Beyond the Neon

Beyond the Neon
The podcast dedicated to understanding 1980s pop culture, Beyond the Neon looks past the nostalgia to get beneath the skin of the decade of excess. Each documentary show looks at a different aspect of the era and examines the social, political and economic climate behind it.

Satanic Panic Part Two: Panicky in the U.K.
Feb 8 • 57 min
In the second part of this special, Beyond the Neon explores how the Satanic Panic in the US spread to Great Britain in the 1980s. The show looks into how fears about music, board games, films and TV shows, were used to build support for religious…
Satanic Panic Part One: Storm in the U.S.A.
Feb 8 • 81 min
The first of a two-part special exploring the history and explosion of Satanic Panic that spread across America in the 1980s. Real-life criminal cases, dubious media reports, exploitative TV shows, foaming religious fanaticism, and outrageous claims… its…
80s villains: The death and rebirth of mythical evil
Feb 8 • 67 min
Villainy in 1980s popular culture and how the politics and social trends of the decade gave us a wealth of iconic bad guys. The corporate characters and entities that loomed large, the rock star vampires that replaced the traditional gothic monsters and…
Occult perceptions in the home video era
Feb 7 • 35 min
In a special bonus episode, I present my academic paper created for the Gothic 1980s Symposium that took place in June 2019. Re-recorded and re-edited with illustrative clips, I explore how the aesthetic ‘gothic’ of 1980s cinema is less active than some…
Late 80s Movie Branding and Advertising Perceptions
Feb 7 • 39 min
The final part of the Beyond the Neon film marketing trilogy looks at the end of the 1980s and how popular culture was reacting to the advertising explosion of the decade.
Superheroes and Heroism in the Reagan Era
Feb 7 • 78 min
Exploring the superhero landscape of the 1970s, how this translated to decade that followed, and how a new president changed the way Hollywood looked at heroism in comics, tv and film.
High Concept and 80s Movie Marketing Magic
Feb 7 • 41 min
The second in a three-part series looking at film marketing in the 1980s, Beyond the Neon look at how home video and the ‘high concept’ movie defined advertising approaches during the decade.
1980s Cinema and the Birth of Film Marketing
Feb 7 • 39 min
In the first of a three parter looking at film marketing in the 1980s, Beyond the Neon explores the history, language and landscape of cinema that led to the movie marketing we know today.
The Transformers Phenomenon Part 2
Feb 7 • 41 min
In the second of a two-part epic show, I continue my journey into one of the most important toy franchises of the 1980s (and my childhood) The Transformers.
The Transformers Phenomenon Part 1
Feb 7 • 40 min
In the first of a two-part epic show, I delve head-first into the most important toy franchise of my childhood - and one I still cherish today - The Transformers. Featuring interviews with The Toys That Made Us producer Brian Volk Weiss, writer/editor of…
Were the 1980s too scary?
Feb 7 • 45 min
Beyond the Neon plumbs the depths of the 1980s to ponder its wildest, most wonderful moments - and answer some of its most perplexing questions. In episode 1, I ask if the decade was a place of harmless fun, or if it was potentially damaging to kids. I…