Transformations with Jayne

Transformations with Jayne
The number one podcast for women living in Japan. Jayne Nakata, creator of “Jumpstart with Jayne” and the “The Women in Japan Mastermind”, interviews women from all walks of life, living in Japan and making it work. 日本に住んでいる女性のため、No.1ポッドキャスト! 中田ジェーン、ニュージーランド出身、16年間福島県在住。 日本に住んでいる女性を中心にして、子育て中でも、田舎住まいでも、自分の国に住んでなくても、自分らしい人生を手に入るのはできます!

49: Interview with Louise George Kittaka
Jul 7 • 71 min
The Transformations with Jayne Podcast will be taking a break until after the summer holidays! The next new episode will be in September. This week’s guest is Louise George Kittaka, from New Zealand. Louise George Kittaka is a writer, editor, university…
48: What do you do when you just want to quit?
Jun 30 • 30 min
This week is a solo episode, discussing those blue or down days we all have and some of the things I’ve been doing to get through them. Yes, I too have some real ripper days where I just want to throw my computer out the window and zone out with Netflix.…
47: Interview with Helen Otori, White Rose CCC
Jun 23 • 71 min
Join the Podcast Club on Facebook here: This week I’m interviewing Helen Otori, from the UK and a resident of Japan for 30 years. She now runs her own English school: White Rose CCC in the…
45: Interview with Elizabeth Ralph
Jun 9 • 73 min
Join the Transformations with Jayne Podcast Club. This week I’m talking to Elizabeth Ralph about how we can improve our money mindset. Everyone can get a lot of benefit from this, even if you are not a business owner. Elizabeth comes from a corporate…
44: What’s life like if you are only in Japan for a short time?
Jun 2 • 79 min
I’m talking to short term resident Kimberly today. I was touched that she reached out to me to be on the podcast and it was very interesting to hear her perspectives as someone who is still fairly new to Japan and trying to make a life here for a very…
43: Time to do a quick check in with yourself
May 26 • 28 min
Hello! In this week’s episode I’m talking about how we can “recalibrate” as we head towards the halfway point of the year. Mentioned in this episode: Jayne’s Sumo wrestler snood! Victoria Close’s jewelry brand: Bikudesigns Helen Iwata’s style…
42: Interview with Laura Marushima (日本語サマリーあります)
May 20 • 85 min
Make sure you are a member of the Podcast Club! We talk about: How Laura came to be in Japan. Japanese school PTA insider information Why she decided to start a business from home Laura’s life hacks for balancing 3 kids and a business About Laura: Laura…
Episdoe 41: Why “Mini Upgrades” are as good as “Big Upgrades” (日本語サマリー)
May 12 • 35 min
Join the Transformations with Jayne Podcast Club here! Jumpstart with Jayne is open for registration until May 16th, sign up here. Shout outs to Stacy and May on this episode! Today I’m talking about #miniupgrades, which I learnt about from Sarah Furuya.…
40: Interview with Gretchen Miura, Dairyuji Temple, Akita (日本語サマリーあります)
May 5 • 59 min
Join the Transformations with Jayne Podcast Club here! Jumpstart with Jayne Information : We start May 20th, 2019! This week’s guest is the amazing Gretchen Miura. I know I’ve had so many questions I’ve wanted to ask about her life in Akita! Gretchen is…
39: How do we raise our children with two languages? 日本語サマリーあります。
Apr 21 • 49 min
Join Jumpstart with Jayne starting May 20th! Hello! Today I’m talking about our journey with raising our two children to be bilingual and bi-cultural whilst living outside a major city in Japan. In this episode I talk about: How my husband and I manage…
37: Annie Peguero is in the house! (日本語サマリー)
Apr 7 • 47 min
Annie from The Freedom Core Podcast and I did a join episode this time, you can catch the video over on my Transformations with Jayne Facebook page. Today we talk about: What Annie does down in Okinawa How we can change our thinking to change our reality…
