The Retail Podcast - MOB Show - Small Business Advice

The Retail Podcast - MOB Show - Small Business Advice
Welcome to the MOB Show, this is the retail podcast. In 2012 I walked out of prison. I began my 30th year, with £49 in my back pocket, no home, no job and little prospect of getting one. 6 years later I had founded chain of 27 stores across the UK on a shoestring and a backpack full of stock. We have multi million pound revenues each year and if I can do this, then you can achieve your own entrepreneurial dreams too. With the ease today of setting up a website, social media profiles and easy to manage advertising options, there has never been a better time to chase your dreams.

7 habits of successful people - Wellness and success with @thenutriguy
Jul 11 • 51 min
7 habits of successful people is the topic of today’s show. Myself and long term friend Geneses, aka @thenutriguy talk about steps you can take to increase your life chances of success and happiness. We discuss “What makes success?” but also 7 items we…
My First Year in Business | An Entrepreneur’s Story
Jun 28 • 55 min
My first year in business, charts my story from opening a terrible ecommerce business to moving into bricks and mortar retail. That same business Vape and Juice, the online vape shop is where I operate now. From 1 shop to 30 in 5 years, I wanted to talk…
The truth about email marketing subject lines | How to write killer titles
May 21 • 31 min
May 20 • 7 min
“You’ll never know the true value of someone until you can’t afford to pay for their time” Today’s episode is all about paying it forward, and why it’s so important in business. The MOB Show Facebook/mobshowpodcast Instagram/Twitter:…
It’s Called Acting, Darling | Closing A Sale: Closing Techniques
May 15 • 23 min
DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE ‘NO’S’ “It’s called acting, darling” Closing a deal, closing a book, closing a conversation; getting a resolution that works for what you want. In today’s episode, I talk about sales techniques that you can employ to get better at…
How to get better at Sales | Top Sales Tips
May 8 • 30 min
Pitch, Tonality, Speed <——— This is what you need “How do I pitch something? How do I sell something? I’ve never had sales training!” … *NEWS FLASH*… We’ve all had sales training, some of us just don’t realise it In this episode, I talk all about every…
‘Nine figure profits with this business coaching!’ | Business Coaching Scams
Apr 30 • 36 min
‘Be your own boss, make 9 figure profits with this business coaching scheme!’ I have had an annoying amount of messages like this recently. In Today’s podcast, I talk about Business Coaching Scams and why they are never going to make you an entrepreneur.…
A Day In The Life Of A CEO: Mason On Business
Apr 25 • 28 min
In Today’s podcast, I give an insight into what my normal day looks like as a business owner. And no, it doesn’t all come out smelling of roses. Listen to our latest episode here. If you like these podcasts, don’t forget to give us a rating, review and…
Influencer or Exhibitionist?
