Win Life with Awilda Rivera

Win Life with Awilda Rivera
Win Life is a raw & unedited podcast about all the things we can do to keep ourselves moving forward towards the success we truly desire. Get your mind right with the “Monday Message”, be inspired by the stories of success shared “Inside The Winner’s Circle,” and lastly let the “Wednesday Wisdom” help you find the balance you need to have long term sustained success. I want you to WIN! Visit to learn how to work with me, get the details for my next International Wellness Escape, or explore the FREE STUFF in the Resource Library. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Monday Message: Strategy
Nov 19 • 4 min
Strategy is essential for progress. With out it we are just engaging in random ways behavior hoping that something will work. Dive in to the concept in today edition of the MONDAY MESSAGE. Become a supporter of this podcast:…
Nov 12 • 7 min
We are in constant relationship with each other, our community and the environment. We are also in relationship with our goals and ourselves. On today’s episode we will take a look at how we view relationships and the roles they are currently playing in…
Inside the Winners Circle with Amanda Kingsmith of MBOm & Yoga Business Badasses
Nov 5 • 27 min
Meet Amanda Kingsmith - yoga teacher. world traveler. writer. podcast host. She created the wildly popular podcast “Mastering the Business of Yoga” where she shares valuable business advice with those looking to create a Yoga related Business. She is on a…
Monday Message - Vulnerability
Oct 29 • 5 min
Today we tackle Vulnerability, one of your greatest assets on your Success Journey. Listen in for a quick break down on how this characteristic can be a powerful tool. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Monday Message: PATIENCE
Oct 22 • 6 min
Patience is a virtue — we’ve all heard this phrase. The truth is Patience is like a light saber in the hand of Luke Skywalker against the obstacles of the Universe. Learn more on today’s episode. Become a supporter of this podcast:…
Inside the Winners Circle with Rome Allen — creator of the Moving Art Experience
Oct 15 • 28 min
Rome Allen, is a a gifted d Video grapher and Photographer, who got tired of the same old friday night shenanigans. He realized that people were craving something other than waking up with a hang over and regret from bad decisions made the night before.…
Monday Message: Passion
Oct 8 • 6 min
We each want to feel like we are living a life full of Passion. Most want to both experience passion, and be driven by it. Yet many feel as if Passion is lacking in their life. You deserve to feel passionate about what you do and how you live. On today’s…
Inside the Winners Circle: OVERCOATS
Oct 1 • 13 min
This dynamic duo has been creating heartfelt, authentically vulnerable and empowering music for quiet some time. Listen to these ladies discuss their evolution from two friends who were using music to help heal to “artists to watch” who are touring all…
Monda Message: Purpose
Sep 24 • 5 min
Living with purpose can be one of our greatest challenges. Today I tackle what “purpose” means and how we can direct our efforts towards living purposefully. Ready to connect? visit Become a supporter of this podcast:…
Inside The Winners Circle with Sandflower
Sep 17 • 32 min
Listen to Sandflower candidly discuss her Vision for her music, the music industry and her Success Journey. Listen to the end for a preview of her song “Oceans”. Find her on Instagram @SandflowerPower Connect with me at **Like what…
MONDAY MESSAGE - Being Present
Sep 10 • 4 min
Being present can be one of the most challenging undertakings we face each day. IT is easy to get wrapped up in the doing, and forget about “being”. More over it is in through ability to be present that we culitvate mindfulness and gratitude for the…
Inside the Winners Circle with Greg Wood of BIDO Travel
Sep 3 • 28 min
Meet Greg aka the BIDOBoss! He is changing the way we thinking about bachelor and bachelorette parties almost single handedly. As a young entrepreneur Greg, has a lot of wisdom to share with you on this episode of Inside the Winners Circle. Listen to him…
Monday Message: Goals
Aug 27 • 4 min
Have you ever wondered why some people accomplish all their goals and others never get close? Listen to me dig into what a Goal actually is and how it can inform your behavior to ensure your success. *Ready to work together 1-on-1? Visit…
Inside the Winners Circle with Artesia Balthrop of Cornerstone/ The FADER
Aug 20 • 31 min
My Guest this week is the amazing Artesia Balthrop. This amazing woman discusses her hard fought journey in the entertainment industry on the Production side. She talks frankly about some of the high and lows she experienced, as well as sharing some…
Monday Message: Execution
Aug 13 • 5 min
Ideas are great but they are nothing without execution. This critical episode examines not only the art of ‘doing’ but how the ‘doing’ is done. Execution is paramount for success, you would be hard pressed to name one mogul whose execution is lacking. Are…
Inside the Winners Circle w/ Ray Geier aka Squishiepuss
Aug 6 • 24 min
Innovaton, Hutspa, Creativity and an unrelenting Commitment to both his mission and craft are at the root of pretty much everything Ray Geier does. He is the dynamo recognized in Atlanta for his pink french bull dog hybrid creations emblazoned on walls…
