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Citizen Bitcoin
Podcasting my journey learning bitcoin hoping it makes yours a bit easier.

Phil Geiger: Revolutionary Scarcity, Bitcoin and Austrian Economics, Unchained Capital
Dec 6 • 81 min
Phil Geiger from Unchained Capital joins me to dig into his bitcoin story, bitcoin’s revolutionary scarcity, Austrian economics, what Unchained is up to and we talk about bitcoin as a clock.
Max Hillebrand: Agorism, Open Source, Privacy, Wasabi and Taproot
Nov 27 • 101 min
Max Hillebrand joins Brady to discuss natural law, ethics, anarchy, agorism, philosophy, open source software, privacy and Wasabi wallet.
Conner Brown: Economics, Government, Religion, Gaming, Scammers and Debating Bitcoin
Nov 21 • 101 min
Conner Brown joins Brady to discuss evangelizing bitcoin, economics, deflation and intrinsic value, we chat about video games and the potential for the combo of lightning and video gaming, - we talk about scammers and shitcoins - and since Conner was a…
Jeremy Welch: Casa, Security, Privacy and the Future of Bitcoin
Nov 12 • 80 min
Jeremy Welch, founder and CEO of Casa, joins Brady to discuss the founding and building of Casa, the details of Casa products like Keymaster seedless multisig, the Casa Node and their inheritance product, Covenant. We also discuss the lightning network…
Cory Klippsten: Give + Timelock + Educate = Bitcoiner
Nov 6 • 74 min
Cory Klippsten, founder of GiveBitcoin, joins me to talk about the clever new way to make hodlers of the precoiners in your life. We get into Cory’s background, his bitcoin education experience and how he envisions GiveBitcoin helping speed up the bitcoin…
Ketominer: Nodl, Lightning and Privacy
Oct 26 • 64 min
Ketominer is the cypherpunk and prolific bitcoin builder who created the Nodl, the popular plug and play personal bitcoin assistant. In this episode we get nostalgic about the early days of personal computing and the internet, discuss the Nodl news and…
Hass McCook: Mining, Energy and Bitcoin as a Secular Religion
Oct 17 • 70 min
Hass McCook is a civil engineer and project manager of major public and private infrastructure and large-scale residential projects and a devoted bitcoin evangelist. In this episode we discuss energy and the business of mining, we compare the…
Gigi: Rabbit Hole Revelations
Oct 11 • 90 min
Gigi is a super bullish bitcoin maximalist and, more importantly, an all around great guy. After chatting with Gigi about his experience in Riga I had to invite him back on the show to share his latest brainstorms about bitcoin with all of you. Gigi was…
Giacomo Zucco: State Level Attacks, Privacy, Lightning and Layer 3 Protocols
Oct 3 • 59 min
Giacomo and Brady discuss his time as a libertarian political advocate, his economic education, potential state level attacks on bitcoin, privacy, lightning network and third layer protocol proposals to be built on top of lightning.
Robert Breedlove: Understanding Time, Money and Bitcoin from First Principles
Sep 27 • 80 min
Robert and Brady discuss the synthesis of Robert’s bitcoin studies, based on the works of others, most importantly The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous. This discussion seeks to evaluate bitcoin and money from first principles.
Michael Goldstein: Trolling, Memetics, Austrian Economics and Carnivory
Sep 19 • 83 min
Michael Goldstein is president of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute and a long time bitcoiner who has done much to help educate about bitcoin. In this discussion we get into the art of internet trolling, bitcoin memetics, Austrian economics and the nature of…
Rui Gomes: Bitcoin, Lightning, Lapps and OpenNode
Sep 13 • 78 min
Rui Gomes, Lead Software Engineer at OpenNode, joins me for a wide-ranging discussion about bitcoin, lightning, how he became a computer nerd, building one of the first Lapps, and his experience helping build OpenNode from early days.
