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MH17 disaster: Phone-taps show ‘Russia directed Ukraine rebels’
Nov 14 • 24 min
Investigators allege a top aide of President Vladimir Putin was in contact with rebel leaders on a regular basis. Also: Italy declares a state of emergency in Venice, following catastrophic flooding, and the young scientist that’s made a new form of…
Gaza: Rockets fired at Israel after ceasefire starts
Nov 14 • 28 min
Palestinian militants in Gaza launch rockets towards Israel, hours after ceasefire begins. The truce was meant to end two days of intense fighting, in which 34 Palestinians were killed and dozens of Israelis injured. Also, India’s Supreme Court to review…
Trump calls impeachment hearings ‘a joke’
Nov 13 • 25 min
The first public hearings heard Mr Trump cared more about Ukraine investigating his rival, Joe Biden, than the country itself. Also: The importance of coffee to the Swiss, and cherry blossom to the Japanese.
Hong Kong: police warn of total law and order breakdown
Nov 13 • 25 min
Parts of the territory are paralysed for a third weekday in a row due to street battles. Also, people in Venice battle the highest water levels for fifty years, the public hearings into the impeachment inquiry of President Trump get underway, and the…
Bolivian leader arrives in Mexico for asylum
Nov 12 • 29 min
Attempts to choose an interim leader to replace Evo Morales are thrown into confusion. Also: The Zimbabwean dollar makes a come back, and how cocaine washed up on French beaches has the police baffled.
Flare-up as Israel kills top Palestinian militant
Nov 12 • 32 min
Dozens of rockets hit Israel after Palestinian Islamic Jihad vows to avenge Baha Abu al-Ata’s death. Also: American IS suspect “stranded on Turkey border”, and Lilou - the world’s first airport therapy pig.
Bolivia’s ex-president offered asylum in Mexico
Nov 11 • 25 min
Mexico says the decision was taken for “humanitarian reasons” after a request from Mr Morales. Also: A vast area of Australia’s east coast is bracing itself for one of the nation’s worst ever bushfire threats, and the co-founder of the White Helmets aid…
Two people critical after Hong Kong day of chaos
Nov 11 • 30 min
Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam has warned that protestors will not succeed in getting their demands. Also: Brexit Party rules out standing in Tory seats, and shopping frenzy in China’s Single’s day event.
Bolivian president resigns after protests
Nov 10 • 28 min
Evo Morales quit following his disputed re-election last month. Also: the drunken man trying to dispose of his murdered lover, and Sesame Street at 50.
“No wall too high to be broken down” says German Chancellor
Nov 9 • 24 min
Germany celebrates 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall; Powerful cyclone forces thousands of people from their homes in Bangladesh; India and Pakistan agree visa free corridor to allow Sikhs to visit a holy site:
Brazil’s ex-President Lula released from jail
Nov 8 • 22 min
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was freed from jail after the Supreme Court ruled that convicted criminals should go to prison only if they have exhausted their appeal options. Also, firefighters in Australia are battling an ‘unprecedented’ number of bushfires…
Hong Kong: Student’s death leads to fresh protests
Nov 8 • 29 min
Student Alex Chow has died after being injured during pro-democracy protests on Monday. News of his death sparked impromptu protests and vigils by fellow-activists. Also, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warns of dangers posed by Russia and China, and…
Judge orders President Trump to pay $2m for charity fund misuse
Nov 7 • 25 min
The Donald J Trump Foundation closed down in 2018, after prosecutors accused it of working as “little more than a chequebook” for Mr Trump’s interests. Also, an Italian Holocaust survivor has been given police protection after receiving threats from the…
Iran cancels accreditation of IAEA nuclear inspector
Nov 7 • 29 min
Teheran says inspector triggered an alarm at gate to a uranium-enrichment plant, and may have been carrying “suspicious material”. Also, President Emmanuel Macron of France describes NATO as ‘brain dead’, and one of Africa’s most notorious warlords is…
Trump impeachment: Public hearings start next week
Nov 6 • 28 min
Democrats announce public hearings next week in an inquiry that may seek to remove President Donald Trump from office. Until now, lawmakers from three key Congress committees have heard witnesses behind closed doors. Also: Police in Mexico have arrested…
Tourists stabbed at popular Jordanian site
Nov 6 • 24 min
Four tourists and four Jordanians have been wounded in the attack in Jerash, also: election campaign begins in Britain and a victory for women’s football in Australia
Trump envoy revises testimony on Ukraine aid
Nov 5 • 26 min
Gordon Sondland says he now remembers saying US aid “likely” hinged on an inquiry sought by President Trump. Also: thousands of scientists warn climate emergency “clear and unequivocal”, and a New Zealand man accidentally buys 1000 hens for less than 1…
Iran rolls back another nuclear deal commitment
Nov 5 • 30 min
This is the fourth step taken by Iran since July in response to US sanctions reinstated by President Donald Trump. At least nine US citizens, including six children, have been killed in a violent attack by suspected drug cartel gunmen in northern Mexico.…
Recalled US ambassador felt ‘threatened by Trump’
Nov 4 • 26 min
Marie Yovanovitch said Mr Trump’s remark in a call to Ukraine’s leader left her “very concerned”. Also: It’s just emerged that a Dutch air strike killed about seventy in Iraq in 2015, and the veteran Irish broadcaster Gay Byrne dies aged 85.