Apr 15 • 17 min
In today’s episode, I talk all about social media influencers and whether we should be using them as a form of advertising in business. If you like these podcasts, don’t forget to give us a rating, review and subscribe for future updates! The MOB Show…
Top 5 Tips To Win In Retail | Part Five: Point Of Difference
Apr 11 • 13 min
TOP 5 WAYS TO WIN IN RETAIL We’re rounding off our five part series ‘Top 5 Ways To Win In Retail’ in todays final episode Part five: Point Of Difference In today’s episode, I talk about the importance of having a point of difference and how it will help…
Top 5 Ways To Win In Retail | Part Four: Loyalty Card Scheme
Apr 3 • 7 min
‘Top 5 Ways To Win In Retail’ is a five part series, we continue in todays episode with Part four: Loyalty Card Scheme In today’s episode, I talk about the importance of having a loyalty scheme in place and how that will help you win in the retail game.…
Top 5 Ways To Win In Retail | Part Three: Marketing
Apr 3 • 8 min
‘Top 5 Ways To Win In Retail’ is a five part series, we continue in todays episode with Part three: Marketing In today’s episode, I talk about the importance of investing in your marketing and how this fundamental method will help you win in the retail…
Top 5 Ways To Win In Retail | Part Two: Professional Development
Mar 26 • 7 min
‘Top 5 Ways To Win In Retail’ is a five part series, we continue in todays episode with Part two: Professional Development In today’s episode, I talk about the importance of investing in your team and how commitment to professional development will help…
Top 5 Ways To Win In Retail | Part One: Convenience
Mar 25 • 16 min
This episode is part one of a five part series ‘Top 5 Ways To Win In Retail’ How to get verified on Google: If you like these podcasts, don’t forget to give us a rating, review and subscribe for future updates!…
Business Book Review - Shoe Dog (By the Creator of Nike)
Mar 20 • 14 min
“A refreshingly honest reminder of what the path to business success really looks like, it’s an amazing tale” - Bill Gates Shoe Dog is an incredible book about Phil Knight the founder of Nike. Stanford graduate, after a year in the army, he was looking…
This will make your customers FOUR TIMES more likely to buy | Referral Schemes
Mar 18 • 16 min
83% of satisfied customers will refer your business to their friends, providing you’ve given them a good experience. Referral from a friend makes someone FOUR TIMES more likely to buy. So, what are you doing when it comes to a referral scheme? A referral…
Are you an entrepreneur or a wantrepreneur?
Mar 13 • 8 min
Stop thinking and start doing. What are you doing with your time? There are so many people that like the idea of having a business, in their head they’re entitled that their business should always succeed and always work. You can’t take all the credit for…
Drop your loser friends | Eliminating toxic people from your life
Mar 12 • 14 min
Famously, people say you are the sum total of the five people closest to you. If you surround yourself with motivated, positive, ambitious people, you become better. If you work in an environment where people are negative, they moan, they’re toxic, do you…
Why you shouldn’t give your kids pocket money
Mar 5 • 15 min
Giving your kids pocket money, in my opinion, is one of the worst examples of how to gear up a child for the future. Putting false belief into a persons mind from a young age that you simply get given something for doing nothing will inevitably create an…
Why Trello is Life… | A revolution for business owners
Mar 4 • 16 min
Post-it notes are in the past. Say ‘Trello!’ to the future In todays podcast, I am joined by Jeremy Singer, Director of CVM Digital (marketing agency). Jeremy talks about WHY TRELLO IS LIFE. Never heard of Trello? Have a listen, it will change your life.…
Hard Work Beats Perfection | Let me motivate you
Feb 27 • 4 min
Want to know how you can beat those with more skill than you? Don’t put off making content - think Leicester City FC and the Premier League Title
How to win sales on social media | What does Jab-Jab-Jab, Right Hook, mean?
Feb 26 • 14 min
Have you ever heard the phrase: “Jab, jab, jab, right-hook?” Made famous by podcaster and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk? Well it essentially means, before asking for a sale, offer tons of value. How many of you are guilty of just telling and selling in…
The Truth About Gratitude in Business and Personal Success
Feb 25 • 14 min
Be thankful everyday to those who help you to be where you are. Gratitude is one of the major tools of successful people to help them in business and in their personal lives. Are you taking the time to thank those around you for their contributions.…