Nick Neuman: Running Product at Casa, Full Nodes, Multisig, Bitcoin’s Future
Sep 6 • 77 min
Nick Neuman joined me to talk about his work as Head of Product at Casa, I think, the best product team in bitcoin. We discuss the new Sats App, running a Casa full node, Casa’s Keymaster seedless multisig services and then get into the future of bitcoin.
Basement Bulletin w/ Coinicarus: Lightning Network Nodes, Coldcard, Multisig, Little Bitcoin Book
Aug 31 • 70 min
Coinicarus, host of the Fun With Crypto podcast, joins me and Tommy to discuss August 2019 in bitcoin. We talk Lightning Network, Casa, Nodl, Raspi 4, the Sats App, Coldcard MK3, Justin Moon’s multisig proof of concept, the Little Bitcoin Book, and,…
ObiWan Kenobit: Hyperbitcoinization and the Macroeconomic Situation
Aug 22 • 72 min
Obiwan Kenobit has been into bitcoin for many years now and over the past year or so has been producing some great contributions to the growing library of bitcoin education content - particularly his widely read Medium post titled “Hyperbitcoinization:…
Murad Mahmudov: Monetary Revolution, Blockchain Archaeology, Bitcoin’s Prospects
Aug 15 • 64 min
Murad is a well known bitcoiner who really burst onto the scene last year with a couple great medium posts and twitter threads and, of course, some fire podcast episodes. But Murad hasn’t recorded a podcast for a while and I was grateful to be able to…
Ben Prentice: Bitcoin Economics and Monetization
Aug 8 • 85 min
Ben Prentice is a bitcoiner who, like myself, finally dived down the bitcoin rabbit hole in 2017. Ben has been focused on the economic lessons bitcoin has to teach us. He’s consumed a lot of the Austrian economics source literature and has started…
Steve Barbour: Bitcoin Mining and Upstream Data
Aug 1 • 63 min
Steve Barbour is the owner of Upstream Data in Canada, a company offering modular and portable bitcoin mining hardware to the oil and gas industry. Steve and I discuss his background and the process of building Upstream Data and designing the line of Ohmm…
Basement Bulletin w/ David Bennett: Libra Hearings, Bitcoin Businesses Growing, Upcoming Anniversaries
Jul 26 • 64 min
We’re joined by David Bennett of the “Bitcoin And…” podcast - a fave of mine - we dissect how the Libra hearings relate to bitcoin, talk about product announcements from Lolli, Lightning Labs and Saifedean Ammnous, preview a couple important bitcoin…
Bitcoin 2019: An Audio Tour featuring Jack Mallers, Lyn Ulbricht, Bitcoin TINA and More
Jul 19 • 86 min
This episode compiles some audio I collected walking around the Bitcoin 2019 conference in San Francisco. So, go into this one imagining you’re at Bitcoin 2019 having conversations in various corners with some great bitcoiners. I talk to Jack Maulers,…
Justin Moon: Hardware Wallets, Private Keys, Bitcoin Education
Jul 8 • 80 min
Justin Moon joins me to discuss hobbyist hardware wallets and securing your private keys in general. We also get into Justin’s work as a bitcoin educator with Mooniversity and Buidl Bootcamp, and the broader future of bitcoin education.
Basement Bulletin w/ CK: Bitcoin 2019 Conference Recap, Energy FUD, Libra
Jun 30 • 59 min
Christian, aka CK Snarks, member of the BTC Media team, the bitcoin half of the POV Crypto podcast, hosted us at his place in San Francisco and joined us for this Basement Bulletin episode in which we recap the Bitcoin 2019 conference, talk about this…
Francis Pouliot: Privacy, S2X/UASF, Scaling, Governments and Bitcoin
Jun 26 • 56 min
Francis Pouliot, CEO and co-founder of Bull Bitcoin, joins Brady to talk about privacy, S2X/UASF, scaling, how governments might approach bitcoin, and bitcoin’s future in general.
