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Libya: Government and opposition sign permanent ceasefire deal
Oct 23 • 28 min
The deal between military leaders from Libya’s government and those from opposition forces lead by General Khalifa Haftar was brokered by the UN. Also: Sudan becomes the third Arab state in recent months to normalise relations with Israel, and a busker…
Who came out on top? US debate fallout
Oct 23 • 30 min
Donald Trump and Joe Biden clash over pandemic, immigration and corruption allegations. Also: protests in Poland against court ruling to outlaw abortion in almost all cases, and Santa reassures children that Christmas isn’t cancelled.
Final TV clash for Trump and Biden
Oct 23 • 33 min
We get analysis from our US correspondent and fact check the last presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden. Also: the controversial conservative nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, clears another hurdle on the way to a place on the US Supreme…
Trump and Biden meet for final presidential debate
Oct 22 • 30 min
The battle lines are drawn for next month’s election — as the president and his Democratic Party challenger go head-to-head in the last TV debate before Election Day on November 3. Also today: the controversial conservative nominee, Amy Coney Barrett,…
Australia aged care: sexual assault allegations
Oct 22 • 30 min
An estimated 50 sexual assaults occur each week across Australia, an inquiry has heard; also, heading to the afterlife - tales of human sacrifice in ancient China, and what we can learn from the diabolical ironclad beetle.
Unrest in Lagos after protest shooting
Oct 21 • 30 min
Amnesty International says at least 12 people were killed on Tuesday during protests in Nigeria’s largest city. Also: Pope Francis indicates support for same-sex civil unions, and “cooling paint” could cut emissions from buildings.
Nigeria: President appeals for calm after unrest in Lagos
Oct 21 • 27 min
A number of people have reportedly been shot at a protest against police brutality. Also: at least fifteen people have died after stampede in eastern Afghanistan and an unknown attacker has vandalised art works on display at several galleries in Berlin.
Protestors ‘shot dead’ in Nigeria’s biggest city
Oct 20 • 30 min
An indefinite 24-hour curfew has been imposed on Lagos and other regions. Also: US files landmark lawsuit against Google, and elation as NASA’s Osiris-Rex probe tags asteroid Bennu in an effort to pick up samples.
US Election 2020: what the world wants
Oct 20 • 36 min
A special edition with a global perspective on the upcoming presidential election. We find out which countries are keeping a close eye on the vote, and hear from our correspondents around the world about the situation in their region. Also: we assess…
Taliban conflict: Afghan fears rise
Oct 20 • 28 min
Afghanistan’s National Security Advisor has warned that his country faces a very real threat of a renewed civil war. Also: Donald Trump and Joe Biden will have their microphones muted during portions of the second and final presidential election debate on…
US charges Russian intelligence officers in global cyber attacks
Oct 19 • 31 min
Prosecutors in Pittsburgh accuse the men, operating out of Moscow, of carrying out malware attacks between 2015 and 2019. Also: Trump says Sudan will be removed from terror list, and saving Australia’s koalas by planting gum tree seeds using a drone.
France teacher attack: Police raid homes of suspected Islamic radicals
Oct 19 • 28 min
The Interior Minister said there would be no respite for enemies of France. Also: exit polls suggest the socialist party has won the election in Bolivia and China releases economic figures showing its recovery from Covid-19
Thousands rally to pay tribute to murdered French teacher
Oct 18 • 32 min
Samuel Paty was killed on Friday close to his school after showing cartoons of the prophet Mohammed to his pupils. Also: Thai police fire water cannon as crowds defy ban; and do sleep apps with “white noise” really work?
Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenia and Azerbaijan agree new truce
Oct 17 • 31 min
Armenia and Azerbaijan have agreed to another humanitarian ceasefire in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Also: French prosecutors say the teenager who beheaded a teacher outside a school was a Chechen refugee from Russia, and thousands of…
Terror inquiry launched after teacher beheaded in Paris
Oct 16 • 33 min
The victim reportedly showed controversial cartoons of Prophet Muhammad to his students. Also: the UN warns that peace talks between Afghanistan and the Taliban could be derailed by a new wave of violence, and a new study suggests flying during the…
Brexit: Johnson says UK must prepare for a ‘no deal’ trade relationship with EU
Oct 16 • 31 min
Britain’s PM said unless EU changed course, there’d be no post-Brexit trade agreement. Also, China denies report that it is separating Muslim Uighur children from their parents in Xinjiang, and Disney updates warning about racist content in classic films.