Why you should build your business around ‘The Experience’ | Lessons from Apple
Feb 24 • 21 min
Great businesses understand the importance of customer experience. It’s never about the first transaction and always about building fans of your brand. Take a leaf out of Apple’s playbook (not a new app) and even Hard Rock Cafe, to find out how you can…
My Top Business Quotes to Live By | How to be the best CEO / Leader
Feb 21 • 43 min
The best business quotes to run your business and professional life by is a two part section on some tips that I follow to grow my own operations to where they are now. Having taken a £5000 startup with 1 store to 30 in around 5 years that has…
You’re doing Instagram all wrong | The best pictures don’t have hashtags
Feb 20 • 10 min
How to do instagram better for your business. The best pictures for you, don’t have hashtags for you. Start tracking your local location, find out how this can help a location based business now. Give us love on Instagram and Twitter @the_mobshow
SHOCKER - Can you sack a customer? | The Retail Podcast
Feb 17 • 20 min
Can you sack a customer? Seems counter intuitive if you run a customer facing business, but sometimes, a customer is not a customer at all. On ridiculously rare occasions I have had to sack a customer. Or put another way, been firm, not bent over…
Recruitment | How to get your CVs answered | How to recruit better
Feb 13 • 21 min
Do you go around in circles with poor recruitment choices? Do you struggle to find quality candidates? Maybe you’re an applicant and wonder why no one picks up your CV and offers you an interview. Do you want to start getting job interviews more…
The truth about getting ahead in business and life | Target Fixation | The MOB Show
Feb 10 • 20 min
Want to know the truth about getting head in business or in your professional life? Target Fixation is one of the biggest self imposed barriers faced by so many wannabe entrepreneurs, actual entrepreneurs and professionals. If you want to know what I mean…
The Truth about why your marketing is not converting online | Growth Hacks
Feb 9 • 15 min
The truth about why your marketing is not converting online is my take on what we often forget to do in terms of UX, aka user experience. We often do marketing campaigns to grow our online and offline projects, but have you ever stopped to really consider…
Do you even business bro? | Ensure your business passes the ‘bus test’
Feb 6 • 13 min
If you were to get hit by a bus tomorrow, would your business still run without you? Every person who starts out a business, does it for a reason. Be it for themselves, for their family, for their legacy. BUT, you’ll never grow into a bigger business if…
Patience is a virtue | Penny wise, pound foolish
Feb 5 • 12 min
Patience is a virtue, for a reason. We may live in a world where social media and society alludes us to believe that you need a fancy car or a fancy watch to prove your success. But the reality is, if you worry about the short term things, you won’t have…
SMS Marketing | IT’S BACK!!! | Growth Hacks
Feb 3 • 10 min
SMS marketing. No it’s not a replay of a podcast from 2001; we took a look at the unloved marketing medium, SMS. Email marketing has it’s place and it does work. BUT, its a crowded marketplace, and you aren’t just competing for attention from competitors…
What is Single Customer View | How to Boost your marketing | Growth Hacks
Feb 1 • 15 min
What is single customer view? It’s the understanding that as a retailer, you should see the journey and engagement of a customer as one, across all platforms. This means, focusing on a customer as an individual and not a group. Why is this something worth…
Are you missing the obvious? | Getting your branding right
Jan 28 • 16 min
Are you missing the obvious? “Retail is dead!” No. Retail is not dead. Retailers are simply missing the obvious. Today I talk about why…
Underpriced Attention | Bing that’s the answer | E-commerce Growth Hacks
Jan 28 • 8 min
“It’s not the best brand that wins, it’s the best known brand” Today I talk about what underpriced attention is, and why it’s so important in a business. Small business owners often wonder “Why are we not showing up on Google search?”. In this episode, I…
Extreme Ownership | Just Podding Along
Jan 27 • 11 min
If I told you, that everything that goes wrong in your business is your fault, how would you react? Extreme Ownership is the act of taking complete responsibility of all areas of your business to ensure your plans are fully implemented.