Guy Swann: Finding Bitcoin, Bitcoin 2019 Preview, Eltoo, Statechains, Bullishness
Jun 23 • 77 min
Guy Swann is host of The Cryptoconomy Podcast. In this episode we are regaled with Guy’s bitcoin story, and it’s a good one. We also talk about Eltoo, state chains, atomic multi path payments, and lightning loop. We get all hyped up for the Bitcoin 2019…
Aleks Svetski: Why Bitcoin Matters, Why ICOs Suck, Building Amber
Jun 13 • 78 min
Aleks joins Brady to discuss why bitcoin matters, why ICOs suck and his expierience building Amber, a bitcoin business. Aleks is an all around great person and I had a lot of fun getting to know him a bit better in this discussion.
Nicolas Dorier: Ethics of Money, BTCPay Server, Neutrino, Future of Bitcoin
Jun 7 • 63 min
Nicolas Dorier joins Brady to discuss the ethics of money and bitcoin, his thoughts about Neutrino and SPV wallets in general, we learn about the history and future of BTCPay Server, we get into the present and future of lightning and bitcoin and Nicolas…
Basement Bulletin w/ Ansel Lindner: Culture War, Macro Trends, Schiff v Saif, Bcash 51% Attack
May 31 • 60 min
Ansel Lindner joins Brady and Tommy to talk about this month in bitcoin. We get into the bitcoin culture debate, take a look at macroeconomic trends and consider how they might affect bitcoin, we discuss the peter schiff v Saifedean debate, this month’s…
Gigi: 21 Lessons from Down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole
May 23 • 123 min
Gigi and Brady go down the rabbit hole and discuss the lessons Gigi has learned from bitcoin. We get into the philosophy, economics and technology of bitcoin and its implications for the future.
The Bitcoin Rabbi: “Bitcoin Money”, Bitcoin Education, Bitcoin and Religion
May 17 • 68 min
The Bitcoin Rabbi and Brady talk about his new kids book “Bitcoin Money,” hear his rabbit hole story, talk bitcoin education, bitcoin and religion and get his take on what a bitcoin future will look like.
Dan Held: Money, Marketing, Proof of Work and Institutional Adoption
May 2 • 66 min
Dan and Brady discuss the nature of money, why proof of work is efficient, bitcoin’s cycles, marketing and narratives, the prospects of institutional money adopting bitcoin and why hodlers will become history’s greatest investors.
Basement Bulletin w/ Guy Swann: Tether, Wasabi, CSW/BSV, Accumulation, Final Message
Apr 26 • 73 min
In this first Basement Bulletin monthly recap episode Guy Swann of The Cryptoconomy Podcast joins Brady and Tommy to talk about the Bitfinex/Tether situation, significant Wasabi Wallet updates, the Faketoshi/BSV shitstorm, and Matt Odell’s…
Eric Meltzer: Satoshi’s Treasure
Apr 16 • 38 min
Eric Meltzer, co-creator and spokesperson for the Satoshi’s Treasure alternative reality game, joins Brady to talk about the hunt for $1M worth of bitcoin.
Brandon Quittem: Bitcoin Culture Wars and The Bitcoin-Fungi Analogy
Apr 12 • 104 min
Brandon Quittem burst onto the bitcoin scene like a mushroom breaking through three inches of asphalt when he published the first part of his bitcoin-fungi analogy in December 2018. I love biology and nature in general, and have a particular interest in…
Marty Bent: Finance, Markets and Bitcoin, TFTC, Energy FUD, and Bitcoin’s Future
Apr 4 • 60 min
Uncle Marty joins Brady to talk about what it’s like being the most loved bitcoiner in the world, how his experience in finance shaped his early understanding of bitcoin, how bitcoin will change the financial industry, we rant about bitcoin energy FUD,…
Pierre Rochard: Lightning Network, BIP 157, Loop, Node Launcher and More
Mar 29 • 90 min
Pierre Rochard and Brady get into the history of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, the basics of how it works, onboarding new users to Lightning and how BIP 157 can help, the problem of inbound capacity and how Lightning Loop can help, Lightning Power Users…
Basement Bulletin: Bitcoin and Rehypothecation
Mar 22 • 35 min
Brady and Tommy are back in the old church basement in Lawrence, KS to talk some bitcoin. We talked about the financial practice of rehypothecation, its potential effects on bitcoin and what bitcoiners can do to thwart this threat.