US: Republican leaders accuse Twitter of electoral interference over Biden article
Oct 15 • 25 min
Twitter prevented people from posting links to a New York Post article, which contained screenshots of emails to and from Mr Biden’s son, Hunter, as well as photos of him. Also: The Democratic presidential and vice-presidential candidates, Joe Biden and…
Thai protesters defy emergency rules with rally
Oct 15 • 30 min
Hundreds of pro-democracy protesters gather in Bangkok despite a new emergency decree. More than 20 people were arrested, including a number of the movement’s leaders. Also: the President of Kyrgyzstan resigns, how thousands of people are living with…
France orders curfew to combat second wave
Oct 14 • 31 min
President Macron imposes strict night-time restrictions on Paris and eight other cities as coronavirus cases surge. They’ll come into effect from Saturday and last for six weeks. Also: the Netherlands extends its controversial ‘right to die’ laws to…
Thai protests: Police stop pro-democracy demonstrators from reaching PM’s office
Oct 14 • 28 min
Big demonstrations staged in Bangkok by pro-democracy activists and their royalist rivals. Pro-democracy protestors want the King’s powers curbed and the Prime Minister’s resignation. Also, a report on Armenian community in Nagorno-Karabakh where…
China and Russia join the UN Human Rights Council - but Saudi Arabia is rejected
Oct 13 • 24 min
They were elected despite criticism of their human rights records. Also: US Supreme Court nominee Barrett evades questions on key issues, and the flight record without aeroplane.
Coronavirus: China reports strong growth in trade
Oct 13 • 29 min
China was the first country hit by the virus - and its economy appears to have been the first to recover. Also: President Trump returns to the campaign trail, less than two weeks after being diagnosed with Covid-19, and the race to defuse a world war two…
Trump Supreme Court nominee testifies
Oct 12 • 27 min
Amy Coney Barrett said she was ‘honoured’ by the controversial nomination. Also: Facebook bans content that denies or distorts the Holocaust, and the row over the remake of the film Cleopatra.
Bangladesh is to introduce the death penalty for rape
Oct 12 • 25 min
The announcement follows days of protests about levels of sexual violence against women. Also: Aboriginal groups in Australia tell an inquiry they are in mourning over the damage done to sacred sites by mining, and the Nobel Prize for Economics has been…
Mutual accusations over broken ceasefire in Nagorno Karabakh
Oct 11 • 27 min
Azerbaijan and Armenia accuse one another of having violated ceasefire after shelling of Ganja, Also: brutal crackdown on protests in Belarus, and the asteroid hurtling towards earth turns out to be something more innocent.
Nagorno-Karabakh: Reports of fresh shelling dent ceasefire hopes
Oct 10 • 31 min
The violence came just hours after a ceasefire came into force, with both Armenia and Azerbaijan swapping blame. Also: Donald Trump makes his first significant campaign appearance since being diagnosed with coronavirus, and what role are online conspiracy…
President Trump re-launches campaign as he recovers from coronavirus
Oct 9 • 27 min
Less than a week after leaving hospital with coronavirus, President Donald Trump will speak to hundreds of supporters at the White House on Saturday. Also: The World Bank says Latin America and the Caribbean are suffering the worst economic and health…
Nobel Peace Prize for 2020 awarded to UN’s World Food Programme
Oct 9 • 28 min
WFP was given prize for its efforts to combat hunger and improve conditions for peace. The agency said it was ‘deeply humbled’ to have won. Also, Moscow tries to broker a ceasefire in Nagorno Karabakh, and the Cook Islands’ leader causes controversy - by…
FBI busts militia ‘plot’ to abduct Michigan governor
Oct 8 • 28 min
The Democrat was targeted by coronavirus sceptics after enacting strict lockdown measures. Also: European nations impose new restrictions as the continent records almost 100,000 new coronavirus cases, and the US places more sanctions on Iran.
Trump says he will not participate in next US presidential debate
Oct 8 • 29 min
Donald Trump says he will not “waste his time” on the second debate of the US presidential campaign, after organisers announced it would take place virtually. Also, a Spanish court has struck down a partial Covid lockdown in Madrid. And Britain’s Prince…
Islamic State ‘Beatles’ charged in US over hostages’ deaths
Oct 7 • 29 min
Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh appeared in a US federal court in Virginia by video link, accused of killing four American hostages in Syria. The men, who were part of a group known as ‘The Beatles’ because of their British accents, face life…
Greece: extreme nationalist political party Golden Dawn is outlawed
Oct 7 • 29 min
Leaders of Neo-Nazi party found guilty of running criminal organisation. And members found guilty of range of crimes - including murder. Also, two women scientists given 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing tools to edit DNA, and how traditional…
Trump ends Covid budget stimulus relief talks
Oct 6 • 28 min
The US president says he will only resume talks after the election. Also: opposition ‘seize power’ in Kyrgyzstan, and the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen dies aged sixty-five.
Kyrgyzstan election result annulled after night of violence
Oct 6 • 27 min
Demonstrators storm parliament in the former Soviet republic. Also: President Trump is criticised for playing down the severity of Covid-19, and Singapore offers a ‘baby bonus’ to couples prepared to have a child during the pandemic.
Trump leaves hospital to continue Covid-19 treatment
Oct 5 • 28 min
The US president vowed to hit the campaign trail very soon, though he is still receiving medical care. Also: riot police clash with protestors in Kyrgyzstan, and feuding in the world of Japanese mascots.