Way of the Wolf | Best Business Book Review | How to be Charismatic
Jan 25 • 29 min
‘Way of the Wolf - Straight Line Sales’ is the work of rogue Stockbroker Jordan Belfort. It’s a business book with an edge. The focus of this title is about employing sales skills at the highest level. Straight Line Sales, is Jordan’s technique for…
Interview with a…PT | Starting a PT business | Entrepreneur Interviews
Jan 23 • 20 min
In this episode I speak to Becky Spencer-Davies, sports and nutrition advisor, and founder of ‘The Fit Thing’. The Fit Thing is a personal training business based in Oxfordshire. Offering both an offline and online service, Becky’s business provides her…
Why patience is the route to success | Just Podding Along
Jan 21 • 19 min
Patience is the most undervalued attribute in humankind. I answered a profoundly sad question this week on Quora that I hope got through the recipient. It highlights just why patience is the key to success. If you are in a funk, then this podcast is for…
Sacking a supplier | Great business book review | Just Podding Along
Jan 19 • 13 min
Sacking a supplier, can be a liberating experience. Do business, only with those that you love doing business with. I have some suppliers now that wow me and some I genuinely enjoy speaking to. They do more for me than supply a product, they help me grow…
Interview with a… Rockstar | Jonathan Pfahl | Rockstar Group CEO | True-life Entrepreneurs
Jan 17 • 37 min
“80% of people who work for someone else, hate what they do.” ‘Interview with a Rockstar’ introduces entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Rockstar Group, Jonathan Pfahl. In his day to day role, the Aussie born entrepreneur operates a seed fund, crowdfunding…
Pitfalls of renting a commercial premises | Lease Help | Just Podding Along
Jan 17 • 17 min
If you are looking to take on a commercial premises, be it a shop or a cafe etc, then I talk you through some things to look out for. I have dealt with a ton of leases myself, in the early days out of necessity, but with experience have become a little…
Apps for growing social media | Just Podding Along accounts
Jan 16 • 31 min
We are documenting the launch of our new business CBDStar and are taking the time to talk about what apps we are using to grow our following. If you are starting your own business, then check in and see how we have got on with the plethora of ‘grow your…
Interview with a… Wife | How to use Hashtags correctly | Podcast for Startups
Jan 13 • 32 min
This episode I speak to my business partner and wife, about her new venture ‘Stories like ours’. Stories Like ours is a wedding stationary business that offers a high end product but without the price tag. Using a range of available templates that are…
How to measure and improve Customer Service - Just Podding Along with a Startup CEO
Jan 12 • 15 min
When you start your business and it begins to grow, very often it’s you the customers come back for. When you can’t be there and need to take on staff, maintaining that commitment to excellence can be a real challenge. At Vape and Juice we monitor and…
Just Podding Along | How to deal with reviews & Big Co. ethics
Jan 11 • 28 min
Just Podding along - the ramblings of a man in business. This episode on my journey to and from the office I am touching on business ethics, how we cope as a society with big companies and how to handle reviews online and offline. Reviews are the modern…
Start a CBD shop - promoting businesses banned from ads
Jan 11 • 22 min
Hi there, this is the audio taken from my recent vlog on the Youtube channel. I am in the process of setting up a CBD business and this means we are limited to where we can market and how we can market. For this reason we have had to be a little more…
Setting up Twitch and interview nerves
Jan 10 • 14 min
Welcome to the Startup podcast, I’m Mason on business. We are preparing today for our first outside interviewee, Jonathan Pfahl. CEO of Rockstar Group, he’s an entrepreneur, a mentor and has seen the rough with the smooth. While waiting for that we are…
Get rich quick schemes | MLM and what’s the point
Jan 9 • 28 min
Get rich quick schemes seem to never go away. From MLM schemes that sell health supplements to some now landing in the Cannabis market. Why do people sign up to them and what’s the benefits to those who do? The grass is greener on the other side or so…
My Quora Profile got 15k hits in 7 days
Jan 8 • 20 min
Have you ever asked a question or read the answer on Quora? Well Quora is a big way to win if you want to grow your personal brand and its as easy as caring enough to write decent written content. This episode I talk Quora, how to use it and how Twitter…
How to win at Amazon | E-commerce hacks | Ep20
Jan 5 • 7 min
