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The Job Search Podcast
Expert Resume Writing and Job Search Advice with Job Search Coach Amy L. Adler
You Mean to Say You Have Never Had an Informational Interview | The Job Search Podcast
Dec 10 • 6 min
Informational interviews can be tricky to schedule or plan, but can be productive and help you understand the career field you want to go into. You should be prepared to talk about yourself, but know when you should switch to asking questions. During this…
Resume Plagiarism Avoid the Sordid Side in Your Executive Job Search | The Job Search Podcast
Dec 3 • 5 min
What happens when you copy from someone else’s resume (to you and them)? What do employers do to the resume to find the plagiarized content and how does that change your job prospects? Your resume is yours, to an extent, as original content is becoming…
How to Prepare for a Volatile Executive Employment Marketplace | The Job Search Podcast
Nov 26 • 6 min
Executive career change, particularly for those who have not engaged in it for a decade or more, is inherently destabilizing for the individual, that person’s family, and maybe even for that person’s company. So how do you create a “career strategy…
5 Simple Strategies for Career Search Efficiency | The Job Search Podcast
Nov 19 • 6 min
You need to think about organizing your career search and defining a strategy that will get you the job you want. Here are some tips you can implement today to manage the time you spend on your job search. Topics covered in “5 Simple Strategies for Career…
Top 10 Resume Mistakes by Job Seekers Over 40 | The Job Search Podcast
Nov 12 • 12 min
If you haven’t written a resume in the last decade or more, that’s a good thing. That means you’ve been working in jobs that loved you as much as you have loved them. However, if you’re listening to this, you’re probably in an executive job search, and…
Personal Branding Countdown 5 Steps to Success | The Job Search Podcast
Nov 5 • 5 min
Have you looked at your personal brand recently? Here is a simple system you can use to make sure that your branding is hit-the-ground-running ready for your job search. Grab your paper and pencil, and listen in. Topics covered in “Personal Branding…
Find a Mentor for Executive Job Search | The Job Search Podcast
Oct 29 • 4 min
Throughout your executive career, you have probably mentored several people. Now, you are looking for a mentor for your executive job search. Finding a mentor for your executive job search is not difficult if you know your specific expectations, goals and…
Creative Compensation Suggestions Five Things to Negotiate for Compensation | The Job Search Podcast
Oct 22 • 6 min
Salary can be a tricky thing to negotiate. When walking into a new job, or even re-evaluating your current contract with a company, an increase in salary may not be an option. However, there are several things you could request in place of a raise. It…
Why You Should Accept (Almost All) LinkedIn Connection Requests | The Job Search Podcast
Oct 15 • 5 min
Even though you have been an active LinkedIn user for some time, you might not realize that there are exponential benefits to accepting almost all of the LinkedIn requests that come your way, particularly if you are exploring executive career…
Treat Your Executive Career the Way You Run Your Company | The Job Search Podcast
Oct 8 • 3 min
Despite the axiomatic value of investing in the talent and expertise of their company, so many executives refuse to do the same for themselves. These executives adamantly refuse to treat their own career growth with the same care and insightfulness.…
Smart Services to Pay for in Your Job Search | The Job Search Podcast
Oct 1 • 8 min
When it is time to find a new job, no matter the circumstances, it can feel like a daunting task. Even when you are tied into career networking and know the direction in which you would like to go, you can often feel very overwhelmed. Let’s talk about…
Measure Your Executive Career Success by the Number of Job Offers You Reject | The Job Search Podcast
Sep 24 • 3 min
If you’re challenging yourself to find the right new executive opportunity, you’re hoping the next application you submit will result in a job offer. Then you can get out of the job you’re in and into something new. Something different, something…better?…
How to Save Time and Energy in Your Executive Career Change Hard Work | The Job Search Podcast
Sep 17 • 6 min
It has been said that there is no royal road to learning. In the same way, there is no royal road to executive job search success. Regardless of who you are, what your executive role is, and what your accomplishments have been over the last decade or…
Checklist to Proofread Your Resume | The Job Search Podcast
Sep 10 • 6 min
In our busy lives, often we just want to get that message out there. Sometimes we even make grammatical errors, misspell words, post something you shouldn’t have on social media. If you are a job seeker, you need your message out there more than ever–just…
10 Commandments for a Sparkling Cover Letter | The Job Search Podcast
Sep 3 • 4 min
You’d be surprised how few job seekers actually include cover letters with their resumes. These “naked” resumes might get read—or they might get trashed. If your target hiring manager is one of those who loves to find out more about star applicants, you…
6 Reasons to Go Public with Your LinkedIn Profile | The Job Search Podcast
Aug 27 • 7 min
LinkedIn is, essentially, a networking tool that is designed to create relationships online that you can translate into offline connections. A private profile prevents people from getting to know you. Listen in for good reasons to turn make your profile…
4 Easy Steps to Preparing for Your Interview | The Job Search Podcast
