The Wild Episode

The Wild Episode
A Collection of Wonders, Curiosities and Occasionally Horrors from the Natural World
Coelacanth : The King of the Sea
Jun 5 • 30 min
Welcome to the world of the King of the Sea. The Coelacanth must be amongst the most famous fish in the world, but it’s also misunderstood and mysterious. It is neither a living fossil nor a missing link … but it is a fish that gives birth to live young,…
Large Blue Butterfly : The Wolf In Ant’s Clothing
May 22 • 27 min
The large blue butterfly is both beauty and the beast. Beauty because … well, it’s a pretty little butterfly. The beast because it’s also such a master of deception, infiltration and predation it could be the model for the monster in a sci fi horror…
Banteng : The Horns of a Dilemma
May 8 • 27 min
Asia is the place to go if wild cattle is what you’re after, and of them all the banteng (bos javanicus) has perhaps the most interesting story to tell. A beautiful, magnificent animal, as much a part of wild Asia a tigers or orang-utans, and - like them…
Steller’s Sea Cow : Steller’s Menagerie Part Two
Apr 24 • 35 min
Part two of two - and the amazing Steller’s sea cow (Hydromalis gigas) finally makes an appearance, as the wheels come off the Great Northern Expedition and Vitus Bering and Georg Steller discover a Lost World. Astonishing wildlife abounds, but will not…
Steller’s Sea Cow : Steller’s Menagerie Part One
Apr 10 • 32 min
Steller’s sea cow (Hydrodamalis gigas) was one of the most amazing animals to share the world with modern humans. To tell its story is going to take two episodes - and this first of them, to be honest, doesn’t even feature the sea cow itself. But it does…
Corn Crake : The Undiscovered Song
Mar 27 • 27 min
Vikings! Monks! Poetry! Plus, a bird that is next to impossible to see, but almost impossible not to hear. The corn crake (Crex crex) has one of the most distinctive voices in the natural world, and for centuries - even as its population in the UK has…
Lord Howe Island Stick Insect : The Lazarus Stick
Mar 13 • 25 min
This Wild Episode is all about what was once the rarest insect in the world - the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect (Dryococelus australis) - and the bizarre story of how it escaped extinction, pulling off one of the most amazing tricks of species survival…
Greenland Shark : The Shark in Darkness
Feb 27 • 24 min
The first Wild Episode is all about a shark, but not just any shark! No, this is a giant shark that lives longer than any other vertebrate, eats just about anything it can find and loses its eyesight because its eyes are being eaten …