1 Year Anniversary Episode!
Mar 31 • 20 min
This month we are celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary of the Transformations with Jayne Podcast! You can take part by joining the Anniversary Celebration Team! Sign up here: Jayne was recording from the…
35: Hate cooking? Jasmine Shea is here to help. (日本語サマリー)
Mar 24 • 57 min
This week I’m talking to Jasmine from Your Dinner is Planned (YDIP). We discuss: How Jasmine went from corporate HR to writing cook books and creating YDIP. Her tips for enjoying healthy food and cooking more Jasmine’s idea for spicing up miso soup!…
34: Emilia Bergoglio: Be the change you want to see (日本語サマリー)
Mar 17 • 60 min
To join the “1 Year Anniversary Celebration Team” for the Transformations with Jayne Podcast, please sign up here: Emilia Bergoglio is a PhD student in Neuroscience at the University of Tokyo, having…
33: Playing small? (日本語サマリー)
Mar 10 • 47 min
A solo episode today, it’s the anniversary of 3/11 here in Japan. Today I’m talking about “Playing Small”. To get Tara Mohr’s book “Playing Big” go here. For the information about the Women in Japan Mastermind which starts the week of April 1st 2019, go…
32: Interview with Erinn from Off on a Whim(日本語サマリー)
Mar 3 • 74 min
To find out more about joining the Women in Japan Mastermind, please check out the information here. We talk about: Life in Wakayama prefecture How Erinn came to start her online jewelry business How she came to be in Japan Some of her funny Japanese…
31: Be the change you want to see (日本語サマリー)
Feb 24 • 48 min
Today I’m talking about being the change you want to see. If you are interested in joining my online Women in Japan Mastermind, that will be starting on March 13th, 2019 (English). This is for someone who is looking for amazing accountability to get their…
30: Interview with Cat Nakamichi(日本語サマリー)
Feb 17 • 72 min
This week’s episode is sponsored by the Women in Japan Mastermind for women who want to live their best life and be the change they want to see! This mastermind gets underway on March 13th, 2019. Find out more by signing up below.…
28: Getting closer to your craft with Tia Haygood (日本語サマリー)
Feb 3 • 75 min
Tia Haygood is a Tokyo-based photographer who has helped over 200 Japanese and International- owned businesses in Japan with her own business, TopTia Photography. She’s skilled in event, portrait, product and food photography whose main focus is providing…
27: Harumi Suzuki: Making the most of your life, where ever you live
Jan 27 • 61 min
I’m excited to introduce you to Harumi Suzuki. First she was a fan of the podcast, now she’s a student of my coaching course and appearing on the podcast herself! You can find out about the next round of Jumpstart with Jayne by joining the wait list here:…
26: Thoughts become things
Jan 20 • 37 min
In today’s episode I talk about some examples of how thoughts become things. Also: Join the wait list for the next round of Jumpstart with Jayne here Mega Clothes Swap in Tokyo Midtown on March 9th, 2019 Look out for Christy’s upcoming podcast! Helen…
25: Word of the Year and “Problems” vs “Opportunities”
Jan 13 • 41 min
First episode of 2019! Today is a solo episode! Today’s episode is sponsored by “Jumpstart with Jayne”, my 6 week course with live group coaching that starts January 16th, 2019. Find out more here: Have you…
24: Top 5 lessons from 2018
Dec 31, 2018 • 21 min
The first episode for 2019!! This episode was recorded at the end of 2018, I hope you will enjoy hearing about the things that made the year go really well. You can join my online free training on January 6th here:…
23: End of 2018 LIVE Christmas Party (日本語サマリーあります。)
Dec 16, 2018 • 65 min
This episode is sponsored by the “Jumpstart with Jayne” online course! Sign up for our free “Start 2019 Right” training here to hear more about it: The training is January 6th, 2019 8pm JST. This is a…
22: Interview with Tamiko Kelly
Dec 9, 2018 • 69 min
Tamiko Kelly is the founder of Sleep Well. Wake Happy and the creator of The Feel Like Yourself Again Baby Sleep Solution. As a certified sleep consultant and holistic health practitioner, Tamiko helps tired moms feel like themselves again by teaching…
21: Interview with Mr Nakata(日本語のサマリーあります)
Dec 2, 2018 • 75 min
Koichi is my husband and one of my biggest supporters. I was very lucky to meet him 16 years ago when I was sent to Iwaki as an English teacher and he just happened to be in the class I was teaching. Fast forward 16 years, 1 international move, another…
20: Interview with Gizem Sakamaki (日本語サマリーあります!)
Nov 25, 2018 • 59 min
Gizem Sakamaki is the face behind Foodie Tours Japan. Gizem is Turkish, born in Germany, married to a Japanese. She has been living in Japan since 2015, after falling in love with Japan during her Work and Travel Year in 2013. Gizem is a polyglot with an…
19: Sarah Furuya
Nov 18, 2018 • 100 min
Sarah arrived in Japan in 2001. For one year. Since then she has built a home and business in Tokyo with her Japanese husband. She is a Life Coach, Executive Coach and Facilitator who has worked with entrepreneurs, business people, educators, executives,…
18: Phil from Sports Therapy Liverpool
Nov 11, 2018 • 70 min
Today’s episode is Phil MacDonald, one of Jayne’s first friends in Japan. Phil is a fully qualified level 5 sports therapist based at the Climbing Hangar Liverpool. He arrived in Japan in 2002 as an English teacher and has transformed from a teacher, to…
17: My biggest learning from attending BBD Live
Nov 4, 2018 • 47 min
In this episode Jayne talks about: How she came to be able to go to California How she built her support network Top take away from Business By Design Live with James Wedmore How she overcame her introversion to make the most of the event 日本語版 Inspire You…
16: Interview with Catherine O’Connell, Catherine O’Connell Law
Oct 24, 2018 • 56 min
Catherine O’Connell was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, with a Kiwi Dad and Aussie Mum and three brothers. She started out in tourism before going into law. Catherine left the Corporate world in March 2017 to take a brand-new path as a…
15: An interview with Helen Iwata 日本語サマリーがあります!
