The Intrazone by Microsoft

The Intrazone by Microsoft
The Intrazone, a show about the SharePoint intelligent intranet
Ready Player OneDrive
Aug 7 • 75 min
Accept your reality – or deploy OneDrive for a better one. The facts are right here, waiting for you. Ready, Player? Your OneDrive audible mission, should you choose to accept it, begins now! This week Mark and Chris talk with OneDrive team members Jason…
SharePoint Server 2019 Preview - Go!
Jul 24 • 57 min
You’ve waited long enough. The SharePoint Server 2019 public preview starts today.Get the inside scoop from senior product managers Bill Baer and Mark Kashman. They review all the new SPS’2019 features and list out numerous scenarios to pilot during the…
The Great Classic-to-Modern Evolution
Jul 10 • 46 min
Modernizing your user experiences and interfaces may seem daunting. The SharePoint engineering team talks with Mark and Chris about making the switch from classic to modern, providing insight, advice and solutions for users in preparation, or already in…
A Developer and an End User walk into a bar…
Jun 26 • 44 min
Mark and Chris focus on the important relationship between Developers and End Users. They talk with Julie Turner from Sympraxis Consulting, along with Antoine Faisandier and Juan Larios from Powell Software, about building out custom solutions for clients…
The Desktop Diet
Jun 12 • 70 min
Mark and Chris take the ‘desktop diet’ challenge, and talk to Mike Morton and Dan Costenaro from the Office Online team, plus a chat with Jason Himmelstein from Rackspace.
Your Intranet On the Go
May 30 • 76 min
This week’s episode focuses on all things mobile, specifically the SharePoint mobile app. Special guests include members of the SharePoint mobile team. Our SharePoint partner this week is the PAIT Group.
SPC18 Recap – Live from Vegas
May 22 • 39 min
This show takes you live on the floor of SPC18 in Las Vegas. Hosts Mark Kashman and Bill Baer recap all of the big SharePoint news and announcements from the Keynote with Jeff Teper. Special guests include You, the SharePoint community and conference-goers
When Search Becomes Intelligent
May 15 • 69 min
This show takes us to the core of the intelligent side of SharePoint search, a more personalized discovery experience. This week, Hosts Mark Kashman and Naomi Moneypenny discuss search and discovery. Special guests include Agnes Molnar of Search Explained…
Low-code, no-code – that is the solution
May 1 • 74 min
This show takes you into the building blocks of your Microsoft SharePoint intranet. This week’s topic is Low-Code / No-Code solutions, the meaning behind it, along with the benefits and repercussions. They explore various scenarios supported by Microsoft…
Building Blocks of Your Intelligent Intranet
Mar 15 • 60 min
This show takes you into the building blocks of your Microsoft SharePoint intranet. Highlights include current news in SharePoint, FAQs, featured apps and best practices. Special guests are SharePoint experts Laura Rogers of IW Mentor and Matt Wade of…