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75: May 22, 2018
May 21 • 1 min
Fortnite eSport pools are going to be flush with cash, the Obamas have signed a deal with Netflix, and another Intel CPU flaw has been disclosed.
74: May 21, 2018
May 20 • 2 min
RED is starting to show off its Hydrogen One phone, Elon Musk has shared more about the dual-motor Model 3, and President Trump is looking for ways to charge Amazon more for its use of the postal service.
73: May 19, 2018
May 18 • 1 min
The Boring Company is digging a tunnel in parallel to the 405, Google is telling employees more about Project Duplex, and the Snapchat redesign was the CEO’s doing. Whoops.
72: May 18, 2018
May 17 • 1 min
Google is upending YouTube Red, Apple is said to have sold 600,000 HomePods, and Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller is real.
71: May 17, 2018
May 16 • 1 min
Microsoft may be readying cheap Surface tablets, while OnePlus unveils its new Android phone. Meanwhile, the Senate is trying to save net neutrality.
70: May 16, 2018
May 15 • 1 min
Microsoft has taken the wraps off its Surface Hub 2, Twitter is making changes to curb abuse, and HTC has a new phone that … well … is based on blockchain technology.
69: May 15, 2018
May 14 • 1 min
Google is revamping its paid storage options, Microsoft is working on a new controller, and the Senate is set to vote on net neutrality.
68: May 14, 2018
May 13 • 1 min
Trump is working to reverse the U.S. Department of Commerce ban on ZTE, while Telsa sees another high-profile departure and the world learns of a lawsuit against Apple over the MacBook Pro’s keyboard.
67: May 12, 2018
May 11 • 1 min
Microsoft is replacing flickering Surface Pro 4 units, Boston Dynamic’s SpotMini robot is going on sale next year, and NASA is prepping a small helicopter to go to Mars in 2020.
66: May 11, 2018
May 10 • 1 min
Google is weighing disclosure options for Duplex calls, Apple is working on clean aluminum, and Klout is dead.
65: May 10, 2018
May 9 • 1 min
Apple may be preparing to sell video subscriptions through its TV app, SpaceX is about to launch the first of the final version of its Falcon 9, and ZTE is shuttering its phone business.
64: May 09, 2018
May 8 • 1 min
The first day of Google I/O was a busy one, with the company showing off improvements to Android, Google Assistant and Google News.
63: May 08, 2018
May 7 • 1 min
The first day of Microsoft Build brings a look at the future… a future where Windows isn’t the center of the PC universe.
62: May 07, 2018
May 6 • 1 min
The iMac turns 20, NASA InSight is headed to Mars, and both Google and Microsoft are holding their developer conferences.
61: May 05, 2018
May 4 • 1 min
Apple is dealing with iPhone 7 microphone issues, Google Assistant knows all about movie tickets, and the effort to resurrect Vine has ended.
60: May 04, 2018
May 3 • 1 min
Twitter is warning all of its users to change their passwords, Pocket Casts has been purchased by a group of public radio stations, and shopping within Instagram is coming.
59: May 03, 2018
May 2 • 1 min
Hulu is making content available offline, Cambridge Analytica is going out of business, and Tesla is struggling to find profits.
58: May 02, 2018
May 1 • 1 min
Apple sold some iPhones, Facebook wants you to date, and a new Twitter app is coming to Windows.
57: May 01, 2018
Apr 30 • 1 min
Fitbit is looking to make activity data more useful to doctors, a new Windows 10 update is rolling out, and Sonos is prepping new goodies.
56: April 30, 2018
Apr 29 • 1 min
T-Mobile and Sprint are moving toward a merger, Blue Origin sees another successful test flight of its suborbital rocket, and Amazon Prime fees are going up starting in May.
55: April 28, 2018
Apr 27 • 1 min
MoviePass isn’t the deal it once was, a report claims Apple is swinging big on the future of AR and VR, and the Ford Taurus is dead.
54: April 27, 2018
Apr 26 • 1 min
Amazon’s quarterly results are in, Snap has new Spectacles for sale, and Apple has killed its Airport line of products.
53: April 26, 2018
Apr 25 • 1 min
A redesigned Gmail is rolling out, Amazon can leave packages in the trunk of your car, and Facebook’s quarterly results are in.
52: April 25, 2018
Apr 24 • 1 min
Spotify has updates its free tier, Facebook has shared its Community Guidelines, and Xbox One S and X owners are seeing updates to their consoles.
51: April 24, 2018
Apr 23 • 1 min
Amazon is planning in-home robots, Apple and Samsung are headed back to court, and Nest is losing cash hand over fist.