Oct 14, 2018 • 60 min
Helen Iwata, president of Sasuga Communications K. K., helps business professionals communicate with clarity and confidence in the global workplace, so that they can enjoy greater success and happiness. In this episode we talk about: How Helen’s obsession…
14: Interview with Heather Minowa (日本語サマリーあります)
Oct 7, 2018 • 77 min
Heather Minowa is an American mother of two who has been in Japan for nearly 12 years. She educates people on how to use doTERRA essential oils safely and effectively. She is a mandala artist and a world traveler. Her work and passion are to educate more…
13: A new level a new devil (日本語版は最後にあります!)
Sep 29, 2018 • 32 min
エピソードの最後に日本語のサマリーあります! On today’s episode I’m talking about: Upgrading my podcast! How my interview with James Wedmore from the Mind Your Business Podcast went The aftermath of the interview and how mindfulness helped me Exhaustion and negativity Dealing…
12: Post Summer! How are you going?
Sep 19, 2018 • 24 min
Hello! How are things going post summer vacation? Lot’s of things to catch up on so this episode is one of those solo episodes!
11: Transformational Talks with Tina Koyama
Sep 6, 2018 • 63 min
Tina Koyama is a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach for women, and a 2017 graduate of The Path of Self Love School. She guides women to let go of stress and bring in more self love and self care through tools and practices that support and nourish the body,…
Bonus Episode: Japan and NZ, This is How WE Do It.
Aug 12, 2018 • 42 min
How do you do it? Spending time in NZ and Japan with my family. On this episode I talk about: 1) Getting my husband on board with it 2) Getting support from my home country people 3) Planning in advance to make it happen 4)Finances: How I found the money…
Bonus Episode: Talking about Loneliness
Jul 31, 2018 • 20 min
I’ve really noticed the topic of loneliness coming up. We are suffering from this more than ever. How do you combat loneliness? Today I talk about: Our summer trip to New Zealand so far How one person is combating loneliness in her small community In…
Bonus Episode: Making a “dream” come true
Jul 9, 2018 • 39 min
In this bonus episode, you can hear how I manifested something completely amazing!
10: Interview with Sarah Bull
Jul 4, 2018 • 58 min
Sarah Bull has been a Japanese-to-English translator since graduating from the University of Queensland’s MAJIT program (Master of Arts in Japanese Interpreting and Translating) in 2007. In addition to her roles as a legal translation instructor at UQ and…
9: Interview with Patricia Nakao of Tabitabiya
Jun 20, 2018 • 47 min
Patricia NOEL is from France. She has been living in Tokyo for about 21 years and is married with two girls. Ever since coming to Japan she’s been teaching French as a Foreign Language. This is the job she’s always wanted to do as a way to combine her…
Bonus Episode: Behind the scenes of my recent event
Jun 18, 2018 • 29 min
8: Interview with Lindsey Sawada
Jun 6, 2018 • 56 min
Today Lindsey and I are talking about being in Japan, being a Yogi, building a business when Japanese is not your first language and other fun things! Facebook Instagram @sawadalindsey Website
Bonus Episode : Just ask
May 29, 2018 • 21 min
In this bonus episode, I’ll be talking about something super exciting that happened to my family recently because we asked. It turned into a 3 days whirlwind of fun. If you’d like to watch the episode of tv you can watch it here on your pc for a limited…
7: Interview with Victoria Close
May 23, 2018 • 62 min
Victoria is the owner, designer and wearer of all hats at Biku Designs, a jewelry company that uses recycled kimono to give them a new lease of life. She’s anti “motainai” or “wasting things” and her beautiful necklaces are being sent all over the world…
6: Interview with Johanna MacGregor
May 9, 2018 • 66 min
Johanna MacGregor writes the popular blog: The Tokyo Chapter. In this episode we discuss life in Japan as a mother, finding your own identity living in a different culture and we also answer some listener questions! Instagram: @thetokyochapter Facebook:…
5: Money Blocks with Marianne Siegmann
Apr 25, 2018 • 46 min
This week I have the loveliest guest ever! Marianne Siegmann is from The Netherlands and is a money mindset and EFT coach. Marianne came to my Real Japan Retreat last November so we had a chance to meet and person. She is a wonderful calming voice of…
4: Transformation Talk with Sophie Lion Poulain
Apr 11, 2018 • 41 min
Sophie is joining us for this talk from France. She has experienced expat life living in the USA for 10 years, and now she works as a business coach and super networker. Have a listen to hear how her life changed after she joined the Real Japan Retreat in…
Bonus Episode!
Apr 8, 2018 • 10 min
Bonus episode for your Monday morning!!
3: Interview with Jacqui Miyabayashi
Mar 28, 2018 • 50 min
Jacqui Miyabayashi is a long term resident of Japan who helps expat women find their place in the world. We discuss the importance of community, parenting in Japan and being bold in 2018.
2: How do you use a “Word of the Year”
Mar 14, 2018 • 26 min
In this episode we talk about those “words of the year” and how you can apply them to your daily life!
1: Are you living the Dream
Mar 5, 2018 • 21 min
Are you living the dream? Am I? Listen and find out!