How to win at Amazon, when all about you are losing theirs. Okay, I have kind of b*stardised someone else’s quote there. But, this - ‘How to win at Amazon’, is my cheeky getting your own back tip, to boost your own brand awareness while using Amazon.…
How to get followers on social media | Apps that make life easier | ep20
Jan 4 • 16 min
How to get genuine engaged followers on social media and some tools we are using to make life easier. We are documenting the launch of a new CBD shop business and today’s podcast talks about what we are doing to begin cementing our brand and helping it…
Content Hacking Tip | Finding Great Blog Content Easy | Ep 19 The MOB Show
Jan 3 • 3 min
Content Hacking Tip for guerilla marketers coming up in today’s bitesize podcast. Finding great content for a blog can be a chore at times and even more so if you are new to the industry you have jumped into. I’ve been there, I know the difficulty. You…
Guerilla Marketing guide | £500 a month marketing budget | Small business Podcast
Jan 3 • 38 min
The £500 a month Marketing Budget for a small business or startup. What you should spend your money on each month for marketing if you have £500 a month or less. For many businesses, big capital to outlay on marketing budgets, just isn’t there. Whether…
The state of the High Street - Retail
Jan 2 • 21 min
The state of commerce and in particular high street stores is constantly in the press. With a stream of interesting news over the Christmas period about retail, I talk about the state of the wider High Street and the future of big brand Halfords. Part of…
Which social media platform should I use to promote my business | Small business podcast
Dec 27, 2018 • 11 min
There is a common question asked in business circles with the ever growing presence of apps and social media platforms. What is it? It’s ‘which social media platform should I use to promote my business?’ Today’s episode is going to answer that for you. We…
Pricing your products and how to do it
Dec 15, 2018 • 19 min
This episode talks about how to price products for your online and offline shop. I discuss bias in power and buyers in need as well as undercutting pricing and loss leaders. pricing your products correctly is the difference between success and failure but…
How to get customers into an offline shop
Dec 15, 2018 • 6 min
How to get customers into an offline shop. The power of indexes. If you are looking to drive more customers to your offline Bricks and mortar shop, then check out this first step. Marketing for offline shops starts online and I explain how, in this…
Prison to profit, not another prison podcast.
Dec 10, 2018 • 25 min
Tales from rock bottom up, dives back into why I am doing all this and how I came to be sat where I am now. I don’t intend to produce just another prison podcast, instead I want to talk about the good that has come from my experiences, my life truly has…
F*ck Instagram Influencers - Why Insta is not your best life
Dec 7, 2018 • 15 min
Don’t believe the hype. Why you should turn off Instagram and ring your folks. Instagram influencers and fake realities I discuss in this episode of A.R.E.A.M / the Hustle. Ever wondered why people look like they make it overnight on Instagram, well…
Does University matter for business?
Dec 7, 2018 • 31 min
We talk about Gary Vaynerchuk’s recent discussion on the current downturn of University appeal as well as the worry that University debt will have in causing the next financial meltdown.
Digital Detox - Whatsauto Reply Apps
Aug 23, 2018 • 12 min
Digital Detox? Get yourself on this WhatsApp Autoreply App. And an App Fail discussion
To-do lists - Habits of successful people
Mar 26, 2018 • 10 min
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you’re like me and love a to do list, then this podcast introduces a great new app you should check out. Plus an update on Virthium the review rebate app.
Rotacloud and Shopping Review Rebates
Mar 10, 2018 • 14 min
Are you struggling to keep on top of time sheets? Are your staff getting to work on time? Do you even know. We are talking about RotaCloud today and how to encourage customers to write reviews with Shopping rebates.
Optimising Google Map & dem damnbandoned carts
Mar 7, 2018 • 12 min
Hi all, I’m talking about how to optimise your Google map page plus trialing heat maps with Lucky Orange on Shopify, Big Commerce and Wordpress
Starting your first Shop
Mar 7, 2018 • 20 min
Looking to open a retail business in a bricks and mortar location. It’s old school, but be new school about marketing it.
The Hustle - Apps Rule Everything Around Me
Mar 7, 2018 • 30 min
Introducing Mason Zacharie and how to hustle small business. I love Apps and I love Hip Hop. I will probably deviate from both in my passion to talk about growing businesses.