50: April 23, 2018
Apr 22 • 1 min
Apple is replacing batteries in 13-inch MacBook Pros, Campo Santo has sold to Valve, and Amazon is guarding reviews of James Comey’s new book.
49: April 21, 2018
Apr 20 • 1 min
AT&T and Verizon are under investigation for their attempts to stifle eSIM technology, while the former is preparing a low-cost streaming service. Meanwhile, the iOS App Store redesign is a big win for featured apps.
48: April 20, 2018
Apr 19 • 1 min
47: April 19, 2018
Apr 18 • 1 min
Amazon has 100 million Prime members, NASA TESS has been launched atop a SpaceX Falcon 9, and OneNote users are in for a new PC app later this year.
46: April 18, 2018
Apr 17 • 1 min
Tesla is halting Model 3 production, Russia blocked Telegram, and Apple is looking into a paid news service.
45: April 17, 2018
Apr 16 • 1 min
Netflix’s Q1 numbers are great, unlike ZTE’s week, which brought a ban on US exports from the US Department of Commerce. Amazon is no longer planning sell drugs to hospitals, sending pharmacy stocks soaring.
44: April 16, 2018
Apr 15 • 1 min
Android P may bring new gestures, Ford is gearing up for a self-driving feet, and Apple is repairing 42mm Apple Watch S2 devices with swollen batteries.
43: April 14, 2018
Apr 13 • 1 min
Apple is cracking down on leaks, AMD has new CPUs for sale, and the NTSB and Tesla clash over an ongoing investigation.
42: April 13, 2018
Apr 12 • 1 min
Online privacy legislation is being drawn up, 32-bit Mac apps are dying off, and Nintendo is accepting pitches.
41: April 12, 2018
Apr 11 • 1 min
Zuckerberg is back in Congress, Gmail is due for a redesign, and Spotify has teamed up with Hulu on a new bundle.
40: April 11, 2018
Apr 10 • 1 min
Zuckerberg testifies in front of the Senate, Vevo’s YouTube account was hacked, and LG is readying its G7 phone.
39: April 10, 2018
Apr 9 • 1 min
An open-source project lets you browse your Windows PC in style, while HP takes on the iPad Pro and Apple launches a PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 8.
38: April 09, 2018
Apr 8 • 1 min
Backpage was taken down by the government, NASA is looking into a new generation of supersonic planes and under ocean Internet cables have ben damaged off the coast of Africa.
37: April 07, 2018
Apr 6 • 1 min
Third-party Twitter clients are facing a tough future, while Spotify is possible planning a hardware device, and Facebook is undoing the ability to unsend messages.
36: April 06, 2018
Apr 5 • 1 min
Apple shares new info on the Mac Pro, the Lunar X Prize is back, and 64-bit apps on ARM-based PCs may be around the corner.
35: April 05, 2018
Apr 4 • 1 min
34: April 04, 2018
Apr 3 • 1 min
Spotify held its IPO, Apple has hired a former Google executive, and a day of tragedy at YouTube HQ.
33: April 03, 2018
Apr 2 • 1 min
Apple is rumored to be preparing a move away from Intel CPUs in the Mac, Grindr shared HIV data with outside analytics firms and the government is upset Tesla shared details about a March crash that killed a Model X driver.
32: April 02, 2018
Apr 2 • 1 min
Drupal admins need to patch their sites, CloudFlare enters the DNS market and April Fools’ Day is still a thing.
31: March 31, 2018
Mar 30 • 1 min
SpaceX gets the green light for it’s satellite-based Internet access plans, Alexa is learning how DVRs work, and macOS users can now take advantage of eGPUs.
30: March 30, 2018
Mar 29 • 1 min
MyFitnessPal has been hacked, Microsoft is reorganizing its Windows division, and Uber has settled with the family of the woman killed in Arizona.
29: March 29, 2018
Mar 28 • 1 min
Apple CEO Tim Cook has tough words for Facebook, while Google has shipped a beta of the next version of Wear OS, and car companies aim to dazzle and the New York Auto Show.
28: March 28, 2018
Mar 28 • 1 min
Apple has a new iPad for consumers and schools, Google has purchased Tenor, and NASA’s next-generation telescope is behind schedule, again.
27: March 27, 2018
Mar 27 • 2 min
The FTC has opened an investigation into Facebook, Apple is building out its original content portfolio, and Acer has announced the world’s first ChromeOS tablet.
