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Italy reports lowest number of new coronavirus cases in two weeks
Mar 30 • 26 min
Italy reckons the peak will come in just over a week’s time, as officials say it is evidence the country is heading in the right direction after three weeks of lockdown. Also, a new date for the Tokyo Olympics is announced. And, a Van Gogh painting is…
Special: Your coronavirus questions answered
Mar 30 • 40 min
In our latest coronavirus special, we put your questions about Covid-19 to experts in the fields of health and science, business, and politics around the world.
Spain registers more cases of Coronavirus than China
Mar 30 • 32 min
But the Spanish foreign minister says the upward rise in cases appears to be flattening. Also: the Japanese media says the government is preparing to deny entry to foreigners; and how sports organisers are turning to online gaming to fill the void left by…
President Trump vows to ‘vanquish’ coronavirus amid warning 200,000 Americans may die
Mar 29 • 25 min
Mr Trump said death rates would peak in two weeks’ time and movement restrictions would be extended until the end of April. Also: Italy sees its first drop in the number of deaths and new infections, Britain is told to brace itself for a possible six…
New York quarantine proposal
Mar 28 • 28 min
New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, said he hadn’t discussed a mandatory quarantine with President Trump but didn’t like the sound of it. Also: Italy has become the first country in which more than ten-thousand people have died of the coronavirus, and we…
Trump signs largest bailout in US history
Mar 27 • 30 min
The $2 trillion boost is the largest ever in the United States as virus cases continue to rise, hitting the economy. Also: the World Health Organisation has warned that the chronic global shortage of personal protective equipment is now one of the biggest…
Coronavirus: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive
Mar 27 • 26 min
Following Mr Johnson’s announcement, Health Secretary Matt Hancock also said he had tested positive for the virus. Also: The Chinese president, Xi Jinping, tells Donald Trump that Washington and Beijing should work together to tackle the pandemic, and how…
US overtakes China with most coronavirus cases
Mar 26 • 29 min
According to John Hopkins University, the United States has more than eighty-two thousand positive tests. Also: a nationwide three-week lockdown has begun in South Africa, and Russia has grounded all international flights apart from those bringing Russian…
G20 countries assemble to devise coronavirus action plan
Mar 26 • 29 min
The UN has warned the world leaders that they must focus on the severe threat to millions of displaced people and refugees worldwide. Also: 3.3 million people sign on for unemployment benefits in the US, and how to get married in a world that’s shutting…
UN says the coronavirus is a threat to all of humanity
Mar 25 • 34 min
The United Nations says the coronavirus outbreak is threatening the entire human race, as it launches a multi-billion dollar appeal for the world’s poorest people. Also: the US Secretary of State has repeated criticism of what he called Chinese…
Coronavirus: US Senate agrees 2 trillion dollar emergency deal
Mar 25 • 31 min
Markets surged in the US on Tuesday in anticipation of a deal, and shares rose in Europe and Asia on Wednesday. Also: China’s Hubei province tentatively emerges from lockdown, and have scientists found a way to reverse the ageing process?
India in lockdown
Mar 24 • 21 min
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told the population of 1.3 billion to stay at home for the next three weeks. Also, the US state of New York demands a massive increase in hospital beds, and Manu Dibango, a giant of African music, has died.
Tokyo Olympics postponed until 2021
Mar 24 • 31 min
The Games, due to begin in July, will now take place no later than summer next year because of the pandemic. They will still be called Tokyo 2020. Also: we hear from a Wuhan resident getting ready to leave the city as authorities say restrictions will…
Coronavirus: British PM says ‘stay at home’ as UK locks down
Mar 23 • 31 min
Gatherings of more than two people outside the home are now forbidden. Also: more African countries have imposed strict regulations to tackle the Coronavirus, including Ethiopia which has closed its borders, and how in Catalonia — in the north east of…
Coronavirus: Italy tightens lockdown despite fall in daily deaths
Mar 23 • 28 min
Italy has entered an even tougher phase of lockdown, as the government clamps down on travel and businesses to try to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Also, the OECD says a huge, co-ordinated effort is needed to stop the coronavirus pandemic causing a…
Coronavirus: Germany bans gatherings of more than two people
Mar 22 • 28 min
Germany is banning groups of more than two people in public outside work, as part of new measures to try to curb the spread of coronavirus. Also, for the first time since the pandemic began, Italy has announced a slight decrease in the number of new…
Coronavirus: Italy reports the highest daily number of deaths worldwide
Mar 21 • 32 min
The number of deaths in Italy from the coronavirus is up more than a quarter on the previous worst figure, which was announced on Friday. New infections have also risen considerably. Also, Australia closes its iconic Bondi Beach due to coronavirus. And,…
Coronavirus: WHO delivers stark warning to young people
Mar 21 • 31 min
The World Health Organisation says young people are not invincible and must avoid social contact to save their lives and others. Also: governments ramp up quarantine measures to stop the virus spreading; and the song that’s uniting people anxious about…
Coronavirus: number of deaths worldwide exceeds 10,000
Mar 20 • 34 min
German state to lock down after authorities say people aren’t taking it seriously enough. Also: four men are hanged in India after they were convicted of gang raping a young woman in 2012, and the Olympic flame arrives in Tokyo but will the games go ahead?
