Hockey from every angle.
Draft Recap, Free Agency, Canucks, and more!
Jun 26
Boy, when we start talking about free agents, we just go and go! This week’s episode contains a draft recap, trade recaps, free agency preview, a look back at some random years of the Canucks, and of course, goalie talk.
Everything is coming up John (Tavares + Carlson)!
Jun 15
Oh thank heavens, it’s episode 11. We look back (quickly) at the Stanley Cup Finals, look towards the Draft, and explore possible signing/trade scenarios for Tavares, Carlson, the Islanders, Coyotes, Penguins… almost every team actually.
Stanley Cup Final preview, Kane, Dubas, and more!
May 24
What a milestone! 10 episodes! We look back at the Conference Finals, look towards the Stanley Cup finals, and chat about Evander Kane, Kyle Dubas, and John Tavares!
Round 2 Review, and Round 3 Preview!
May 11
Taking a look back at round 2, and looking ahead to round 3! Who are the goalies that are good, and who’s garbage?
Round 1 Analysis, and Round 2 Preview!
Apr 26
We’ve finished the first round of the 2018 NHL Playoffs, so its time to look back, while also looking ahead. Hear our predictions for round 2, and see how far off we were in round 1.
Holland, Vigneault, the Sedins, and a full playoff preview!
Apr 8
The playoffs are (nearly) here! We touch on Ken Holland’s extension, Vigneault’s firing, the Sedins retiring, and we do a breakdown of each playoff series, and give our predictions! You heard them here first from 2 (non) experts.
Is Yakupov done in the NHL? Who will benefit most from the rising Cap?
Apr 1
Happy Easter, everyone! It’s Episode 6, and we talk Yakupov, Scott Foster, the rising Cap, and who it benefits most. Plus, we play our first ever game on the podcast!
Flames, William Karlsson, and checking in with trade deadline players.
Mar 25
WE LIVE WITH EPISODE FIVE! Break into a jive. Okay, enough rhyming. Will the Flames make a big trade for a 1st round pick? What’s William Karlsson’s next contract going to look like? We also check in on the players acquired at the deadline.
Goalie fatigue, the next Carolina GM, THN’s Top 100 Prospects
Mar 18
Are starting goalies playing too much? Who’s going to be Carolina’s next GM? We also take a look at The Hockey News’ new list of the Top 100 NHL Prospects.
What is the deal with Carolina, and who is the next backup turned starter in the NHL?
Mar 11
Every team who doesn’t draft a future starter, tries to find the next starter who is currently another team’s back up. Who is that for the 2018-2019 season?
Goalies, Goalies, Goalies!
Mar 5
Hockey goalies are the most confusing of all athletes, but we try and take a stab at figuring them out! We talk Mrazek, Elliot, Niemi, Bishop, and more!
2018 Trade Deadline
Feb 26
Our very first episode! We dive into the moves made at the deadline, and look towards playoffs to see who can ultimately take home the Stanley Cup.