Delhi air quality: Judges accuse authorities of ‘passing the buck’
Nov 4 • 24 min
Levels of dangerous particles in the air - known as PM2.5 - are at well over 10 times safe limits in the capital. Also: Vietnamese police have arrested eight people over the deaths of 39 people found inside a lorry trailer in the UK, and behind the…
Huge anti-government protests in Lebanon, despite appeals for unity.
Nov 3 • 28 min
Lebanese President calls for national unity but anti-government protesters remain defiant; The Indian capital is engulfed in a choking smog - residents are told to stay indoors; And why is an oven and baking ingredients aboard a rocket going to the…
Deadly car bomb in Turkish controlled border town.
Nov 2 • 28 min
At least thirteen people killed in a bomb explosion in a town on the Syria-Turkey border; Fresh clashes between police and protestors on the streets of Hong Kong; And what European bee-keepers have to do to prepare their charges for the winter
Progress reported in stalled Trade Talks
Nov 1 • 26 min
The White House raises hopes of a deal to end the US - China trade war; Demonstrators on the streets in Algeria calling for revolution; And a new insight into how sleep helps clean your brain.
Five million face masks handed out in Delhi
Nov 1 • 33 min
A public health emergency has been declared in Delhi, which is ranked as the world’s most polluted city. Also: the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is told to scrap his deal with the EU and form an alliance with Nigel Farage in December’s general…
US House endorses impeachment inquiry into President Trump
Oct 31 • 26 min
The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution to formally proceed with the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, setting the rules for the next stage of a bitter political battle; A study of measles has found the virus has a…
Pakistan train fire kills dozens
Oct 31 • 27 min
More than 70 passengers have died in Pakistan’s worst rail disaster in over a decade. The train was travelling between the Pakistani cities of Karachi and Rawalpindi. Also: Just over a week after the bodies of 39 people were discovered in the back of a…
Social media giant Twitter to ban all political adverts
Oct 30 • 23 min
Social media giant Twitter will ban all political advertising worldwide, saying the reach of such messages “should be earned, not bought”; Chile’s embattled president cancels two major international summits because of domestic unrest; And survivors of…
Talks start on new Syria Constitution.
Oct 30 • 24 min
After years of civil war, fresh efforts to kick start Syrian peace talks; Turkey rejects US Congress vote recognising the mass killings of Armenians as genocide; And how the England team hacked-off World Rugby.
British MPs vote to hold a general election on 12th December
Oct 29 • 23 min
Boris Johnson is hopeful he can secure a parliamentary majority and push through a Brexit deal, as the turmoil surrounding the UK’s departure from the EU drags on. Also: The prime minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri, has said he’ll step down after facing two…
Heavy casualties in overnight protests in Kerbala.
Oct 29 • 23 min
Protests in the Iraqi capital Baghdad - and reports of deaths in the Shi’ite holy city of Kerbala; Britain looks to be heading towards a snap December election after the opposition Labour Party gave its backing; Researchers say they’ve identified the…
Boris Johnson fails to trigger general election
Oct 28 • 28 min
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has again failed to secure backing for a general election, as the tortuous agony of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union continues. Also: Senior US military figures are unable to confirm President Donald Trump’s…
EU approves another Brexit extension
Oct 28 • 24 min
EU leaders have agreed in principle to extend Brexit until 31 January 2020 - meaning the UK will not leave as planned on Thursday. Meanwhile British MPs are due to vote on proposals to hold an early general election. Also, Alberto Fernandez has been…
President Trump confirms death of IS leader
Oct 27 • 27 min
The US says t the leader of the Islamic State group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has blown himself upafter being cornered by US special forces in Syria. Also: thousands turn out for a Spanish unity march in Barcelona and a painting which hung in a French…
New evacuations and power cuts as wild fires hit California
Oct 26 • 27 min
Fifty-thousand more people ordered to leave their homes which are threatened by the fires,
Mueller report: Criminal probe into Russia inquiry begins
Oct 25 • 30 min
US Justice Department launches criminal investigation into origins of Mueller inquiry. The investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election did not establish any criminal conspiracy between Moscow and the Trump campaign. Also, Vietnamese…
Global News Brexitcast
Oct 25 • 50 min
We team up with the award-winning Brexitcast team to bring you a special update on what Britain leaving the EU means for you. You’ve sent us questions from around the world and Jackie Leonard puts them to the experts from the podcast that’s all about…
Boeing 737 Lion Air crash caused by series of failures
Oct 25 • 28 min