Aug 20 • 5 min
There are several steps that you can take to maximize the value of your interview for you and for your future manager. Follow these 4 steps to preparing for your interview to put yourself on track. Topics covered in “4 Easy Steps to Preparing for Your…
Why Does Your Resume Drive Your Interview | The Job Search Podcast
Aug 16 • 4 min
You’re probably thinking that the relationship between your resume and your interview is obvious. A resume gets you the interview, right? Certainly, in some cases, and expertly prepared resume that a hiring leader cannot ignore will generate the interview…
Third-Degree LinkedIn Connections Matter for Your Executive Job Search | The Job Search Podcast
Aug 13 • 5 min
How many first-degree connections do you have on LinkedIn? 40? 100? 500? 10,000? That number is indicative of the number of people you have influenced to join your inner circle. But it’s not indicative of the power of your influence overall on LinkedIn.…
Say Thank You for Your Interview | The Job Search Podcast
Aug 9 • 3 min
You know you’re the right person for the job and you think you gave all the right answers during your interview. You’re pretty sure they’re going to call you back with the job offer. You think you’re done with the interview process, but you’re wrong.…
Resume Formatting Dos and Donts that Help You Stand Out | The Job Search Podcast
Aug 6 • 5 min
Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager. Two resumes are in front of you; both are possible candidates for the open position. The first is littered with text, margin to margin, full of inconsistent fonts and format, and very little useful…
How to Choose an Executive Resume Writing Service | The Job Search Podcast
Aug 2 • 8 min
The challenge of writing your executive resume often breaks down into two options: Either you write it yourself, or you choose a resume writing service that will advance your job search strategy for you. Listen on to learn how to evaluate an executive…
Create a Financial Plan for Your Job Search | The Job Search Podcast
Jul 30 • 6 min
How much have you spent on your job search? If you’re even asking this type of question, you’re missing the point: Putting smart money into your job search is an investment, not an expense. In other words, you can expect the dollars you put into finding…
Becoming a LinkedIn LION Balancing the Pros and Con for Your Job Search | The Job Search Podcast
Jul 26 • 3 min
Are you proud of the number of connections you have on LinkedIn? Is this a metric you wish to cultivate? If so, can you definitively explain the value of having a thousand connections? If you can, you should consider becoming a LinkedIn Open Networker, or…
5 Ways to Measure Your Job Search Networking Success | The Job Search Podcast
Jul 23 • 4 min
Do you wonder whether you are really getting anywhere with your job search networking strategy? While you are in the midst of networking, the process can seem thankless. Did that connection you made a month ago turn into something? How do you know whether…
Fix the Worst Mistake in Your LinkedIn Headline in 120 Characters or Less | The Job Search Podcast
Jul 19 • 5 min
Did you know that including your employment status in the most important element of your LinkedIn profile, the one that convinces readers to click through to your profile? In this episdoe, you’ll discover what your LinkedIn profile is really telegraphing…
You Should Be Thankful You Didn’t Take that Job Offer | The Job Search Podcast
Jul 16 • 3 min
In the career management field, we measure our success by how well our clients succeed in the employment marketplace. This means we talk about and celebrate the number of interviews and job offers you, as an executive, receives. There are cases, however,…
Three Networking Myths that Hurt Your Career Growth | The Job Search Podcast
Jul 12 • 5 min
Do you know how to network for your next job? If you’re thinking about how to get a job by maximizing your network, you need to network properly. When it comes to networking, executives tend to fall into two camps. The either love to network, or they ……
Stop Looking for Executive Jobs on Online Job Boards | The Job Search Podcast
Jul 9 • 5 min
If you’re looking for your next executive job on online job boards such as Monster and Indeed, you’ve got a lot of searching, reading, filtering, and applying to do. Every day, you have to log in, search, read, filter, and apply … and then do it all again…
Publish Your Way to Executive Thought Leadership | The Job Search Podcast
Jul 5 • 7 min
One of the greatest challenges executives face as they are rising through the corporate structure is how to influence corporate behavior across an organization—or influence change across an industry. Doing good work that encourages change and growth in…
Take the Long Way Around to Shorten Your Job Search | Your Job Search Coach
Jul 2 • 5 min
If you believe you need a new resume right away to turn your job search around, you might be right. You might need a new resume to start getting interviews, but will your resume get you the right interviews? If you’ve never explored your deep motivations…
Stop Writing Your Executive Resume Right Now Create Your Strategic Career Plan First | The Job Search Podcast
Jun 28 • 5 min
If you want to shorten your job search, do not start with your executive resume. You will save time in the long run by being strategic early on. In fact, if you do not follow this advice, you are likely to stretch your job search from a few months to…
I Suspect Your LinkedIn Profile is Fake | The Job Search Podcast
Jun 25 • 7 min
Despite LinkedIn’s best efforts, some profiles are fake. Be wary of these false profiles, so you don’t get sucked in to their scams. These are my top 5 ways to recognize if a LinkedIn profile is fake.