26: March 26, 2018
Mar 26 • 1 min
The NBA is experimenting with low-cost access to streaming, Tim Cook talks data privacy and Facebook’s Very Bad Week continues.
25: March 24, 2018
Mar 23 • 1 min
Apple has new emoji suggestions, Dropbox had a great first day of trading, and Elon Musk had his companies’ Facebook pages taken down.
24: March 23, 2018
Mar 22 • 1 min
Huawei and IBM are having bad days. GoPro is just having a bad … series of years.
23: March 22, 2018
Mar 21 • 1 min
Facebook is rolling out changes in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica leak, Fornite is raking in the cash, and Google may be buying Lytro.
22: March 21, 2018
Mar 20 • 1 min
Facebook is facing questions concerning Cambridge Analytica, while Google is launching new tools to stop the spread of fake news and YouTube makes livestreaming easier than ever.
21: March 20, 2018
Mar 19 • 1 min
A woman has died after being struck by a self-driving Uber in Arizona. Apple is investing in next-gen MicroLED displays, and GDC is underway.
20: March 19, 2018
Mar 18 • 1 min
Facebook dumped news on Friday evening about the Trump campaign’s use of personal user data, while the U.S. Navy has fitted Xbox controllers to its newest submarine and Twitter is reportedly banning cryptocurrency ads.
19: March 17, 2018
Mar 16 • 2 min
Apple is hosting an education-focused event on March 27, Google Lens has made it to iOS, and astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly aren’t as different as some media reports would leave you to believe.
18: March 16, 2018
Mar 15 • 1 min
Intel is working to protect future CPUs against Spectre, Google has renamed Android Wear, and Nest has launched a pair of new products.
17: March 15, 2018
Mar 14 • 1 min
The world remembers physicist Stephen Hawking today. Google launches new goodies for game development using Maps data, and Theranos and its CEO Elizabeth Holmes are charged by the SEC.
16: March 14, 2018
Mar 14 • 1 min
Fitbit has launched a new smartwatch, Trump has blocked the Broadcom takeover of Qualcomm, and Apple has announced the dates for its annual WWDC event.
15: March 13, 2018
Mar 12 • 1 min
Apple is purchasing Texture, Toshiba is launching smart glasses for the industrial work place, and Hue has announced a range of outdoor lighting products.
14: March 12, 2018
Mar 12 • 2 min
13: March 10, 2018
Mar 9 • 1 min
Alexa can now listen longer and Nintendo had a busy week.
12: March 09, 2018
Mar 8 • 1 min
Google is pushing for AMP to become a wider standard, Snap is laying off 120 engineers, and TunnelBear has been purchased by McAfee.
11: March 08, 2018
Mar 7 • 2 min
Window 10 S is being replaced by a new mode in Windows 10, Alexa is laughing creepily without warning, and Android P will bring updated notifications and notch support.
10: March 07, 2018
Mar 6 • 1 min
Blackberry is suing Facebook for patent infringements, Amazon is bringing free, two-hour Whole Foods delivery to Prime Members in Atlanta and San Francisco, and Disney parks can now be explored via Google Street View.
9: March 06, 2018
Mar 5 • 2 min
MoviePass is collecting large amounts of user data, Spotify is cracking down on pirates and HP is hoping to serve the healthcare industry with new PCs.
8: March 05, 2018
Mar 4 • 1 min
The Switch turns 1, Nest leaves and the MacBook Air may be getting an update this year.
7: March 02, 2018
Mar 1 • 2 min
Amazon is looking to make Alexa more language-aware while Dropbox is getting cozy with Google services and NOAA has launched a new weather satellite.
6: March 01, 2018
Feb 28 • 1 min
Spotify is filing for IPO, Twitter is rolling out a new bookmarks feature and Google has launched a Slack competitor named Hangout Chats.
5: February 28, 2018
Feb 27 • 1 min
Ford is testing self-driving cars in Miami, ASUS has unveiled its ZenFone 5 and Amazon is looking to purchase Ring.
4: February 27, 2018
Feb 26 • 2 min
Apple may be readying a new line of iPhone X models, while Sony and Canon both play catch-up with new products.
3: February 26, 2018
Feb 25 • 2 min
The Galaxy S9, Facebook at CPAC, and the Dropbox IPO.
2: February 23, 2018
Feb 22 • 2 min
Samsung’s Galaxy S9 has been leaked, the FCC is being sued over its net neutrality repeal, and Snap’s stock tumbled after a disgruntled tweet.
1: February 22, 2018
Feb 22 • 1 min
Twitter is banning bots, SpaceX is building a network of satellites and AT&T is rolling out 5G.
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