President Trump criticised over drive-past
Oct 5 • 29 min
The decision to greet supporters while being treated for Covid-19 is under scrutiny. Also: The WHO’S top officials meet to discuss the global response to the pandemic, and the creature being reintroduced to mainland Australia after three thousand years.
Trump briefly leaves hospital to greet supporters
Oct 4 • 31 min
The US president is seen waving inside a car, hours after doctors said he might be discharged on Monday. Also: Nagorno-Karabakh conflict grows as big cities hit, and the Kenzo fashion brand founder dies from Covid-19.
Confusion over timeline of Trump’s diagnosis
Oct 3 • 27 min
The US president was given oxygen before his admission to hospital. Also: Sudan’s transitional government has signed a peace deal with an alliance of rebel groups aimed at ending decades of conflict, and Egypt announces the discovery of dozens of…
President Trump flown to hospital with Covid-19
Oct 2 • 29 min
The White House says he was admitted for tests as a precaution. Also: Germany’s bid to reform social media, and Scottish criminals turn to music.
Trump and Melania test positive for Coronavirus
Oct 2 • 29 min
White House says President has ‘mild symptoms’ and he and First Lady are self-isolating. We assess likely impact of Mr. Trump’s announcement on presidential elections - due on 3rd November. Also, Spain sees new surge in cases of Covid 19, and how European…
Anger grows after India ‘gang rape’ deaths
Oct 1 • 25 min
The death of a second Dalit woman after an alleged gang rape has shocked India. Also: More fires in the Amazon, and when bread is not bread.
Brexit: EU starts legal action against UK
Oct 1 • 29 min
Legal proceedings begin after UK refuses to ditch plans to override Brexit divorce deal. Also: Kremlin critic Navalny blames Putin for poisoning, and scientists say people who have a certain gene inherited from Neanderthals are more at risk from Covid-19.
Nagorno-Karabakh: Turkey denies sending Syrian mercenaries to fight
Sep 30 • 28 min
The battle in Nagorno-Karabakh, between Azerbaijan and Armenian separatists, is just the latest in a decades-long struggle for control of the region. Also, China and Russia react to the chaotic US presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.…
Presidential debate: Trump and Biden in chaotic encounter
Sep 30 • 27 min
President Trump and Joe Biden have held a bitter and angry White House debate. They argued fiercely over Coronavirus, the economy, healthcare and far-Right extremism. Also, senior figures in India’s governing BJP found not guilty of inciting Hindu…
US presidential debate
Sep 30 • 29 min
Donald Trump and Joe Biden clash in a chaotic and combative debate. We hear from Cleveland, Ohio, where this first election debate is taking place and have analysis from our reality check correspondent. Also: the young people born and raised in Italy who…
UN holds emergency meeting about Azerbaijan and Armenia
Sep 29 • 28 min
Dozens have been killed as the violence between the countries escalates. Also: a horrific rape case in India has once again raised questions about women’s rights and the caste system, and more people are keeping exotic reptiles as pets than previously…
Global coronavirus deaths pass one million
Sep 29 • 27 min
The US, Brazil and India account for nearly half the total. Experts say the true figure is probably much higher. Also: Amnesty International says it has been forced to stop work in India, could emergency teams soon be using jetpacks to get to patients,…
WHO to give cheap, quick coronavirus tests to poorer countries
Sep 28 • 27 min
They cost 5 dollars and give results in less than 30 minutes. Also: fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia escalates; and a pigeon that went missing 24 years ago in New Zealand has finally come home.
India passes six million coronavirus cases
Sep 28 • 28 min
It comes on the day eighty-two thousand new cases were reported. We look at where the pandemic is heading there. Also: why the English football league system could be facing financial collapse, and we hear from the veteran naturalist and now Instagram…
New York Times says Donald Trump ‘paid $750 in federal income taxes’ in 2016
Sep 27 • 28 min
The newspaper says it has obtained tax records for the US president over two decades. Mr Trump denied the report as “totally fake news”. Also: Armenia and Azerbaijan battle over disputed region.
Trump picks Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court
Sep 26 • 30 min
The nomination of a conservative judge paves the way for a bitter Senate fight as an election looms. Also: Madrid at “serious risk” without virus lockdown, and NASA is working with a cosmetics company on space station commercialization.
Trump ‘to pick Amy Coney Barrett’ for Supreme Court
Sep 25 • 31 min
The judge and former law professor from Indiana is a favourite of social conservatives. Also: Paris stabbing attack ‘an act of terrorism’, and polio vaccination campaigners in Pakistan battle misinformation and distrust.
Paris attack: Two hurt, two arrested near former Charlie Hebdo office
Sep 25 • 26 min
One of the arrested suspects was found with blood on his clothing, according to a police source. Also: Farmers in India are blocking roads and railways using tractors and livestock during protests and the elite rat saving lives by sniffing out landmines
UK chancellor announces new job support scheme
Sep 24 • 28 min
It begins in November and means the government will pay part of workers’ wages who have lost hours because of the coronavirus pandemic. Also: South Korea has condemned North Korea’s killing of a civilian official who was apparently trying to defect as…
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