How to Proceed after a Layoff: 5 Practical Strategies | The Job Search Podcast
Jun 21 • 8 min
Companies have ups and downs with the changes in the economy, and your employment status depends on the company’s stability. Being laid off is not the end of your career, as the layoff is not for cause—the job simply ceases to exist. Consider the…
Get to the Heart of Your Fear of Career Change | The Job Search Podcast
Jun 18 • 6 min
More people are afraid of changing jobs or changing careers then meets the eye. Likely, fear is not an acceptable or common topic of conversation among extremely well-positioned executive leaders; the executive team is supposed to be, evidently, stoic,…
Your Job Search Might Get You Fired | The Job Search Podcast
Jun 14 • 5 min
Can you get fired for merely looking for a new job? The answer is murky.
What Do You Fear Most About Your Career Change | The Job Search Podcast
Jun 11 • 4 min
Executive job seekers may let fear cloud their judgement on moving forward with a job search, but knowing how to leave those fears aside and create a new beginning is crucial to job search success.
The Five People You Need to Know on LinkedIn for Your Executive Job Search | The Job Search Podcast
Jun 7 • 6 min
There are five people you need to know on LinkedIn to advance your executive job search. These are the people whose insights you will find helpful when you are in the process of exploring new roles, interviewing, and evaluating job offers – but they are…
Volunteerism on Your Resume | The Job Search Podcast
Jun 4 • 7 min
Do hiring managers consider volunteerism on a resume fluff? Learn the ways volunteerism that can bolster your job application process whether you have a long volunteer (unpaid) career or are using volunteer experiences to round out your executive career…
3 Easy Strategies for Connecting with New Contacts at Networking Events | The Job Search Podcast
May 31 • 3 min
When you present yourself at a networking event it’s crucial to present who you are and why you are relevant to the listener’s needs. If you don’t, you have failed! Learn new ways to make yourself memorable in this episode.
Resume Writing Prepares You for Your Next Interview | The Job Search Podcast
May 28 • 4 min
Your resume is your entree into your next executive role, but preparing it has another exceptional purpose—getting ready for your interview. When you develop your resume, you tell your story multiple times, so that your interview is perhaps the 10th time…
Job Search Focus for Success: Know What You Do NOT Want in a Job | The Job Search Podcast
May 25 • 4 min
Sometimes what you hate is as important as what you love in your executive career. Think about your future potential positions and discover what you do NOT want in your next executive role.
How to Find Joy in Your Executive Career | The Job Search Podcast
May 22 • 3 min
Do you know how to find joy in your executive career? Let’s talk about how to get you to a deeper level of job satisfaction.
Do these 10 things on LinkedIn Right Now, All in Less than 1 Hour | The Job Search Podcast
May 18 • 7 min
LinkedIn can feel overwhelming, but it’s a fantastic place for potential employers to learn the ways you can contribute to their business organizaton on Day 1. Don’t know where to begin on LinkedIn? Here are 10 easy things you can do right now.