Monday Message: Vision
Jul 30 • 4 min
Understanding the true nature of our Vision is essential to our Success & Personal Growth journey. Clarity, Direction, and reason need to be at the foundation of it so we can truly move confidently towards our goals. I tackle these ideas in todays…
Inside the Winners Circle with Katrina Julia of Fit life Creations
Jul 23 • 36 min
Meet Katrina Julia! A Revolutionary Entrepreneur & Transformation Coach. She helps people transform their lives from the inside out, and create a life they love on their path to limitless potential. She is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Speaker, Author,…
Monda Message: Support
Jul 16 • 5 min
If you want to WIN LIFE you have to know when you need support, be confident enough to ask for support, and be brave enough to accept support. Learn more on this weeks episode! Become a supporter of this podcast:…
Inside the Winners Circle with Kala Lacy
Jul 9 • 25 min
Meet Kala Lacy, community healer, wellness warrior, activist, raging water sign, and teacher of holistic health who works within underserved communities across the nation to educate folks about physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.…
Monday Message - FOLLOW THROUGH
Jul 2 • 3 min
Follow-Through can be the difference between actually achieving the success you desire, or continuing to day dream about a life you wish you had. This essential concept contains the solution for giving up along with a very clear directive - finish what…
Inside the Winners Circle w. Sanaa Jaman Phd aka Lady Dork
Jun 25 • 32 min
Meet the charismatic, intelligent & innovative - Sanaa Jaman. She is an internet sensation with over 100K Followers on IG, author of 9 E-Books, creator of the perpetually sold out ‘Dork Tour’, and creator of the Inner(G) Mat. This powerhouse of a human…
Monday Message: Self Care
Jun 18 • 5 min
Nurturing ourselves is just as important as facing the uncertainties that may be getting in our way. On today’s Monday Message we will define SELF CARE and explore this essential tool. I will discuss what it is & what it is not so that you can have a…
Monday Message - Self Doubt
Jun 11 • 4 min
Today we are rolling up our sleeves and talking about SELF DOUBT. This silent Dream killer can be lethal if not checked. Great news is that confronting our self doubt can give us A LOT of great information that can help us on our journey to achieving the…
Inside the Winner Circle with Chana Ewing
Jun 4 • 27 min
Welcome my guest Chana Ewing CEO of Genie Box, a self-empowerment platform for women of color, and Co-Founder of Little Big Girl + Co a NYC based branding & Marketing studio servicing non-profits in entertainment & media, as well as tech clients. She is a…
Monday Message: Balance
May 28 • 4 min
Why is Balance critical to Win Life? In the abscence of balance we are unable to completley be present. If we are not presnet, are we truly able to enjoy each moment on our journey to success? Become a supporter of this podcast:…
Monday Message: Self- Disciple
May 21 • 3 min
Self discipline can be scary, until we understand that it is the corner stone of success. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Inside the Winners Circle with Tie Simpson
May 14 • 29 min
This week my guest Tie Simpson and I discuss finding your path, following your heart and living in your power. Tie Simpson is an inspiring, free-spirit, and millennial mompreneur of two who wears many hats. Her passion for yoga, wholistic wellness,…
Monday Message: Alignment
May 7 • 5 min
This episode aims at exploring the benefits of alignment between values, actions and intentions. Alignment in this way can be a secret weapon in your pursuit to Win Life. Ready to start working together? contact me at Become a…
Inside the Winners Circle w/ Chelsea Smith
Apr 30 • 29 min
My guest today is Chelsea Smith an artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropic consultant. But you may know her as Chiquita Brujita the magical woman who tells fortunes, dances her heart out, and the creator of Brooklyn Brujeria. As Chiquita Brujita, she has…
Monday Message: The Pains of Transformation
Apr 23 • 3 min
This episode explains why the pains of transformation are good after all. Want more? Visit Lets Work together! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Monday Message: Adversity
Apr 16 • 3 min
This episode tackles Adversity and a few tips to overcoming it. Visit for more resources! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Inside the Winner’s Circle w/ Dj Townsel
Apr 9 • 29 min
In this Episode I talk Passion & Purpose with DJ Townsel former NFL WR for the Houston Texans turned IG Yoga superstar. He reveals how he became a Yogi, why helping people tap into their physical potential is so important to him, and his message for all…
Monday Message - Perseverance
Mar 26 • 3 min
Today we endeavor to reconnect with the spirit of perseverance so that we can keep moving forward regardless of the circumstances. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Win Life Decoded: A Prologue
Mar 21 • 3 min
This episode is here to both welcome and orient you. My intention is to create a space where I can connect with each of you more directly. My mission is to share powerful concepts & success stories that will inspire and empower you to continue to work…