Matt Odell: Mining, Governance, UASF, Self-Sovereignty, Privacy and Bitcoin’s Future
Mar 15 • 134 min
Matt Odell and I went for over two hours talking governance, mining, UASF, self-sovereignty, Austrian economics, Canada, privacy, Venezuela and Bitcoin’s future. We also drank some Laphroaig and got cosmic for our boy Marty Bent.
Peter McCormack: Building What Bitcoin Did
Mar 7 • 60 min
Peter McCormack’s work on What Bitcoin Did has just straight up inspired me to keep pushing forward on this podcast. I really just wanted to sit down and get to know him better. We get into Peter’s history growing up in Bedford, England, discovering the…
Bitcoin’s Governance / Social Layer and JPMCoin
Feb 28 • 44 min
Tommy and Brady talk about JP Morgan’s corporate coin and blockchain and get into a back and forth about bitcoin’s governance and social layer.
Ansel Lindner: Bitcoin History, Maximalism, Ethics and Renaissance
Feb 21 • 107 min
Ansel Lindner has been one of the most important people in my bitcoin journey, his Bitcoin and Markets podcast was the first staple of my bitcoin podcast rotation. In this long, ranging, late night discussion with Ansel we get into his bitcoin history,…
Hodlonaut: #LNTrustChain, Lightning Network and Small Blocks
Feb 13 • 51 min
In the first Citizen Bitcoin interview episode, long time bitcoiner and creator of the #LNTrustChain, Hodlonaut, joins Brady for a discussion about the lightning torch, his experience discovering and learning bitcoin, the recent discussion about small…
Bitcoin and Taxes and Bitcoin Reports from Cambridge and the BIS
Jan 30 • 40 min
Tommy and Brady discuss bitcoin, lightning network and taxes and recent reports from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and the Bank for International Settlements.
BONUS: Brady Talks Bitcoin on the PayPod Podcast
Jan 30 • 38 min
Brady joined Scott Hawkins, host of PayPod, a podcast for the payments industry, to talk about bitcoin. It was originally published on Dec 31, 2018. This episode has some crossover with our Bitcoin Turns Ten episode but is still worth a listen. Watch out…
Bitcoin Turns Ten
Jan 3 • 48 min
Tommy and Brady are back in action for bitcoin’s tenth birthday. We take a look back at the birth of bitcoin and its first ten years of life and speculate on challenges and potential developments for the next ten.
1 Year Retrospective and HASH WARS!
Nov 16, 2018 • 36 min
Tommy and Brady take a look at what we’ve learned since we started this podcast in January at the beginning of this down cycle and talk about the Bitcoin Cash hardfork drama, which was unfolding as we recorded.
Stablecoins, Institutional Custody, DeOS
Oct 24, 2018 • 35 min
Tommy and Brady discuss the blockchainer/altcoiner topic dujour, stablecoins, take a look at institutional moves from Fidelity, Baakt and Coinbase and Andrew Desantis’ ambitious project DeOS, which began mining last night.
PoW is Efficient, Information Theory of Money, Tokenizing Securities and Realized Market Cap
Sep 28, 2018 • 44 min
Brady and Tommy discuss bitcoin mining energy usage and why Proof of Work is efficient, the information theory of money and the 2018 Baltic Honey Badger conference with takes on Bruce Fenton’s tokenizing securities presentation and Nic Carter’s Realized…
Full Nodes, Jimmy vs. Roger, Winklevoss Stablecoin and The Final Boss of Bitcoin
Sep 11, 2018 • 33 min
Tommy and Brady discuss an assortment of recent happenings in bitcoin including bitcoin scaling (a 2.26 MB block and Lightning Network’s astonishing growth), the “blockchain cruise” debate between Jimmy Song and Roger Ver, the Winklevoss stablecoin and…
A Reading: “A Reminder for When the Idiocy Returns” by Eric Wall (feat. Commentary with Guy Swann)
Aug 29, 2018 • 42 min
Brady reads a Twitter thread by Eric Wall that is intended to serve as a reminder when the ICO idiocy returns. Guy Swann, the host of The Cryptoconomy Podcast, joins Brady to offer some commentary about ICOs and shitcoins.