Five months after the disaster in October last year, an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed, killing all 157 people on board, which led to the grounding of the entire 737 Max fleet. Also: Iraqi security forces have fired live rounds and tear gas at…
US Vice-President launches a scathing attack on China
Oct 24 • 26 min
Ahead of fresh trade talks, Mike Pence accused Beijing of military posturing against its neighbours, criticising its trading behaviour and treatment of religious minorities. Also: Britain’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is giving the opposition more time…
UK Police: 39 found dead in truck are Chinese nationals
Oct 24 • 24 min
Police are questioning a lorry driver on suspicion of murdering 8 women and 31 men. Also: The remains of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco have been moved from a vast mausoleum to a low-key grave, and how a global pop band took promoting new music to a…
Trump lifts sanctions on Turkey over Syria assault
Oct 23 • 28 min
President Trump says he will lift sanctions on Turkey but makes no apology to the Kurds; Republicans have stormed into a hearing of US congressional committees to disrupt the impeachment investigation into the president; Google says it has achieved a…
39 dead bodies found in UK lorry
Oct 23 • 23 min
The driver has been arrested on suspicion of murder and there is speculation the lorry started its journey in Bulgaria. Also: NATO says the ceasefire in northeast Syria could form the basis for a lasting solution; and the rodents that are being sent to…
Brexit deal “in limbo” as MPs reject timetable
Oct 22 • 23 min
Defeat for the British Prime Minister means he’s unlikely to meet his pledge to get Brexit done by the end of October, Kurdish fighters in northern Syria face deadline to withdraw thirty kilometres from the Turkish border, and have scientists made a major…
Canada election: Trudeau’s Liberals win but lose majority
Oct 22 • 22 min
The Liberals will be forced to depend on other parties to govern. Japan’s Emperor Naruhito formally ascends to the throne in a lavish ceremony in Tokyo. Anger mounts in Bolivia over election result confusion.
Israeli PM Netanyahu fails to form a government
Oct 21 • 24 min
Mr Netanyahu gives up on building a coalition after the recent election deadlock - his rival now gets to try. Also: Protests continue in Lebanon, despite the government announcing emergency reforms. And the British government fails in its latest attempt…
Lebanon protests: cabinet agrees reforms
Oct 21 • 27 min
The proposals involve scrapping new taxes and halving the salaries of top officials. Canadians are voting on whether to give Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party a second term. A Royal rift ? Prince Harry says he and his brother, William, are on…
Kurdish-led forces in Syria say they have left a strategic border town
Oct 20 • 25 min
The withdrawal is part of a truce brokered by the US. Also: Green parties’ success in Swiss elections, and the price for gorillas of the perfect Instagram shot.
Brexit: British PM sends letter to Brussels seeking further delay
Oct 19 • 27 min
British PM Boris Johnson has sent a request to the EU for a delay to Brexit - but without his signature. Also: A state of emergency has been declared in the Chilean capital, and a football match in London is abandoned when players are racially abused by…
British parliament votes to force further Brexit delay
Oct 19 • 16 min
Amendment forces Boris Johnson to seek another delay - but he says he won’t do it, meanwhile hundreds of thousands march in London against Brexit
Barcelona hit by fresh protests amid general strike
Oct 18 • 26 min
Half a million Catalans on the streets in protest against their leaders’ jail sentences, also: crunch time in Westminster over Brexit deal and Nelson’s battle plan discovered.
Catalonia: Barcelona paralysed by protests and general strike
Oct 18 • 29 min
Tens of thousands on streets amid ongoing fury over jailed Catalan separatist leaders. Also, Turkey’s president says Kurdish fighters are withdrawing from Syrian border, and two NASA astronauts make the first ever all-female spacewalk.
Turkey suspends Syrian offensive- for now
Oct 17 • 29 min
The five day pause in hostilities was announced after talks in Ankara between the Turkish president and the US Vice President, Mike Pence. Also: The British prime minister, Boris Johnson, says he’s convinced the British parliament will back his new Brexit…
Brexit: EU and UK reach a deal
Oct 17 • 30 min
A Brexit agreement has been drawn up - but it needs approval by UK’s parliament. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged MPs to ‘get this excellent deal over the line’. Also, US Vice President Mike Pence visits Ankara to urge halt to offensive against…
US House of Representatives condemns Trump on Syria
Oct 16 • 28 min
129 Republicans voted with Democrats against Donald Trump’s withdrawal of US forces. The president told reporters Syria wasn’t America’s problem. Also: artificial wombs, and the return of humpback whales.
Hong Kong: Opposition lawmakers shout down Chief Executive Carrie Lam
Oct 16 • 23 min
Pro-democracy politicians in the Chinese territory demand Ms. Lam’s resignation in chaotic council meeting. Also: Turkish President Recep Erdogan says nothing will stop his military assault on Syrian Kurds. And we learn more about the school in Nigeria…