Italy coronavirus death toll overtakes China
Mar 19 • 32 min
The number of deaths in Italy has risen to more than three thousand four hundred, which is more than in China where the virus originated. Also: President Trump has announced that the anti-malarial drug, chloroquine, has been approved for use as a…
Coronavirus: Nationwide shutdown in Italy extended
Mar 19 • 24 min
The number of deaths there may soon overtake China, where the outbreak began. Also: there are calls in the United States for shelters to be built to house thousands of homeless people sleeping rough in big cities and who are at risk from the Coronavirus,…
Italy virus deaths rise by a record number in a day
Mar 18 • 34 min
Nearly three thousand people have now died from the coronavirus in Italy - the most affected country after China. Also: the World Health Organisation says sub-Saharan Africa has recorded its first deaths from the coronavirus.
Coronavirus: More countries close their borders and lockdown
Mar 18 • 30 min
Tough new measures restrict free movement as the number infected with Covid-19 passes 200k. Also, in the US, Joe Biden has swept to victory in Florida, Illinois and Arizona accelerating his momentum in the race to be the Democrats’ candidate in November’s…
US and UK announce massive economic packages to counter the coronavirus pandemic
Mar 17 • 32 min
The US Treasury Secretary,Steven Mnuchin, says he supports sending money directly to Americans as part of a $1tn stimulus package aimed at averting an economic crisis caused by the coronavirus. Also: the European Union has agreed to ban most foreigners…
Social restrictions ramped up around the world following coronavirus outbreak
Mar 17 • 29 min
The outbreak of the coronavirus has led to the emptying of public spaces around the world, whether by government decree or by more personal responses. Also: Euro football 2020 is postponed until 2021.
Europe expands lockdown in battle against coronavirus
Mar 16 • 29 min
President Trump has warned that the coronavirus outbreak could push the US economy into recession. Also: the United Arab Emirates has sent two plane-loads of gloves, surgical masks, and other medical supplies to Iran to help combat the virus.
Coronavirus: Restrictions continue to tighten across Europe as outbreak worsens
Mar 16 • 29 min
Meanwhile the Head of France’s health service says the situation is deteriorating fast in France. Also, airlines across the world cut more flights as demand slumps as the result of the virus. And, why we stockpile items in times of crisis.
Coronavirus: US slashes rates, adds $700bn emergency funds
Mar 15 • 29 min
It is part of a co-ordinated action announced on Sunday by some of the world’s leading economies. Also: Germany closes significant parts of its borders with its neighbours and why some South Africans are laughing in the face of the pandemic.
Sweeping new Coronavirus restrictions are introduced across Europe:
Mar 14 • 29 min
France closes its cafes, restaurants, and most shops, and Spain bans non essential travel. Also as Covid-19 continues to spread across Africa, six more countries have reported their first cases. After last month’s inter-communal riots, can India still be…
Coronavirus: Trump declares national emergency in the US
Mar 13 • 28 min
The move loosens regulations on the provision of healthcare and could speed up testing – the slow pace of which has been criticised widely. Also, the head of the World Health Organisation says Europe is now the epicentre of the global coronavirus…
Coronavirus: English Premier League football season suspended due to outbreak
Mar 13 • 30 min
EPL joins long list of major sporting fixtures halted by pandemic. French football federation and European Champions league announce similar measures. Also, New Zealand ‘fundamentally changed’ since Christchurch mosque attacks one year ago says PM Jacinda…
How different countries deal with the spread of the Coronavirus
Mar 12 • 31 min
While Italy is in lockdown, the UK aims to delay drastic measures, also: Are sanctions hampering Iran’s efforts to fight the virus? And the dangers of the internet for women?
Coronavirus: Trump suspends travel from Europe to US
Mar 12 • 30 min
Mr. Trump imposing travel restrictions on 26 European countries to curb coronavirus. The EU condemned the measures, which it said were taken “unilaterally and without consultation”. Also, India suspends all travel visas until mid-April due to virus, and…
Italy shuts most shops in virus crisis
Mar 11 • 31 min
Only food stores and pharmacies will stay open, as the WHO declares a pandemic. Also: Harvey Weinstein is jailed for 23 years, and how rugby is helping women in Pakistan.