Mindful Executive Career Change | The Job Search Podcast
May 2 • 3 min
By its very nature, the term “career” reflects the series of jobs you hold over a period of time. In the cases of most executives, these positions are going to be linked by your industry, promotions, network, and drive. I posit that this vision for the…
Informational Interviews for Your Executive Job Search | The Job Search Podcast
Apr 30 • 8 min
The informational interview… this may be uncharted territory for you. What is it? An informational interview is a meeting in which a job seeker searches out advice on their career or the entire industry of a potential workplace. Through the information…
5 Skills for Successful Job Search Networking | The Job Search Podcast
Apr 27 • 6 min
Having the right contacts can help you get information about the company and what they really want. Building your network is important, especially during your job search. Ideally you will already have some foundation for your network, but further…
Using Numbers and Metrics in Your Executive Resume | The Job Search Podcast
Apr 16 • 4 min
Using numbers and metrics in your executive resume will allow hiring managers to know exactly what your skills and accomplishments are. This will boost your resume and help you get that career you’re looking for.
Does Your Executive Resume Need a Cover Letter? | The Job Search Podcast
Apr 12 • 4 min
So why write cover letters with your resume? Is this even necessary? Today we’ll discuss the merits of a cover letter with resumes.
Top 6 Executive Resume Mistakes that Say “Don’t Hire Me” | The Job Search Podcast
Apr 10 • 8 min
What are you focusing on in your executive resume? Who is your intended audience? These questions and more are key to understanding how to make your executive resume stand out.
80/20 Rule and Your Job Search | The Job Search Podcast
Apr 5 • 7 min
The 80/20 Rule is the Pareto Principle, but here’s something amazing: it is completely applicable to your executive job search.
Show Pride and Humility in Your Executive Resume | The Job Search Podcast
Apr 3 • 4 min
Your executive resume should show you’re smart, you’re driven, and you know what you’re doing. There seem to be two avenues to take with this: You can’t stop talking about how awesome you are, or you take no credit for what you’ve done. Let’s move forward…
Your Executive Resume Speaks to Your Audience — Skip the Resume Objective | The Job Search Podcast
Apr 1 • 5 min
Objectives are self-centered and are a terrible way to say that you’ll bring teamwork when you start off talking about yourself. Listen in to know how to overcome this obstacle!
10 Etiquette Tips for Working with Recruiters | The Job Search Podcast
Apr 1 • 8 min
One of the biggest questions I frequently receive is how best to work with recruiters. As part of a well-rounded career search strategy, working with recruiters can be extremely valuable. If you choose to work with a recruiter, or a recruiter seeks you…
Executives, There’s No Such Thing as “Not Part of the Interview” | The Job Search Podcast
Mar 26 • 6 min
Trick question: There’s no such thing as “not part of the interview.” When you’re being interviewed, every bit of what is asked and answered is taken into account.
Cut the Clutter in Your Executive Resume | The Job Search Podcast
Mar 26 • 6 min
Cut the clutter and stop boring your audience. The people who read your resume and cover letter want to know what you did, and how it’s relevant to bringing their company success.
Job Seekers Succeed for One Simple Reason | The Job Search Podcast
Mar 23 • 10 min
Job seekers succeed for one simple reason. This tactic is the best way to learn about new positions. Even though it may sound intimidating, this is one of the most successful ways to find a new job.
Is Your Executive Job Search Taking Too Long? | The Job Search Podcast
Mar 19 • 7 min
There are signs that indicate if you’re wasting your time on your executive job search, and signs that you just need to continue what you’re already doing.
Keyword Strategy For Your LinkedIn Profile | The Job Search Podcast
Mar 19 • 3 min
Do you know how to choose the right keywords for your LinkedIn profile? For what do you want to be known? What executive job are you seeking? With a few smart tweaks to your LinkedIn profile, you will see the number of your profile views grow.
Basic Resume Sections that Matter to Hiring Executives | The Job Search Podcast
Mar 13 • 9 min
Since your executive resume represents you, make sure that everything you put in it describes your professionalism and experience while appealing to your intended audience.
Who Are Your Advocates in Your Executive Job Search? | The Job Search Podcast
Mar 13 • 5 min
It’s hard to know where to look for advocates in your executive job search and to know why each of these types of people can help you as you work through your career strategy. Let’s discuss some of your options.
The Job Search Podcast with Amy L. Adler | Trailer | Episode 0
Mar 8 • 2 min
Welcome to The Job Search Podcast. The Job Search Podcast Trailer, Episode 0 With Your Host, Amy L. Adler, Certified Master Resume Writer Job search. Job search is scary and certainly not something you do every day. You’re putting your most vulnerable…
5 Ways to Measure Your Job Search Networking Success | The Job Search Podcast
Mar 6 • 7 min
Do you wonder whether you are really getting anywhere with your job search networking strategy? While you are in the midst of networking, the process can seem thankless. Did that connection you made a month ago turn into something? How do you know whether…