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Wed. Mar. 21, 2018 - Zuckerberg Responds
Mar 21 • 14 min
Zuckerberg speaks out about the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Siri will read your hidden messages, Travis Kalanick’s new gig, Facebook Messenger’s new features, YouTube’s increased ad load, Google gobbles Lytro, and everyone wants to work at a tech…
Tuesday, Mar. 20, 2018 - Google Wants to Save Journalism
Mar 20 • 15 min
Google wants to support journalism, more on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica saga, more on the self-driving car fatality, YouTube rolls out a “go live” feature, and scandal rocks the world of HQ Trivia. Credits: Produced by @brianmcc and the @techmeme…
Monday, Mar. 19, 2018 - The Facebook Bombshell Fallout
Mar 19 • 19 min
The fallout from the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica story summarized, Facebook launches a Patreon, a self-driving car kills a pedestrian and Apple might be making its own screens. Credits: Produced by @brianmcc and the @techmeme staff Music by…
Friday, Mar. 16, 2018 - Apple Takes a Field Trip
Mar 16 • 16 min
Apple takes a field trip, a small town bans bitcoin, Rihanna doesn’t accept Snapchat’s apology, Adobe transforms itself, and Lyft tests subscriptions. Stories from, @DMOberhaus and @oliviasolon; tweet-analysis from @ow Weekend long-read…
Thursday, Mar. 15, 2018 - How Amazon Conquers
Mar 15 • 17 min
Apple’s troubles with Siri, Amazon’s had an amazing last three years, but it didn’t kill Toys “R” Us, Nest launches a video doorbell, Google answers with no search results, and Drake crashes Twitch. Stories from @ShiraOvide and @rustybrick and tweet…
Wednesday, Mar. 14, 2018 - Theranos Charged with Fraud
Mar 14 • 16 min
Theranos Charged with Fraud, Google bans crypto ads, YouTube fights conspiracy theories, a startup that wants to kill you, Google Maps for games, and Twitter comes after Snap. Credits: Produced by @brianmcc and the @techmeme staff Music by @jpschwinghamer
Tuesday, Mar. 13, 2018 - Trump trumps Broadcom
Mar 13 • 16 min
Trump trumps Broadcom, Larry Page and flying taxis, alleged flaws in AMD chips, Spotify playlist payola, checking in with Lyft, ranking tech brands and WWDC dates are announced. Credits: Produced by @brianmcc and the @techmeme staff Music by…
Monday, Mar. 12, 2018 - Apple Buys Texture
Mar 12 • 15 min
Apple acquires Texture, details on the Dropbox IPO, drone deliveries might be coming soon, Twitter attacks tweetdecking, more on the Broadcom/Qualcomm story, and an interesting story out of the bitcoin world. Here’s what happened today in tech. Credits:…
Friday, Mar. 9, 2018 - Obama to Netflix
Mar 9 • 14 min
Waymo joins the self-driving truck party, Twitter wants you to go verify yourself, Snap wants to break even, Facebook streams Major League Baseball, some weekend long-reads, and why that Obama going to Netflix story is a tech story. The long-reads…
Thursday, Mar. 8, 2018 - Galaxy S9 Reviews
Mar 8 • 17 min
Galaxy S9 reviews, Travis Kalanick’s new fund, Google wants to AMP the web, most Netflix is watched on TVs, a Star Wars TV show, and yesterday’s Alexa laughter led to a lot of Twitter jokes. Credits: Produced by @brianmcc and the @techmeme staff Music by…
Wednesday, Mar. 7, 2018 - Android P Released To Developers
Mar 7 • 20 min
Android P is released to developers, Blackberry sues Facebook, sources speak of possible Snap layoffs, an interesting Peter Thiel interview, and actually, much more…. Credits: Produced by @brianmcc and the @techmeme staff Music by @jpschwinghamer
Tuesday, Mar. 6, 2018 - Google Ads AI to Drones?
Mar 6 • 14 min
Google adds AI to drones, Uber trucks start hauling cargo, reading the Uber tea leaves, Washington State brings back net neutrality, Bumble bans guns, and Dyson cuts the cord. Literally. Google says it provides TensorFlow APIs to US Dept of Defense to…
Monday, Mar. 5, 2018 - Amazon Checking Accounts
Mar 5 • 13 min
Amazon checking accounts, Apple noise canceling earphones, Google sells Zagat, Facebook posts a cringeworthy user survey, and VCs take a road trip! Sources: Amazon is in talks with big banks including JPMorgan Chase about a checking-account-like product…
Introducing the Techmeme Ride Home Podcast
Mar 1 • 3 min
Introducing ourselves, and letting you know what we’ll be doing. First episode launches March 6 at 5PM eastern.