Why Bitcoin is Different and What’s Up with Bitmain?
Aug 17, 2018 • 34 min
Altcoin prices tumble as bitcoin price holds strong at the 6,000 USD per BTC and the 100 billion USD market cap level. Bitmain Pre-IPO documents paint a picture of trouble for the mightiest bitcoin mining company.
ETFs, Futures and LNRR
Jul 31, 2018 • 40 min
Tommy and Brady dive into the financial side of bitcoin, taking a look at recent ETF proposal activity, the role of futures in bitcoin and the Lightning Network Reference Rate idea proposed by Nik Bhatia.
Bitcoin Marches On: Schnorr, BetterHash, Personal Safety
Jul 9, 2018 • 40 min
Tommy and Brady take a minute to appreciate all the bitcoin progress made during this down cycle in the price. Bitcoin just keeps marching on with improvement proposals like Schnorr signatures and BetterHash. Personal safety as a bitcoin hodler is also…
A Reading: “Hyperbitcoinization: Winner Takes All” by ObiWan Kenobit
Jun 26, 2018 • 38 min
Is hyperbitcoinization a half-baked maximalist fantasy or a real possibility? In a Medium post ObiWan Kenobit presents a model of how the process could play out and here, Brady presents it in audio and adds some thoughts.
EOS, Bcash, Lightning and Satoshis.Place
Jun 19, 2018 • 28 min
Tommy and Brady discuss the EOS mainnet failure and it’s basically centralized structure; we share research that shows that 10 times more BCH coins are hodled than spent, whereas the ratio of hodled bitcoin versus spending bitcoin is 1:1; and we take a…
A Reading: The Technical Foundation of Bitcoin Maximalism
May 24, 2018 • 24 min
Brady reads through and discusses three recent Twitter threads that explain the technical foundation of bitcoin maximalism: bitcoin is a protocol for the transfer of value over the internet and the history of internet protocols demonstrates that only one…
Ethereum: Is it a Security? Is it Secure?
May 3, 2018 • 31 min
Tommy and Brady take a look at Ethereum, discuss the debate about whether or not it is a security in the United States, summarize its history with the other kind of security and compare it to Bitcoin.
Basis and Stable Coins, Hodl Waves, Global Fiat Debt Record
Apr 21, 2018 • 29 min
Tommy and Brady discuss Basis’ critique of Bitcoin and the alternative solution it is offering, discuss stable coins in general, take a look at data analysis of Hodl Waves and discuss the record global fiat debt of $164 trillion.
The Bitcoin Standard, Bitcoin Scaling, Sidechains
Apr 12, 2018 • 40 min
Tommy and Brady discuss tweets that caught our attention this week about sidechains, The Bitcoin Standard book, bitcoin maximalism, and an interesting Lightning Network use case idea. We take a look at the bitcoin price and at why Roger Ver is wrong about…
Bitcoin is Ridiculous and The Bullish Case for Bitcoin
Mar 14, 2018 • 33 min
Tommy and Brady discuss two opposing articles about bitcoin, one titled “Bitcoin is Ridiculous, Blockchain is Dangerous” and the other “The Bullish Case for Bitcoin”
Energy Usage, Time Preference, Petro and Telegram
Feb 24, 2018 • 27 min
Tommy and Brady discuss Bitcoin’s energy usage, how it incentivizes renewable energy, the Petro and Telegram ICOs, time preference, a visualization of the history of bitcoin development, a cypherpunk research archive and the current BTC price.
Mining Bullish, Bitcoin Dinosaurs, Lightning Network
Feb 18, 2018 • 29 min
Tommy and Brady discuss bitcoin news from the past week, including Switzerland’s ICO regulations, Charlie Munger’s hatred of bitcoin, feeding chicks with the Lightning Network, and the latest price action. We take a look at how the bitcoin main chain…