Richard Brooks
Finding Purpose in Life’s Truths
Apr 17 • 13 min
Amy Lyle
Taking a Leap of Faith in Your Industry
Apr 16 • 8 min
Paul Dixon
Choosing to Work with Life’s Issues for the Better
Apr 15 • 6 min
Moneeka Sawyer
Choosing Love Over Fear
Apr 14 • 7 min
Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
Breaking Through Stereotypes and Owning Your Journey
Apr 13 • 14 min
Lea Bayles
Developing an Authentic Brand Personality
Apr 12 • 15 min
Laura Beauparlant
Self-Transformation Through the Hard Times
Apr 11 • 8 min
Jolen Philbrook
Reaching New Levels Physically and Mentally
Apr 10 • 11 min
JJ Flizanes
Defining Your Dreams on Purpose
Apr 9 • 6 min
Jennie Bellinger
Creating a Vision in Unison
Apr 8 • 8 min
Greg Centineo
Rising Above to Reach a Greater Purpose
Apr 7 • 7 min
Eve Davis-Paul
Impacting the World with Your Message
Apr 6 • 8 min
Emerald GreenForest
Changing How You See Things so That the Things You See Change
Apr 5 • 18 min
Craig Hallenberger
Rebuilding the Approach to Servant Leadership
Apr 4 • 12 min
Art Barter
Expanding Your Horizons and Profits
Apr 3 • 11 min
Anthony John Amyx
Positioning Yourself for Success
Apr 2 • 6 min
Rob Kosberg
Unlocking Your Potential to Drive Your Performance, Full Throttle
Apr 1 • 8 min
Thom Singer
Altovise Pelzer- Finding and Creating Your Unique Voice
Mar 27 • 8 min
Providing women with the tools to Define, Accept, and Use their Unique Voice after abuse. Altovise Pelzer is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, telesummit strategist, founder of the online Your Voice & Reactivate Me Communities, VIP live…