Coronavirus: Merkel warns that up to 70% of Germany could become infected
Mar 11 • 31 min
German chancellor Angela Merkel says large numbers of Germans might contract COVID-19. Countries across Europe step up efforts to deal with outbreak. Also, Joe Biden extends lead over rival Sanders in Democratic presidential race, and pranksters say they…
US fights virus outbreak near New York
Mar 10 • 31 min
The National Guard cleans a New York suburb as the US unveils new measures against Covid-19. Also: the coronavirus in Italy and Iran, and rape as a weapon of war.
Italy struggles to cope with coronavirus lockdown
Mar 10 • 30 min
Pope Francis has urged priests to visit those suffering from the virus, despite official advice to avoid contact. Ugandans arrested for distributing a fake coronavirus vaccine. A US appeals court rules Led Zeppelin did not steal part of ‘Stairway to…
Coronavirus: Italy extends quarantine measures nationwide
Mar 9 • 27 min
Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte says people will only be allowed to travel for work or family emergencies. Also: Sudan’s prime minister, Abdalla Hamdok, survives an apparent assassination attempt, and Meghan and Harry make their final public appearance as…
Shares plunge around the world
Mar 9 • 27 min
The coronovirus is threatening the health of millions of people and is causing chaos on global stock markets. The MH17 plane crash trial opens in the Netherlands. Was the Earth once fully covered in water?
Coronavirus: Italian deaths soar
Mar 8 • 29 min
Italy’s Lombardy region records a significant increase in daily deaths from Covid-19, Afghanistan’s defence minister issues an ultimatum to the Taliban over its commitment to reduce violence - and a battle between old and new on the canals of Amsterdam.
Italy to quarantine 10 million people in Lombardy
Mar 7 • 26 min
The Italian government is preparing to introduce radical new restrictions in an effort to contain the spread of coronavirus. Also: Three senior members of the Saudi Royal Family are reported to have been arrested in the Kingdom, and the jazz world loses…
Coronavirus: Global number of cases reaches 100,000
Mar 6 • 25 min
The number of people that have been infected with the coronavirus since it first emerged in China has now surpassed the hundred-thousand mark. Also, the French publisher Hachette has decided not to release the memoirs of the Oscar-winning film-maker,…
Coronavirus: Iran suspends Friday prayers in major cities
Mar 6 • 30 min
Iranian authorities take measures to try and halt spread of virus. This comes as people complain of shortages of food and essential medical equipment. Also, chaos in Kabul as gunmen kill dozens at ceremony, and how plastic is affecting all marine species…
Russia and Turkey agree a ceasefire in Idlib
Mar 5 • 29 min
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan also agreed to establish a security corridor and joint patrols. Also, Elizabeth Warren announces the end of her presidential campaign and a truck crashes into a sacred…
Afghanistan: Top international court backs war crimes probe
Mar 5 • 30 min
International Criminal Court says investigation of alleged war crimes can go ahead. It’s expected the actions of the Taliban, the Afghan government and US forces since May 2003 will be scrutinised. Also, Putin and Erdogan hold talks on Syrian conflict,…
Coronavirus: Italy to close all schools as deaths rise
Mar 4 • 27 min
A total of 107 people have now been killed by the coronavirus in Italy, which has the most serious outbreak in Europe. Also: The billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg pulls out of the US presidential race, and the 80s rock favourites returning to the…
Biden wins big on Super Tuesday
Mar 4 • 28 min
The former vice president seals his comeback - just weeks after looking like a lost cause. He won nine of the 14 states that voted to pick a Democratic White House candidate. Also: The World Bank announces a multibillion dollar package to help the world’s…
Interest Rates cut to protect world economies from Coronavirus
Mar 3 • 23 min
An emergency interest rate cut in the US because of the economic risks posed by the new coronavirus … Coronavirus leads to tens of thousands of prisoners being temporarily freed in Iran; How to stop criminals gaining remote access to baby monitors
US Election 2020: Joe Biden boosted on Super Tuesday
Mar 3 • 29 min
US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has picked up three endorsements from former rivals on the eve of the most important day in the 2020 White House race so far. On Super Tuesday, voters in 14 states will pick their preferred Democratic…
Increased Coronavirus death toll in the United States
Mar 2 • 24 min
The number of confirmed deaths in the western US state of Washington has trebled to six; Exit polls suggest yet another inconclusive Israeli general election - though indicted prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu may remain in office; And scientists sniff…
Official deaths in Iran from Covid19 rise to 66 - the highest outside China
Mar 2 • 25 min
Other reports suggest the real figures on the virus in Iran are much higher. The Vatican opens archives of Holocaust-era Pope Pius XII. Pete Buttigieg drops out of the Democratic race for the White House.
Coronavirus Special
Mar 1 • 47 min
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Coronavirus: US state of Washington declares state of emergency
Mar 1 • 30 min
Up to fifteen hundred people could be infected with the virus. Over the weekend, a man in his fifties from the northwestern state became the first confirmed fatality from the virus in the US. Also, Turkey has shot down two Syrian fighter jets in Idlib.…
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